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Our mission is simple. We put our customers first. And help manage their technology to meet every day needs. We are dedicated to transforming your business communications into effective, integrated solutions. Whether you’re an owner, IT professional or employee, we’re all about lending you the expertise and support to deliver results. We help you enable, operate, and transform your networking infrastructure, so you can achieve network performance that exceeds expectations, ensuring maximum business continuity, reduce costs and complexity, and improve processes and security create a virtualized operating environment, helping you reduce your IT estate and drive greater efficiency enable enterprise mobility by giving your employees access to all your resources from any location, at any time support your Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) adoption.

Network services solutions help you accommodate the capacity constraints on your access network caused by an increasingly mobile world, both practically and strategically. Hybrid Wide Area Network (WAN) — IAM Networks helps you leverage multiple types of cost-effective WAN connectivity, but without the additional operational hassles. Data center networking solutions helps you modernize your data center network technology, automate your operations, and review and adjust your financial and consumption models. Network performance optimization provides you with not only the visibility you need, but also the help you require to accelerate your network’s ability to deliver true business value. With software-defined networking we explore the possibilities of more intelligent, programmable, and automated networking within your business and plan a route for future development.

Network Security Services Solutions

The stakes are high. A network security breach could expose your business to financial and reputation damage. Non compliance with legal and other standards can result in steep penalties  and even criminal liability. Enterprise network security isn’t something you can afford to get wrong. Yet it remains one of most challenging organizational disciplines to understand, implement and maintain. If these challenges sound familiar, we can assist you. We have a thorough understanding of network security and IT risk management. Our network security specialists deliver the visibility, awareness and protection you need to hit all your network security targets through our ability to create, integrate and manage your network security infrastructure in a way that supports your business goals. With a broad portfolio of network security services coupled with proven technologies from a select group of innovative partners as well as a  deep, broad set of network security expertise.

Managed Services Solutions

Interested in putting hours back into your day? Managed Services and  security services are designed to provide day-to-day service delivery so your IT staff can focus on driving strategic business objectives. Delivery Managers establish a framework for consistent and efficient service delivery. They are advocates acting on behalf of our customers providing assistance throughout the entire project life cycle. Need help focusing on running your portfolio of systems as efficiently as possible? With our professional services, you can leverage the expertise of our architects, project managers, engineers and technicians who work with networks every day. From design and engineering to staging, implementation and ongoing operations, you will receive first hand experience in providing tested network solutions. We offer support services for a full portfolio of products including Voice, Video, Data, Security, UC/Collaboration.

SDN Services Solutions

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solutions is enabling organizations to accelerate application deployment and delivery, dramatically reducing IT costs through policy enabled workflow automation. SDN technology enables cloud architectures by delivering automated, on demand application delivery and mobility at scale. Software-Defined Networking enhances the benefits of data center virtualization, increasing resource flexibility and utilization and reducing infrastructure costs and overhead. With SDN it accomplishes these business objectives by converging the management of network and application services into centralized, extensible orchestration platforms. That can automate the provisioning and configuration of the entire infrastructure. Common centralized IT policies bring together disparate IT groups and workflows. The result is a modern infrastructure that can deliver new applications and services in minutes, rather than days or weeks required in the past.

Cloud Services Solutions

Organizations of all sizes have to look for affordable ways to deliver quality IT services reliably and continuously to customers and employees. We help you assess your applications and data for cloud services.  We can help you understand the opportunities of the cloud for your business. Which include improved agility, cost reduction, and support for growth and innovation. Every kind of cloud-enabled by data centers, networking, collaboration, and security, enhanced with consulting and professional services, and sustained with support services and managed services. IAM Networks offers cloud based back up and disaster recovery and attach stringent service level guarantees to all commitments. One of the key benefits of the cloud model, and one that is often overlooked. Is how cloud computing can help to ensure business continuity and speed disaster recovery.
Network Solutions


We can cover every possible permutation of private and public cloud. In your data center or collocated. Including managed on-site and hosted IT, and third-party cloud services. And integrate it all into a unified eco-system. Cloud policies are starting to prevail in both the public and corporate sectors around the world, and this is increasingly true for many of our clients, because cloud has become a key enabler for rapid, transformational change.

Private Cloud — Dedicated to each client and delivered as-a-service from your data center or collocated, it’s a cost-effective, rapid implementation alternative to building your own private cloud.

Public Cloud — The public cloud will satisfy even the most demanding enterprise users with a network-centric design, multiple layers of security, and high availability.

Hybrid Cloud — We can cover every possible permutation of private and public cloud. In your data center, ours, or both. Including managed on-site IT, and third-party cloud services. And integrate it all into a unified eco-system with consumer-style convenience in provisioning and billing.

Business Continuity — We offer cloud-based backup and disaster recovery and attach stringent service level guarantees to all commitments.

Cloud Services for Microsoft — Enjoy the flexibility of a fully-managed private or hybrid enterprise cloud service providing messaging, collaboration, PSTN voice, video and web conferencing through access to Microsoft communication and collaboration technologies — all on a pay-per-use basis.

Cloud Services for Cisco — Allows you to stay in control, and retain the value of your existing UC assets as you take the first steps into the cloud, and take advantage of the benefits that the cloud offers.

Our solutions and services will address all your questions and help you create an organization—wide UCC strategy.


We'll assist you in looking at these areas. Telephony and voice — providing a consolidated, virtualized, location-Independent, secure and robust IP voice infrastructure as the platform for richer communication and collaboration. Visual communications — adding visual impact to remote collaboration to eliminate the time and cost penalties of traveling, improve interaction, reduce process loss and transform business operations. Collaborative workspace — reducing costs and increasing agility by integrating multiple communication channels presence and content within the user's working context.

Conferencing — implementing and integrating the latest video and audio conferencing platforms to enable effective collaboration. Messaging — improving productivity and responsiveness by providing rich messaging capabilities in one integrated experience. Social collaboration — providing a richer way of collaborating that leverages social media techniques and user behaviors, but remains compatible with enterprise requirements. Telecommunications management — saving time, improving efficiency and optimizing your communications spend by managing all your fixed and mobile network services.

Data Center

If your data center has evolved over time, it’s possible that it’s not making the most efficient use of computing, storage, and energy resources. Our data center optimization teams can assist you with data center planning, rationalization, migration, and management across on-premise, hosted, and cloud environments. We ensure that your business continuity isn’t interrupted and that your most precious asset — your data — isn’t lost or rendered inaccessible, through robust backup and recovery systems. We work with you to assess your backup and recovery requirements for both on-premise and cloud workloads and data. This improves your ability to recover from data loss, reduces the potential for data loss, and ensures that mission-critical data is recoverable.


We have a thorough understanding of network security and IT risk management. Our security specialists deliver the visibility, awareness and protection you need to hit all your IT security targets through our ability to create, integrate and manage your security infrastructure in a way that supports your business goals. We have a broad portfolio of security services coupled with proven technologies from a select group of innovative partners. A deep, broad set of security expertise and passionate client delivery. Our teams who can deliver the best solutions to your security needs.

Governance, Risk and Compliance Assessment provides you with a rounded view of your current IT security risk profile against the industry standard risk indices of confidentiality, integrity, availability and audit.  It's designed to enable you to make informed decisions regarding immediate priorities — as well as strategic business plans to improve security, determine return on investment and manage risk. 


Safeguard your business with secure and scalable data backup and cloud — on premise network storage solutions managed 24/7. It’s a simple and powerful way to store your most sensitive company data. Most organizations struggle to achieve efficient, consistent backups and ensure reliable data recovery. Data center and network storage solutions features Include, de duplication and redundancy, on site and off site backup services, and scalable, online storage. IAM Networks data backup and recovery services let you resume operations quickly after disasters.

Data center and network storage solutions offer a complete range of data backup and storage solutions and managed storage and virtualization services to meet your business’ needs. Whether you prefer a software based solution (such as Veeam), or a hardware based option (such as tapes), we ensure consistent, reliable, and secure backups. Backup retention is a minimum of 14 days, with a maximum retention set by each client. The loss of critical business data can be catastrophic for a business. It’s our goal to protect your company data before disaster strikes. With our managed services, your data is consistently backed up, stored, and on hand at a certified data center.


If you're looking for more efficient, cost-effective ways to reduce your data center footprint and cost through server virtualization and maximize the benefits of desktop virtualization, we can assist. We're conversant in all leading virtualization technologies, without being tie d to any particular vendor, which means we can recommend the right blend of solutions for your business. Our deep domain expertise in networking, security, data centers and Microsoft technologies enables us to consider all the touchpoints that virtualization has within your environment, both at the desktop and server levels.

Our expertise in data centers facilities, including power and cooling optimization, allows you to maximize the impact of your server and storage virtualization projects. We'll ensure that all data protection, backup and recovery considerations within your virtual environment are thoroughly addressed. We'll assist you to optimize your management processes to maximize the improvements that virtualization offers, through a thorough assessment of your IT service management capabilities. We'll tailor our solutions to your requirements — applying the skills and best practices we've gathered through deploying, implementing and supporting virtual server, storage and desktop environments.