Dell EMC Converged Infrastructure

Dell EMC Converged Infrastructure
Dell EMC Converged Infrastructure
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The global Dell EMC Services portfolio includes comprehensive technology and deployment services to help customers gain the most from their Dell EMC converged infrastructure. And accelerate their modernization journey. These services for Vblock Systems, VxBlock Systems, VxRack Systems, and VxRail appliances dramatically reduce time to value. And minimize risk by applying proven deployment practices.  Beginning in the factory and continuing with and far beyond on site installation. Move your business to the next phase of innovation. Streamline your operations, cut costs and keep pace with today’s 24/7, on demand business environment with Dell EMC converged and hyper converged Infrastructure solutions. Drive performance, efficiency and cost savings with converged Infrastructure solutions. Accelerate business outcomes with converged solutions from Dell EMC. Dell EMC simplified and turnkey platforms deliver maximum performance and time to value across all workloads.

Backed by one call support and professional services for almost every industry. Dell EMC keeps your IT focused on innovations that grow your business faster with lower costs. Manage any use case scenarios using VxRail with PowerEdge servers. A highly configurable hyper-converged appliance that dramatically simplifies IT operations while lowering capital and operational costs. As the only fully integrated, preconfigured, and pre tested VMware hyper converged infrastructure appliance family on the market, VxRail dramatically simplifies IT operations while lowering your overall capital and operational costs. Combined with Dell PowerEdge server options, VxRail offers highly configurable appliances that meet any use case. With options based on PowerEdge servers, VxRail appliances offer extreme configuration flexibility to choose the performance, capacity and graphics capability needed to meet your infrastructure requirements.


Dell EMC Converged Infrastructure — Powering The Modern Data Center

Converged Technology Extensions provide a risk free option to extend the value of your VxBlock and Vblock Systems. By allowing you to simply add compute or storage resources for increased performance or capacity, or to allow you to support new workloads. Integrated Data Protection from Dell EMC is ideal for any converged system. Vision software is Health and Life Cycle Management embedded in Dell EMC Converged Infrastructure and hyper converged infrastructure systems. Dashboard based intelligence, and visualization make it easier to keep your data center and hybrid cloud environment healthy, optimized, and secure. Vscale Architecture includes the Dell EMC portfolio of converged systems and compute, storage and data protection extensions. United by a common network fabric and multi system health and life cycle management software. VxBlock Systems integrate enterprise class compute and networking with Dell EMC storage while offering a choice of network virtualization.

VCE Vision Installation And Management Services

Provides expert installation of VCE Vision Intelligent Operations software on Dell EMC converged infrastructure systems to minimize implementation risk. Reduces costs and cycles that typically result when software is installed by in-house IT resources. Enables you to quickly take advantage of valuable VCE Vision software capabilities to monitor Dell EMC converged infrastructure systems. Provides expert design, planning, and implementation of VCE Vision Multisystem Management (MSM) clustering in your Dell EMC converged infrastructure environment. Enables you to quickly begin managing multiple Dell EMC converged infrastructure systems from a single dashboard within VCE Vision software Workload Performance Assessment Service. Analyzes virtual environment performance data and system constraints over a period of time, providing improved visibility into resource utilization. Identifies the most efficient resource utilization and workload performance mix for the Dell EMC converged infrastructure systems.

Vscale Assessment And Architecture Services

Assesses the data center for Dell EMC converged infrastructure systems installation readiness and plans for required facilities upgrades. Using facilities resources more efficiently. Provides a detailed Site Readiness report clearly documenting requirements prior to the arrival of the Dell EMC converged infrastructure systems. Eliminates costly delays by ensuring efficient, successful deployment of the infrastructure. Evaluates key areas, such as scale and capacity planning, workload requirements, and operational requirements leading to the right scale out data center design for your organization. Provides an overall architecture design, migration strategy, policy definition, and an implementation and execution proposal. Accelerates time to value by installing and configuring optional software-defined network (SDN) software or hardware on Dell EMC converged infrastructure. Configures Dell EMC converged infrastructure systems and connects them to the Dell EMC Fabric.
Dell EMC Converged Infrastructure
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