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McAfee, a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel Corporation, empowers businesses, the public sector, and home users to safely experience the benefits of the Internet. The company delivers proactive and proven security solutions and services for systems, networks, and mobile devices around the world. With its Security Connected strategy, innovative approach to hardware enhanced security, and unique Global Threat Intelligence network, McAfee is relentlessly focused on keeping its customers safe. McAfee believes that an open and integrated system best enables organizations to effectively block threats, identify compromises, and expedite remediation. It’s at the center of our commitment to enable a safe and connected world. Building on leading endpoint protection solutions, diverse technologies, and widely adopted and open centralized management platform, McAfee can help you expedite the entire threat defense life cycle. Work with McAfee to apply actionable intelligence, selective automation, and real-time collaboration.

McAfee will help you integrate a dynamic endpoint, intelligent analytics, cloud-delivered security, and centralized management into an adaptive system that protects, detects, and corrects today’s threats. Together, we can reduce the threats that get through, find them faster, and use fewer resources in the process. Threats are becoming more complex — it’s time to evolve how you fight them. Learn how an open and integrated system reduces security fragmentation, automates tasks, and multiplies your capabilities so you can more effectively block threats, identify compromises, and respond faster. Discover how McAfee are building a platform based architecture with four security systems: endpoint, cloud, hybrid data centers, and threat management. With the rising volume and complexity of threats, and the shrinking time and resources to handle them, security practitioners must evolve their approach. The job hasn’t changed; to protect vital services and information from theft, manipulation, and loss from external and internal actors.

Threat Defense Life Cycle

Challenges — in early 2015, an Intel Security survey of incident responders at 700 organizations uncovered the hurdles and opportunities facing investigators of targeted attacks. With an increase in the attack surface and the industrialization of cybercrime, we found incident response teams are overwhelmed, constantly fighting fires that exceed their capacity. Many have invested in countermeasures and tools, but the friction and fragmentation that they need to overcome is leaving them ineffective in the fight. Correct — streamline the threat defense life cycle by facilitating triage, investigation, and remediation. McAfee cloud based management reduces maintenance while making it easier to enhance protection and policies. Security and threat insights become triggers for automated action to expedite cleanup and quickly adapt current security policies. It’s a system that learns from security incidents and continually evolves, providing you better protection going forward. Detect — no single analysis or intelligence source can detect sophisticated attacks.


More data than sense — as we look at the responses, most of these detection and correction efforts combine human expertise with tools and data. All efforts can be improved through access to and better interpretation of relevant data, policy-based workflows, and appropriate and facilitated automation. Turns out that security has been a cost of doing business, treated as overhead, with few metrics and limited risk analysis. There’s an infrastructure, but not a conscientious and resilient architecture. Few security teams have had architects articulating an integrated design or an adaptive model. McAfee’s solution gathers both local and global security intelligence, integrates an array of behavioral and contextual analytics, and leverages centralized management for better insight, more effective threat identification, and faster investigation of events. Investigations take too much time — according to 47% of survey respondents, most time is spent scoping an attack, determining what was altered on a system, what this alteration did, and what other systems may have been affected.


Endpoint Protection

Find and resolve threats in seconds. McAfee Active Response V2.0 exposes the unknown in seconds by tracing process behavior and then providing immediate context, via the cloud, to quickly convict and resolve threats. Reduce dwell times through real-time visibility, live investigations, and timelines. Use single click correction to immediately remediate threats across a single endpoint or entire organization. McAfee Complete Endpoint Threat Protection replaces McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection — enterprise.

Stop threats before they reach the endpoint. Seamless integration with McAfee Web Gateway provides inline file emulation for suspicious web traffic. The cloud assisted edge defense analyzes the actual behavior of internet code and files to deliver pervasive endpoint protection both on and off the corporate network. McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection Business provides a number of technologies to meet the needs of business customers. McAfee by Intel Complete Endpoint Threat Protection — provides advanced defenses that prevent, contain, and take action against zero day threats and sophisticated attacks.

Network Security

Deeper inspection. Better threat protection. Malware is becoming more complicated, covert, and clever. Your advanced, zero day threat protection solution needs to be as cunning as advanced targeted threats. McAfee Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) and McAfee Firewall Enterprise are now part of Forcepoint. Reduce investigation time from days to minutes. Numerous features support investigation, including extensive unpacking, interactive mode, sample submission to multiple virtual environments, and unparalleled indicators of compromise (IoC) data that produces summary reports for action prioritization and analyst grade data on malware.

Security components operate as one. Tight integration reduces time from encounter to containment and protection from advanced threats, enables efficient alert management, and maintains throughput and policy enforcement. Support for OpenIOC and STIX, two open standards for indicators of compromise and threat intelligence output, further enhances integration. McAfee Network Security Platform is a next generation intrusion prevention system (IPS) that redefines how organizations block advanced threats.

Protection And Encryption

Safeguard data and stay compliant with McAfee enterprise data protection solutions. McAfee Complete Data Protection Suites and McAfee by Intel Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions provide multilayered protection for data regardless of where it resides — on the network, in the cloud, or at the endpoint. Encryption options include enterprise grade drive encryption or management of native encryption.

As a part of McAfee’s Security Connected framework, enterprise data protection solutions are fully integrated with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator software, which unifies and simplifies data security management. McAfee Complete Data Protection Advanced — block unauthorized access to your sensitive information and prevent exfiltration — anytime, anywhere. Strong encryption, DLP, policy driven security, management of Apple FileVault and Microsoft BitLocker native encryption, and data protection for cloud storage combine with a centralized management platform in our most robust data protection suite. McAfee Complete Data Protection — enable data protection with drive, file, folder, removable media encryption, and data protection for cloud storage

Server Security

McAfee Server Security Suite Essentials provides instant discovery and control for protecting physical, virtual, and cloud deployments. McAfee Server Security Suite Essentials allows foundational cloud workload and server protection, including optimized antivirus and intrusion prevention. Obtain single pane manageability — get complete end to end visibility across all servers and cloud workloads. Optimize antivirus protection for virtualized environments — choose one solution that works across multiple hypervisors or an agentless option for VMware vCloud Networking and Security and NSX.

McAfee Server Security Suite Advanced the most comprehensive cloud workload and server protection. McAfee Server Security Suite Advanced includes optimized antivirus and intrusion prevention along with advanced whitelisting to protect against zero day threats and change control to meet regulatory requirements. Get Full Visibility Into AWS and Azure see the infrastructure, workloads, traffic, threats, and a security posture assessment of AWS and Azure security groups.