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With Veritas Information Governance gain visibility and expose risk. Nearly 70% of all stored data contains no legal, regulatory, or business value. Intelligence about your information’s age, location, and ownership provides the roadmap to effective decision-making. Leverage information insight to eliminate redundancy, deploy smart policies, and protect access to critical information. Execute decisions, leverage information insight to eliminate redundancy, deploy smart policies, and protect access to critical information. Assume control and ensure governance,  only 16% of companies indicate that business units are involved in developing information policies that will affect their business. Successful information governance brings together the right people, processes, and technology to develop a sustainable strategy. Veritas Information Governance Data Insight helps organizations improve unstructured data governance to reduce costs, reduce risk, and achieve compliance through actionable intelligence.

Veritas Information Governance eDiscovery software makes it easy to cost effectively and defensibly find evidence and solve challenges across the Veritas eDiscovery lifecycle. Under pressure to quickly respond to legal matters and regulatory requests? The Veritas eDiscovery platform is designed for you. Veritas Technologies takes speed to resolution seriously and have designed a simple, intuitive interface for customers that take it seriously, too. The robust functionality built into Veritas eDiscovery platform includes; A consumer grade design that dramatically lowers the learning curve and spurs immediate action. Workflow automation that reduces manual effort and mitigates human error. Quick deployment through a purpose-built appliance, software, or hosted as a service. Gartner discusses how file analysis software enables better information management decisions. According to Gartner, by 2020 50% of large enterprises will have adopted file analysis, up from 10% today.

Veritas Information Governance

But unknowingly, for most organizations it has become public enemy #1. Exponential information growth comes with a significant price tag and tremendous risk. In 2017, Gartner predicts that 33% of Fortune 100 companies will experience an information crisis due to their inability to adequately value, govern, and trust their enterprise information. Information governance is the strategy organizations are deploying to proactively manage information risk. This strategy requires the systematic integration of people, process, and technology to effectively identify and protect the organization’s most critical information, while simultaneously eliminating information that contains no value. This strategy is achieved through a multi faceted approach of gaining visibility, taking action, and assuming control over information. Successful execution of these steps will remove organizational barriers to information decision-making. Veritas Information Governance simplifies this process by illuminating information hazards and providing tools for automated remediation.

Information Governance Products

To combat today’s data deluge, organizations must proactively address long-term information management to help reduce IT costs and business risk or exposure. Veritas purpose-built retention management platform lets you execute diverse strategies to meet business and regulatory information retention requirements. Veritas Information Governance Data Insight is a file analysis solution that provides the tracking and reporting necessary to deliver organizational accountability for file usage and security.  Holding users accountable for file usage and security. You see a growing sense of urgency to gain control of costs associated with storing and maintaining information along with a need to reduce the compliance and security risks. Veritas Enterprise Vault helps automate retention management and supervision while simplifying eDiscovery over unstructured data. An archiving foundation for your information governance plan.


Designed for your VM infrastructure. Get deep VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V integration. Veritas has been protecting virtual machines for longer than some of our competitors have been in business. Years of API integration experience and support for the latest platforms ensure your virtual machines are always protected quickly, with reliable restore. Backup is a necessary burden: extremely useful when you need it, and something you should constantly optimize. Now you can reduce your financial and administrative footprint.

Veritas Backup Exec supports your organization’s cloud strategy and gives you the power to choose long-term, low-cost compute and storage. Virtual, physical, and cloud. Everybody says they protect it all, but who really follows through? With Veritas, you can. Veritas Backup Exec provides comprehensive coverage across the most popular virtual, physical, and cloud infrastructures. Over 30 years of experience has taught us what works and what doesn’t. Veritas engineers constantly certifies Veritas Backup Exec with the latest hardware and software. That means you can rely on Veritas’ compatibility expertise for fast and reliable infrastructure.


Your best defense against outages or disasters is a unified approach to recovery. No wonder business continuity is a key initiative for every IT organization. The best business continuity plans are determined based on present and future business needs, not just static IT requirements. Make sure to build your plan from a business perspective. Your best defense against outages or disasters is a unified approach to recovery. Choose a solution that works for all business applications, no matter what they’re running on or where they’re running.

Veritas Technologies software defined storage allows for faster application deployment and appropriate Quality of service with the visibility you require. All applications accessing data from the storage pool are considered equal by the infrastructure. But they are not — some applications are mission critical to your business. Veritas software defined storage for high performance applications leverages the use DAS architectures, achieving up to 400 percent application performance gains while reducing traditional SAN costs over 80 percent

Business Continuity

HP Enterprise Helion and Veritas Continuity provides comprehensive managed recovery services powered by the HP Enterprise Helion OpenStack cloud. Your enterprise relies on information and the ability to access that information through business applications and partners. In today’s world IT based business processes are critical, with acceptable downtime and allowable data loss shrinking at the speed of business. Veritas Disaster Recovery Orchestrator enables businesses to automate and manage disaster recovery of Microsoft Windows applications residing on either physical or virtual machines to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure cloud.

Using Veritas Disaster Recovery Orchestrator to target the cloud for disaster recovery can reduce costs significantly, while helping you achieve stringent Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs). Veritas InfoScale Availability ensures mission critical applications stay up and running against unwanted downtime. Veritas InfoScale Availability provides high availability and disaster recovery over any distance for your critical business services.

Compliance And Governance

The cloud helps automate retention management and supervision while simplifying eDiscovery over unstructured data. Cloud based archiving services help organizations to reduce data retention costs, simplify compliance, and free resources for more strategic projects. Veritas Technologies Information Governance Enterprise provides a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) archiving solution for both cloud or on premises resources, such as Office 365, Exchange, Sharepoint Server, Lync instant messaging, or Skype for Business.

Are you considering a move from an on premises archiving system? Veritas Technologies has the technology and experience to help. Veritas Technologies has done it for thousands of customers. The Veritas Technologies Information Map renders your unstructured data in visual context and guides you towards unbiased, information governance decision-making. Visualizing unstructured data and provide an immersive visual experience for users to gain insight into your organization’s unstructured information.