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IoT is driving digital disruption of the physical world, accelerating advances in technology, transforming every part of our lives. Cognitive IoT infuses new intelligence into products, services and processes. Start by deploying a highly secure, scalable, and open platform that lets you start small, and grow quickly. Get started with the IBM Watson IoT Platform on IBM Bluemix at no charge. Find the tools and services you need to create your IoT applications including cognitive APIs, Weather company data, Blockchain and more. Gaining insights from huge volumes of IoT data can lead to better business decisions. Connect IBM Watson APIs to your IoT solution and apply real—time analytics to monitor and act on both structured and unstructured data. Leverage machine learning, natural language and environmental conditions to optimize products, processes and business operations.

Augmented response options that chat bots and other applications can offer to complex questions. You input — unstructured data from local files, such as email and chat logs. Unstructured, semi structured and structured content from different types of data sources such as Microsoft SharePoint. Structured content from databases and content management systems. Rapidly build a cognitive search and content analytics engine and add it to existing applications with minimal effort. Extract value from your data by converting, normalizing and enriching it with integrated IBM Watson featured partners data center and network APIs. Combine proprietary data with pre enriched news data. Use a simplified query language to explore your data and embed discovery into existing applications. Create Cognitive Applications Using IBM Watson Discovery — help a customer service team decrease support times, find hidden insights on customer pain points, behaviors and needs, and improve agent productivity.

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IBM Watson IoT platform and blockchain. Connecting blockchain applications to real world devices streamlines business processes and opens up new business opportunities. IoT devices can send data to the blockchain, which incorporates the data into a business transaction and then stores the record in a shared indelible ledger. This permanently stored record of transactions is available to all participants in the transaction chain. Secure and irrefutable replication of data between parties enables a new generation of open, transactional applications that streamline business processes. Be a part of this leading edge technology. IBM Watson IoT platform, information management allows you to identify, aggregate and transform the vast amounts of data from your IoT sources into asset-based data structures that can be quickly and easily analyzed. Ingest data from other diverse data sources and platforms. Use it to augment your device data and perform additional, rich analytics.

IBM Watson IoT

Insights extracted from news and other third-party and public content. Easily connect devices from chips to intelligent appliances to your applications and industry solutions. Perform device management functions, scale through cloud based services. And then use rich analytics to gain insight and achieve organizational transformation. Connect And Manage Your devices, gateways and applications connect to the IBM Watson IoT Platform on IBM Bluemix with ease. Then set up and manage your IoT devices and data to start creating your own applications, visualization dashboards and mobile IoT apps. Quick Connect your mobile phone or other device to demo application. IoT developer resources. Get started with the Watson IoT Platform on IBM Bluemix at no charge. Find the tools and services you need to create your IoT applications including cognitive APIs, weather company data, blockchain and more. IBM weather company data. Weather has a dramatic effect on business.
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Bluemix Cloud

IBM Bluemix cloud provides public, dedicated, and local integrated deployment models. You can take an idea from inception, to development sandbox, to a globally distributed production environment with compute and storage infrastructure, open source platform services and containers, and software services and tools from IBM, Watson, and more. Beyond the capabilities of the platform itself, IBM Bluemix cloud also provides flexible deployment. Provision IBM Bluemix resources on premises, in dedicated private cloud environments, or in the public cloud, and manage the resources from all three types of environments in a single dashboard.

All IBM cloud resources that are deployed in public and dedicated environments are hosted from your choice of IBM Cloud Data Center locations around the world. IBM Cloud Data Centers provide regional redundancy, a global network backbone connecting all data centers and points of presence, and stringent security controls and reporting. Through IBM Cloud Data Centers, IBM can meet your most demanding expansion, security, compliance, and data residency needs.


Businesses are under tremendous pressure to leverage their data to stay ahead of the competition. Big data analytics, mobile and social applications are generating an explosive growth of many types of new data to be saved and analyzed whether it’s in the cloud or within the data center. Clients need to find a new way forward with their storage infrastructure and IBM is leading the way. Storage that accelerates digital transformation — equip your infrastructure for cloud, mobile, big data and analytics workloads with enhanced IBM solutions delivering superior data economics.

Businesses are under tremendous pressure to leverage their data to stay ahead of the competition. Big data analytics, mobile and social applications are generating an explosive growth of many types of new data to be saved and analyzed whether it’s in the cloud or within the data center. These transformational technologies are helping businesses make more money, spend less and move faster. IBM power System — the open server ecosystem helps you to get started quickly to create the infrastructure that fits you best. With the IBM approach, you use the power of big data and analytics to identify new revenue opportunities.


IBM Identity And Access Management solutions help strengthen compliance and reduce risk by protecting and monitoring user access services to help you handle user access more efficiently and protect your business data from unauthorized use. With multi factor authentication design and deployment services you will gain an enterprise-wide, total authentication solution designed to support multiple authentication methods. It takes more than a simple user ID and password to protect your organization’s valuable data and resources these days.

IBM enables business operations — such as online and mobile transactions, remote access through virtual private network and enterprise application access to implement strong, cost-effective authentication that relies on multiple hardware or software based methods for identity assurance. Take the right steps to protect against insider threats with our identity and access management services for insider threat protection. Information theft, IT sabotage and fraud are increasingly occurring at the hands of skilled and knowledgeable insiders.

IBM Watson IoT

Learn about new recipes for developers containing code and best practice approaches for solving cognitive IoT challenges using IBM Watson’s Natural Language Application Program Interfaces (APIs). Use these developerWorks recipes that include code and best practice approaches to solving IoT challenges with IBM Watson’s Natural Language APIs. Command / Response IoT With Raspberry Pi And PianoHAT — the goal of this recipe is to create a bi directional command and control demo using the Raspberry Pi and PianoHAT and explore various APIs available to the device once it.

IBM DeveloperWorks recipes — power your IoT business with the strength of the IBM Business Partner ecosystem where IBM unites the most respected partners in the industry with our resources and innovation. Together, we provide an integrated and collaborative approach to the technologies, services and expertise that you need to drive your IoT business. Cognitive application using IBM Watson text to speech that enables voice interaction between device and human. Consider the following scenario. A sensor or device sends events to the IBM Watson IoT platform.

MaaS360 Advisor

Advisor is a powerful cognitive engine that provides contextual information based on unified endpoint management best practices as well as emerging threat alerts delivered from IBM X-Force Exchange. This actionable intelligence is sourced from both structured and unstructured data, and is personalized based on your organization’s industry, its size and its mobile environment, including the type of devices, platforms and applications used across the organization.

Mobile Metrics leverages the aggregated data of more than 12,000 IBM MaaS360 with Watson customer implementations worldwide to provide the industry’s first cloud-sourced mobile bench marking data. This data, which reflects a wide range of organization types and their mobile implementations, allows customers to compare their security configurations and usage data with peers across similar industries, sizes and other criteria.