VMware vCloud Air Private Managed Cloud

VMware vCloud Air Private Managed Cloud
VMware vCloud Air Private Managed Cloud
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VMware vCloud Air Private Managed Cloud is an enterprise-grade, multi-tenant compute service offering high performance and high availability with a full suite of networking capabilities. VMware vCloud Air Private Managed Cloud is ideal for smaller workloads and tight budgets. It’s also an excellent option for workloads that don’t need dedicated hardware and can be deployed in a multi-tenant environment. You can use the same management tools and both on site and offsite cloud environments. You can also set your networks to mimic your existing data center settings. Place workloads on-premises, off-premises or both. High availability and load balancing are included at no extra cost. VMware vCloud Air Private Managed Cloud also offers total edge gateway control. VMware vCloud Air is a group of secure cloud service offerings operated by VMware, giving IT organizations a VMware — compatible platform to extend their cloud infrastructure and software deployments beyond their data centers.

VMware vSAN delivers enterprise-class storage by enabling faster, policy based VM deployment managed by the virtualization admin for app components. Improve efficiency by easily reducing sprawl and right-sizing resource utilization. Software-defined data center (SDDC) resides on physical infrastructure. VMware vCloud Air private cloud managed services solutions eliminates the burden of infrastructure management, and allows your IT team to focus on higher value problems such as automating service delivery and improving quality of service to their partners in the lines of business that they serve. The managed services model under the VMware vCloud Air Network Program enables us to leverage service offerings in VMware data centers to broaden their technology portfolio and wrap these solutions with unique managed services. Offering both license subscription and managed services models under the same program gives you more choice and flexibility in how to build cloud solutions and accelerates your network’s extensibility and flexibility.

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VMware vCloud Air Private Managed Cloud Network Program

The VMware vCloud Air Private Managed Cloud Network Program is comprised of VMware SaaS offerings and a global ecosystem of VMware Service Provider Partners. It is the ideal solution for all companies that require services from third parties, including IaaS providers, Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), Application Service Providers (ASPs), VMware vCloud Air Private Managed Cloud network solutions, offered through VMware Service Providers, enable rapid and cost-effective delivery of hybrid cloud services that customers demand. Whether IaaS, disaster recovery or DaaS, service providers can benefit from decreased time to market, reduced capital expense and lower development costs to in the cloud computing market. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) PaaS providers. As the world’s largest network of validated cloud services based on VMware, the VMware vCloud Air Private Managed Cloud Network Program enables organizations to consume VMware products on a monthly subscription model.

VMware Your Partner In The Cloud

Get reliable cloud services tailored to your business needs with the vCloud Air network — a global ecosystem of cloud providers offering validated services based on VMware technology. The VMware vCloud Private Cloud which now runs SDDC, is a single tenant private cloud that enables you to conveniently transition or extend your on premises VMware workloads into the hosted VMware environment. The vCloud Private Cloud is built on top of the same VMware virtualization and software-defined technologies used in data centers, vSphere, NSX,  vSAN and the vRealize Suite. By offering a wide range of VMware based cloud services on a geographical basis, VMware can offer hybrid cloud services that quickly and seamlessly extend the customer’s data center into the cloud using the same VMware products and tools you already use on premise. DRaaS Powered scalable cloud based disaster recovery and protection services for vSphere.

Simple Management And Control

Use the same tools to manage on site and offsite cloud environments. Set your networks to mimic existing data center networks. Get seamless network integration with the vSphere plug-in consolidated management portal. You can also access VMware vCloud Air using your existing corporate SAMLv2 identity provider solution. Manage compute and over-commitment selections in multiple virtual data centers and authorization controls. Enable workload portability on-premises, off-premises or both. Eliminate the bad neighbor effect. Port virtual machines and other business-critical workloads between on site and offsite locations with no changes required. Provision your own virtual private cloud instance with dedicated resources and predictable performance. VMware policy-based approach to provisioning embeds software-defined security and resource consumption control. Avoid outages with high availability, live migration and auto-restart of VMs as well as elastic compute, storage and networking interfaces across clusters.
VMware vCloud Air Private Managed Cloud
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