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Network Sustainability Security
Network Sustainability Security
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Network sustainability is about maximizing your longevity in the market. Your organization expects technology to help you find and deliver creative solutions that will have a positive impact on your bottom line while also meeting increasingly stringent regulations relating to environmental issues. IT solutions that quantifiably reduce travel, energy and waste to lower costs and provide positive environmental benefits will help you create a sustainable business. With network sustainability organizations are turning to their IT departments to help drive transformational and sustainable change. They want to use technology to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs, provide a better place for their employees to work and, in the process, minimize their impact on the environment. When it comes to sustainable IT solutions, we understand that you’re looking at the big picture — not just at ‘green IT. You want a better understanding of all energy opportunities today and to budget with confidence for tomorrow.

You have a small team, and need expertise to help you make sense of all this data. IAM Networks takes a collaborative approach to providing solutions that help you reduce costs, increase efficiency and at the same time deliver environmental benefits. IAM Networks can also share our practical experiences in implementing in-depth sustainable solutions in large organizations across the globe with network sustainability. IAM Networks has expertise in both consulting and delivery. From designing data centers to provide maximum energy efficiency, to smart buildings that leverage the power of the network—we’ll work with you to design the best solution for your business. Our network sustainability strategy is to use IT solutions to reduce travel, energy and waste for our clients. Network sustainability services—you need to meet the requirements of shareholders, customers and employees for sustainability metrics reporting. Corporate transparency is crucial in developing a strategy and deploying sustainability projects that deliver measurable results.


Network Energy And Sustainability Management

With network sustainability discover how an enterprise-level cloud platform can collect and analyze data to enable efficiency and reduce costs. You want to increase corporate transparency to meet your energy and sustainability goals. Ensuring a reduction in operating costs and increased power reliability are your priorities. Your resources are limited, but you need the right data to understand your current state and how to best prioritize your projects. Energy consulting — you see a lot of information about energy costs, renewable energy and sustainability initiatives. It can be difficult to understand what is most important for your business. Once you make a decision, you have to navigate the economic and logistical aspects to implement these programs. How do you know what is most important, and what actions need to be taken to drive down cost and gain efficiencies? Strategic energy sourcing services — you have limited time and resources dedicated to your energy management.

Network Sustainability — Security Services

Energy efficiency, our energy efficiency solutions include, identification and quantification of the energy savings — within data center equipment and facilities. Smart buildings that maximize energy efficiency and operational control through integrated systems while optimizing the consumption and delivery of power through networking facilities. Energy waste management, our technology life cycle management service helps our clients understand the entire life cycle of their IT equipment, and ensures that electronic waste is disposed of in a secure, ethical and environmentally friendly manner. IAM Networks broad and deep sustainability portfolio includes best in class expertise in smart buildings (in certain geographies) and extensive global experience in data centers. Sustainable solutions provide both innovation and tangible economic and sustainability benefits — helping deliver results to your triple bottom line. Network sustainability solutions provide both innovation and tangible economic and sustainability benefits — helping deliver results to your triple bottom line.

Next-Generation Threat Protection

Next-generation threat protection secures sensitive information that passes through your networks by reducing the complexity and simplifying the management of firewall services. This service enables you to centralize the management of security policies across your entire organization and control threats to applications, data and users. Data center network security solutions include advanced threat protection, application control, firewall platform management, firewall policy management, real-time monitoring and alerting (SIEM), threat management services, and URL/Web filtering. Firewall Ruleset Assurance (FRA), a comprehensive management tool, helps your organization continuously analyze, visualize and improve existing network security infrastructure. This service minimizes the possibility of a security breach through the active management and review of firewall rules and policies. Data center network security solution includes, FRA platform management, policy change monitoring, and rule set analysis and reporting.
Network Sustainability Security Services
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