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Communicating and collaborating with clients is at the heart of your business. It is an integral part of your day-to-day success and drives competitive advantage. Your unified communication requirements are unique as is your business strategy; they go hand in hand. By placing your unified communications systems in the cloud, your communications become commoditized, and your competitive advantage is eroded. However, success and competitive advantage are not easy. Managing your unified communications (UC) environment is complicated and puts high demands on your business’s unified communications infrastructure and the people who support it. As with any powerful technology, unified communications is constantly evolving, and so it is difficult to stay current with the latest versions and emerging applications — functionalities. Through unified communications managed services, we will show you how to use your  unified communications solution to its fullest and to keep running it efficiently.

Complete unified communications managed services for the enterprise. Convenient voice features — call notify, sequential ring — are  features that far exceed clear connections. Installing and managing that modern unified communications system can be a big investment you want to avoid, focusing on more strategic pursuits. Unified communications managed services offers all the features of the modern business voice system. Managed voice services are built for enterprise, supporting your needs, regardless if they are basic or complex. IAM Networks provides managed voice services across the U.S., with solutions that helps run a faster, more efficient business. With unified communications managed services our team will proactively monitor your network infrastructure for warning signs of potential problems. With incident management when technical issues occur, unified communications our support team will provide you with fast, reliable, expert support.

Unified Communications Managed Services

The only way to address all your needs while also ensuring that your communications are performing as critical, strategic business applications is with a proper, world-class unified communications managed service. IAM Networks believes managed services should reinforce your team, not replace it. The right combination of skills, expertise, experience, process, systems, and depth will help you maximize the benefits of unified communications and stay ahead of the competition. In the unified communications world, this means being able to take full advantage of all unified communications applications and functionalities without worrying that something won’t be supported. It means integrating your communications with other critical business applications like Salesforce, ServiceNow, etc. It means having the ability to make and execute decisions in time, which is vital for a sustainable competitive advantage. This service provides a comprehensive station review and network assessment that optimizes your network before your first call is placed.

Unified Communications Security

When it comes to technology, control is a very touchy subject. IAM Networks is not focusing on the control of assets. We are concerned with someone telling you what you can and cannot do with your business. Customizability, longevity, quality, reliability, functionality, and access amongst other things are business decisions.  Your team should always maintain 100% control over your entire unified communications environment with unified communications managed services. Your managed services partner should be an extension of your team, not the owner. You should control the timing and type of upgrades performed on your system. IAM Networks believes you should maintain complete control over the security of your data. Control provides flexibility. Flexibility means that you’re ready for whatever happens in the market and you’re able to turn change into opportunity by adjusting to the new reality almost immediately. A dedicated line for your voice service eliminating QoS concerns since you’re not competing for bandwidth on your WAN.
Unified Communications Managed Services


Integrated solutions that bring multiple tools, such as instant messaging (IM), conferencing, email, and voice calling together. With a rich range of communication, collaboration, and mobility solutions — backed by a global IP network and a multi-vendor approach — we can be your single source for multiple unified communications and collaboration benefits. Premier network and collaboration capabilities. Local, in-country phone numbers. Integration with integrated voice/data SIP trunks helps reduce costs and secure connectivity. Built-in security and redundancy. Virtualized infrastructure monitored 24/7. Our cloud services transform the way you deliver communications services to your organization. Unlike on-premises solutions, the unified communications "cloud" gives you access to virtual resources over the network.

You purchase communications as a service, not as an asset, and we deliver those services where and when you need them. This makes scalability easy. As your business grows and changes, so do your communication needs. We can help keep this growth lean, efficient, and effective — not to mention easy. The Cisco Hosted Collaboration solution from IAM Networks integrates multiple communication and collaboration tools such as voice, single number reach, IM/chat, email, web/audio and video conferencing, voicemail, unified messaging and mobility, with presence, behind a single client.

Cisco HCS

Cisco HCS is a Cisco Unified Communications Manager offering. It provides industry-leading, cloud-ready collaboration services you can deploy in way that makes sense for your business. Get benefits of a cloud while retaining control and ownership of collaboration services. Gain the benefits of a cloud while retaining control and ownership of your collaboration services. Now you can, with Cisco HCS Large Enterprise. Cisco HCS Large Enterprise is a Cisco validated architectural private cloud solution that is ideal for organizations that want to offer cloud-ready collaboration services.

Cisco HCS Large Enterprise is based on Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS), but it's built for the private cloud so you can deliver cloud-based collaboration services across your organization. Services include industry-leading Cisco voice and video, mobility, messaging, and presence. It also supports web and videoconferencing across your entire company, and beyond. Cisco HCS Large Enterprise supports all Cisco endpoints, including Cisco Jabber. Now it's easier than ever for employees to collaborate however they want, whenever they want, on their device of choice.

Cisco Telepresence

With Cisco TelePresence Managed Services conduct effective virtual meetings with low capital and IT staff outlay are delivered by Cisco providing customers with the flexibility to obtain fully managed end to end solutions supports video conferencing to and from the desktop, mobile devices, and conference rooms to allow easier, more transparent interactions and consistent experiences. Affordable solutions provide superior scale and help enable any to any video through standards based technology. Deploy technology that is easy to use, deploy, maintain, and integrate. Users get intuitive interactions, less dependence on IT, and a single identity across all devices.

An integrated end to end video conferencing architecture uses the intelligent network for highly secure, reliable, more comprehensive, and overall better user experiences. Use video conferencing to carry out what you cannot in person. Improve productivity by meeting with people in multiple countries in one day, or with hundreds of people at once. Cisco TelePresence Managed Services offers flexible and affordable solution options, higher frequency and quality of customer and partner contact reduced IT staff requirements, and simplified, scalable deployment and operation.

Cloud Communications

Communicate with reliable high quality voice from the cloud. There's no need to buy new PBXs and software licenses, or renew maintenance contracts. This collaboration solution employs the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution platform as the core of the service and comes with a full suite of advanced collaboration features and capabilities. Capital costs can be kept to a minimum with a convenient and reliable monthly subscription-based price model. And even more certainty can be found in our multivendor support.

Because no single vendor provides all the pieces needed for a complete unified communications solution, we bring the best components together and provide a single point of contact for your communication and collaboration services. Accessible from mobile phones, desktops, laptops, and other wired and wireless devices, this solution enables real-time communication and collaboration, regardless of your location or device. Work with team members around the globe on desktops, laptops, landlines, smart phones, and tablets at the same time — almost anywhere or anytime.


The key to being able to answer these questions is utilization. IAM Networks will help you uncover whether or not your team is using the technology you’ve invested in and whether or not they are using it effectively. By tracking this information and working to improve the results constantly, we help you deliver on the promises of unified communications. 24/7 support — the IAM Networks support team is always available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help serve you better. Full suite of Polycom phones — dedicated line for voice traffic — guaranteeing that phone traffic never has to compete for bandwidth on your enterprise WAN.

Unlimited inbound, local and domestic, plus, great international calling rates. Proactive monitoring — IAM Networks actively monitors your supporting unified communications infrastructure to help ensure reliable unified communications. Managed advanced unified communications is a cloud based system that provides a unified network across multiple sites, and multiple systems, to transform your phone service into a virtual office. All without any capital expenditure or costly maintenance, plus free automatic upgrades, you’ll be able to make, receive and transfer calls anywhere via the most advanced technology.