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Organizations can lower total cost of ownership with a stable data center foundation that allows for current state flexibility, scalability into the future and simplified management. With the guidance of IAM Networks, data center network services solutions can elevate an organization’s infrastructure, enabling an optimized and reliable IT experience. We consult, integrate and manage technology solutions that solve business problems and contribute to corporate growth. Data Center Network Services provide a robust, flexible IT infrastructure is the critical core of successful business operations. We help optimize, integrate, and automate your IT environment for greater flexibility, scalability, reliability, and visibility. Our data center solutions help you realize the benefits of lower operational costs, higher productivity and greater peace of mind. Whether you need to update a server infrastructure, virtualize, or cloud automation, we help you navigate the overwhelming array of IT solutions to select the right technology and network services for your needs.

Data centers are crucial assets that can help businesses gain competitive advantage. As businesses grow and merge, they often end up with a network sprawl of duplicate data center resources and silos that increase operating costs and complexity, while reducing the availability and reliability of critical data center resources. Failure to address these issues can result in outages, a limited ability to expand data center capabilities, and compromised business resiliency. Data center inefficiencies can also make it difficult to cost effectively deliver the robust level of application services that customers and internal users demand. Data Center Network Services are evolving toward architectures in which networks, computer systems, and storage devices act in unison. To achieve this, data centers need an end to end architecture that is efficient, adaptable, and scalable. As IT organizations migrate from fragmented, older data centers to more cost-effective and agile ones, they must first develop a sound architecture that can serve as the foundation for their evolution to a next-gen data center.


Network Design — Implementation And Support Services

IAM Networks designs, delivers and supports enterprise level Data Center Network Services that become the foundation of our clients’ business. IAM Networks also supplements client teams as needed with on site technical and engineering support. Our solutions integrate the best applications from the best technology providers and are implemented with agility and speed to create a competitive advantage for our clients. The days of legacy data centers are over. The new data center network services solutions landscape is largely virtualized and spread across multiple, geographically distributed sites and public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. But building, connecting, and securing this array of computing power is a complex job and one that requires new types of Data Center Network Services solutions, starting with an architecture optimized for the cloud era and an infrastructure that gives you agility, automation, and simplicity. If there is an issue, the system triggers alerts and sends emails with an escalation path to our NOC engineers to triage and resolve the event.

Public Cloud Architecture Services

The most recognizable model of cloud computing to many consumers is the public cloud model, under which cloud services are provided in a virtualized environment, constructed using pooled shared physical resources, and accessible over a public network such as the internet. To some extent they can be defined in contrast to private clouds which ring-fence the pool of underlying computing resources, creating a distinct cloud platform to which only a single organization has access. A public cloud is one based on the standard cloud computing model, in which a service provider makes resources, such as applications and storage, available to the general public over the Internet. Public cloud services may be free or offered on a pay per usage model. The term public cloud arose to differentiate between the standard model and the private cloud, which is a proprietary network or data center that uses cloud computing technologies, such as virtualization. A private cloud is managed by the organization it serves.

Data Center Network Services Solutions

IAM Networks designs, delivers, manages and supports enterprise and mid market level Data Center Network Services. This includes managed services, mobility, virtualization, unified communications, and data infrastructure solutions. We also supplement client’s teams as needed with on site technical and engineering support. Data center network services solutions integrate the best applications from the best technology providers and are designed to create a competitive advantage for our clients. Clients are supported 24/7 either remotely or through a network operations center. Leveraging the technologies we market, the firm has a well-developed virtualized operation. Many of the firm’s sales representatives, product specialist and technical resources work remotely from their home locations, allowing our customers to benefit from our efficient workforce deployment. We have a market focus centered around transforming our clients businesses by delivering technology solutions that become a component of their organization’s success.

Managed Network Services

With managed Data Center Network Services IAM Networks handles day-to-day management, monitoring and remediation of your data, voice, video, and unified communications network capabilities allowing you to align IT resources with strategic business objectives. It eliminates complexity while supporting solutions that address business problems. Business expects more than operational efficiency from IT. It needs an innovative partner, because there’s a technology component to virtually every internal and customer facing process. Service delivery managers establish a framework that ensures consistent and efficient operations. They act as advocates on behalf of customers, providing assistance throughout the entire engagement life-cycle. We monitor your systems at multiple levels to ensure your SLAs are being met. Speedy and efficient ticket resolution — the NOC processes network trouble tickets, with an ability to respond quickly to any anomalies in networks.
Data Center Network Services
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