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High-performing devices based on the 7th Generation Core vPro processors streamline productivity and performance for serious business compute. By enabling maximum multitasking efficiency and up to 10 hours of unprecedented battery life. For employees on the go, Core M vPro processors deliver the optimal combination of performance, battery life, and wireless capabilities in a razor-thin device. Built in Intel vPro technology provides hardware-enhanced security, remote manageability, and productivity-enhancing capabilities to keep you moving forward. Trying to do more than one thing at a time on old technology is a productivity drain, not a driver. Keep business running smoothly with new 7th Generation Core vPro processor-based devices that have Intel Speed Shift Technology for steady load balancing across highly demanding workloads. Performance automatically adjusts to focus frequencies where they are needed most, while applications running in the background reserve power.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a robust network of devices, all embedded with electronics, software, and sensors that enable them to exchange and analyze data. The IoT has been transforming the way we live for nearly two decades, paving the way for responsive solutions, innovative products, efficient manufacturing, and ultimately, amazing new ways to do business. Through the IoT, the power grid’s countless devices can share information in real-time to distribute and manage energy efficiently. Intel products, solutions, and services are enabling secure and seamless Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for upstream oil and gas. Today’s offices, factories, retail outlets, and other commercial facilities are evolving into smart buildings. With the IoT, we can address rising energy costs, control building operations, and improve tenant safety and comfort by connecting, managing, and securing devices that collect data from core systems.


Intel — Unleash Real Mobile Productivity

From improving interactions with patients to delighting customers on the sales floor. Modern business is all about mobility and long battery life is central to this transformation. Make your workforce more productive from anywhere, anytime with the endurance of new 7th Generation Core vPro processor-based devices, which provide up to 10 hours of untethered power to last the entire work day. When finance crunches complex calculations, developers compile precise code, and designers manipulate sophisticated graphics. The premium performance of new 7th Gen Core vPro processors give uptime a whole new meaning by delivering up to 50% better productivity than a 5-year-old PC3. From Microsoft Excel macros to CAD animations, Hyper-Threading Technology handles demanding applications by running multiple threads on each core. To deliver cutting-edge responsiveness for serious business compute.
Core vPro
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