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Dell EMC VxBlock Systems
Dell EMC VxBlock
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Simplify All Aspects of IT by Seamlessly Integrating Compute, Network, Storage, and Virtualization Technologies into One Engineered System. Dell EMC VxBlock Systems simplify all aspects of IT and enable you to modernize your infrastructure and achieve better business outcomes faster. By seamlessly integrating enterprise-class compute, network, storage and virtualization technologies from industry leaders Dell EMC, VMware, and Cisco, Dell EMC VxBlock Systems deliver the world’s most advanced converged infrastructure: engineered, manufactured, managed, supported and sustained as one, allowing you to focus on your business. Supporting your mixed workloads and trusted around the globe, the Dell EMC VxBlock Systems are powered by Intel Xeon processors and offer unmatched choice, flexibility, and reliability for accelerating IT transformation.

The Dell EMC VxBlock System 740 is engineered with Cisco compute and networking, and Dell EMC VMAX all-flash storage. Delivering enterprise-grade availability and data services, this converged system is ideal for large-scale mixed workload consolidation and mission critical applications. The VxBlock System 540 is engineered with Cisco compute and networking, and Dell EMC XtremIO All-Flash storage. This purpose-built all—flash converged system is optimized for data reduction and copy friendly workflows such as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and test and dev environments. The Dell EMC VxBlock System 350 is engineered with Cisco compute and networking, and Dell EMC Unity storage. With its all-flash design, support for a broad spectrum of mixed file and block general purpose workloads, this medium-sized converged system offers substantial scale at an affordable price.


Dell EMC VxBlock Converged Technology Extensions

Converged Technology Extensions provide you a risk free option to extend the value of your VxBlock systems by allowing you to simply add compute or storage resources for increased performance, capacity or for new workloads. Expand and enhance your deployed Dell EMC VxBlock or Vblock Systems with Dell EMC Converged Technology Extensions. Quickly add compute or storage to extend your original system. You can grow with confidence. Because converged technology extensions consist of hardware and software that are tested and validated for use with your VxBlock System or Vblock System. The Converged Technology Extension for compute provides a simple way to add incremental processing power or integrate additional technologies, such as graphics acceleration cards for high-performance graphics rendering or server-side cache for database workloads.

Integrated Data Protection Systems

Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Systems offer efficient backup and recovery and complete data protection solution options for VxBlock Systems. Get the precise level of data protection needed, backed by responsive, expert support. Solutions are shipped to you fully integrated-including hyper-converged and traditional converged systems with optional all-flash configurations. This reduces your administrative burden and frees IT personnel for more strategic tasks. Choose from a comprehensive set of data protection solutions. Including cost-effective daily backups, continuous data replication with flexible rollback options to better align with desired recovery time objectives (RTO), and zero-data-loss business continuity. End-to-end data protection ensures optimal functionality and complete protection of all your data and applications in any on-premise, virtualized or cloud environment.

Simplify Data Protection

Your organization’s data is its most valuable asset. Which needs to be protected regardless of where it lives and against whatever might happen. However, legacy backup solutions can’t cope with the demands of virtualization and cloud computing and challenges associated with exponential data growth. Data protection for Dell EMC Converged Infrastructure is ideal for any organization. Ranging from an enterprise that is simply looking for efficient and cost-effective backup and recovery in the event of physical or logical system failures, to a financial services provider whose business relies on always-available customer. Or transaction information.Choose from a range of data protection options leveraging industry-leading technology from Dell EMC for more efficient, cost-effective data loss prevention and data integrity, together with operational simplicity. The system arrives fully assembled and ready to power up.
Dell EMC VxBlock
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