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Extreme Networks ExtremeManagement
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Management Center is the heart of the Extreme Networks ExtremeManagement family of management and security solutions. Management Center (formerly known as NetSight) is a single pane of glass management system that provides wired/wireless visibility and control from the data center to the mobile edge. The intelligence, automation, and integration of your management software enable the IT organization to optimize the efficiency of network operations and reduce total cost of ownership. Management Center provides centralized visibility and granular control of enterprise network resources end to end. Management Center is distinctive for granularity that reaches beyond ports and VLANs down to individual users, applications, and protocols. No matter how many moves, adds, or changes occur in your environment, Management Center keeps everything in view and under control through role-based access controls. One click can equal a thousand actions when you manage your network with Extreme Networks.

Extreme Networks ExtremeManagement Management Center can even manage beyond Extreme Networks switching, routing, and wireless hardware to deliver standards-based control of other vendors’ network equipment. A single management system for the entire network providing consistent management across all devices. Integrated wired/wireless management — provides consistent management of both the wired and wireless network from a single interface. Dashboard and reports — provides a graphical user interface for network data collection and reporting of network analytics. Open Application Programmatic Interface (API)  — provides an open and secure two-way interface into Extreme Networks ExtremeManagement Management Center for third-party application integration and control of SDN implementations. Network inventory management — advanced network configuration and change management for the wired and wireless infrastructure. Historical data collection and trend analysis — provides the ability to take flow-based data to understand how the network is being used up to Layer-4.

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Extreme Networks ExtremeManagement With Purview

Extreme Networks ExtremeManagement with the addition of Purview this extends the detailed analytics to the Application Layer (Layer-7) for detailed application visibility across the entire network. The Extreme Networks solution includes S-Series switches at the core, B-Series switches at the edge, and 7100-Series switches for virtualization, IdentiFi Wireless, and Purview application analytics. IdentiFi Wireless with one AP per classroom provides seamless, secure wireless access and the entire infrastructure is easily managed by Extreme Networks Purview application analytics. Purview provides visibility into applications for improved troubleshooting and decision-making to create a better user experience. Policy-based network — allows for the centralized creation of policies that follow users and devices across the network. These are not tied to the physical network and can change based on user, device, TOD, location, and connection type.

Business Alignment And Operational Efficiency

Transform complex network data into business-centric, actionable information. Centralize and simplify the definition, management, and enforcement of policies such as guest access or personal devices. Easily integrate with business applications with software-defined networking for operational efficiency. Operational efficiency — reduce IT administrative effort with the automation of routine tasks and web-based dashboard. Streamline management with the integration of wired and wireless networks. Easily enforce policies network-wide for QoS, bandwidth, etc. Troubleshoot with the convenience of a smartphone or tablet. Integrate with enterprise management platforms. Protect corporate data with centralized monitoring, control, and real-time response. Enhance existing investments in network security. Preserve LAN/WLAN network integrity with unified policies. Your network drives your business objectives across wired and wireless, from application to user.

Extreme Management Center

Extreme Networks ExtremeManagement Management Center gives you actionable insights, granular visibility, and automated control over users, devices, and applications. So your business can thrive. Make your network more secure with control over who gains access, when and where. In-depth visibility and control over users and devices empower you to gain a unified view of the security across your wired and wireless networks. Gain actionable insight into critical business applications. ExtremeAnalytics empower organizations to save operational costs, accelerate trouble resolution, and deliver a superior quality of experience with real-time data in one easy-to-read dashboard. Manage the network with a 360° view from application to device. ExtremeManagement delivers integrated management of your wired and wireless infrastructure from a single pane of glass. Zero Touch Provisioning eliminates manual provisioning and configuring when adding network devices.
Extreme Networks ExtremeManagement

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