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IBM Bluemix Cloud
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IBM Bluemix cloud is IBM’s innovative cloud computing platform that combines Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) with Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Additionally, IBM Bluemix cloud has a rich catalog of cloud services that can be easily integrated with PaaS and IaaS to build business applications rapidly. IBM Bluemix cloud has cloud deployments that fit your needs whether you are a small business that plans to scale, or a large enterprise that requires additional isolation. You can develop in a cloud without borders, where you can connect your private services to the public IBM Bluemix cloud services available from IBM. You and your team can access the apps, services, and infrastructure in Bluemix and use existing data, systems, processes, PaaS tools, and IaaS tools. Developers can tap into the rapidly growing ecosystem of available services and run time frameworks to build applications using polyglot programming approaches. With IBM Bluemix, you no longer have to make large investments in hardware to test out or run a new app.

IBM Bluemix cloud provides public, dedicated, and local integrated deployment models. You can take an idea from inception, to development sandbox, to a globally distributed production environment with compute and storage infrastructure, open source platform services and containers, and software services and tools from IBM, Watson, and more. Beyond the capabilities of the platform itself, IBM Bluemix cloud also provides flexible deployment. Provision IBM Bluemix resources on premises, in dedicated private cloud environments, or in the public cloud, and manage the resources from all three types of environments in a single dashboard. All IBM cloud resources that are deployed in public and dedicated environments are hosted from your choice of IBM Cloud Data Center locations around the world. IBM Cloud Data Centers provide regional redundancy, a global network backbone connecting all data centers and points of presence, and stringent security controls and reporting.


IBM Bluemix Cloud Infrastructure Management

With the fully automated platform, you can directly manage your infrastructure and do anything that a IBM Bluemix cloud team member can do. Or if you would rather focus your time and resources on your core competencies and let us focus on managing your infrastructure, IBM has a team of managed hosting experts ready to help. API, customer portal, and mobile applications put you in control. Use IBM homegrown resources to access, monitor, and manage your cloud infrastructure and your IBM Bluemix cloud account. IBM’s full-featured customer portal and mobile applications are built on the IBM Bluemix API, providing you direct access to your environment. Server imaging, testing, and recovery resources save you time. Repetitive management tasks like server replication, testing, and recovery are simplified and automated with toolbox of server utilities. Stay informed with standard and advanced monitoring of system performance and status. Keep an eye on your servers without having to watch them.

IBM Bluemix cloud infrastructure provides the highest performing cloud infrastructure available. IBM Bluemix infrastructure is one platform, which takes data centers around the world that are full of the widest range of cloud computing options, then integrates and automates everything. IBM Cloud Data Centers are filled with first class computing, storage, and networking gear. Each location is built, outfitted, and operated in the same way, so you get exactly the same capabilities and availability anywhere where we are present. Deploy high performance compute and storage infrastructure in secure IBM Cloud Data Centers around the world. Test and adopt a broad range of cloud services and capabilities from IBM, open source communities, and third-party developers. You can connect to all of your legacy systems and apps from a single, scalable, cloud platform through private network and API capabilities. Spin up and turn down resources in real-time as your business needs or workload demands change.

IBM Bluemix Cloud Hybrid Deployments

Hybrid cloud brings an architected solution to systems integration, so you can focus your efforts on integrating business components to create your unique business solution and not get bogged down in the gritty details of one-off systems integration. IBM Bluemix cloud is available in Local, Dedicated, and Public and offers a suite of instant-on services, including Watson, Data Analytics, and Mobile Services. While hybrid was once thought of as a strictly a cost savings measure, today it’s evolved as a key component of innovation. It allows your organization to integrate applications, data, and services, manage workloads, and make data and applications portable. Simply stated, hybrid has the capability to drive the rate and pace of change in your modern IT organizations. Increased business agility — empower your enterprise to dynamically innovate with new services and create new business models. Greater service innovation — help your entire enterprise collaborate on value creation, speeding innovation, and reducing time to market.


IBM Bluemix cloud provides various ways for you to run your apps, for example, Cloud Foundry and IBM Bluemix Container Service. Use IBM Bluemix Cloud Container Service to run Docker containers in a hosted cloud environment on IBM Bluemix cloud. You can use IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk for distributed, event-driven computing. IBM OpenWhisk runs application logic in response to events or direct invocations from web or mobile apps over HTTP. You can use IBM Bluemix Mobile services to incorporate pre built, managed, and scalable cloud services into your mobile apps. The Apps dashboard provides everything you need to get your apps up and running, and to manage those apps while they run. IBM Bluemix cloud provides various boiler plates and run times; A boilerplate is a template for an application and its associated run time environment and predefined services for a specific domain. A run time is the set of resources that is used to run an app, provided as containers for different types of apps.
IBM Bluemix cloud
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