Dell EMC Software-Defined Storage

Dell EMC Software-Defined Storage
Dell EMC Software-Defined Storage
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Transform your infrastructure with Dell EMC Software-Defined Storage. Automate the deployment of IT services, optimize IT operations, and reduce TCO. Explore a whole new way to look at storage. Dell EMC Software Defined Storage is a pervasive approach to IT Transformation. Current storage systems are not equipped for the growing needs of your data. An IDC study confirms the Dell EMC Software-Defined Storage portfolio that provides the enterprise-grade agility to support your digital business demands. Dell EMC has the broadest network storage portfolio which is elastic scale-out with in-place analytics and cloud-connected. Isilon — enterprise scale-out NAS file storage is elastic cloud storage — geo-federated cloud-scale object storage. Enterprise quality optimizes IT agility and delivers continuous value. Stability and availability optimizes IT agility. Enterprise-class Dell EMC Software-Defined Storage delivers continuous value and Dell EMC features vendor neutral OpenStack and industry standard APIs.

Dell EMC Software-Defined Storage offers accessibility that meets your needs now and in the future. With software-defined storage, enterprises can create giant geo-distributed pools of storage that grow as large as necessary with very little effort on the part of IT and its users. The economic benefits are unprecedented, too, as commodity-based platforms increasingly provide the foundation for next-generation storage, replacing more costly purpose-built storage arrays. Elastic scale-out and multi-protocol are key capabilities for new storage systems designed for software-defined, but what about my existing storage estate? Is software-defined applicable to environment? The answer is yes, but in a different way. Rather than solving problems by introducing a new storage infrastructure, the final element of a software-defined storage ecosystem solves problems through management and automation capabilities that, to an extent, allow you to manage a traditional storage environment as if it were software-defined.


Dell EMC Software-Defined Storage

Learn which software-defined storage deployment option is best for you and your business needs. Dell EMC Software-Defined Storage offers storage solutions no matter your choice. Software-defined storage offers elasticity, scale, and simplicity — with no compromises In an age when more data — and more kinds of data — is being generated than ever before, Dell EMC Software-Defined Storage gives enterprises a path to effectively address this explosive growth. Of course, as marketing machines have engaged in force the last several years it has become increasingly difficult to understand what, exactly, is meant by Software-Defined Storage. So in order to better understand how Dell EMC Software-Defined Storage can help, let’s define the term in more detail. Geo-replication and global data protection optimizes storage efficiency while maintaining fast, reliable global access to data, providing full protection in the event of a total site failure.

Elasticity, Scale, And Simplicity

When we talk about elastic scale-out, we are referring to the ability to incrementally add capacity to a storage system simply by adding more commodity nodes. As demand increases, such an elastic storage system will grow to meet changing demands. Contrast this with traditional storage arrays which, when the limit of a single system is reached, require you to add more systems each of which is managed independently. This then introduces management complexity such as having to migrate data between systems or having to develop complex provisioning logic to determine on which system to place new workloads. The scale-out approach of elastically expanding one logical system is a simpler way to address rapid data growth. While elastic scale-out gives a mechanism to store more quantities of data, multi-protocol access addresses the issue of storing more kinds of data — and to efficiently access that data in-place from applications.

It’s Not Just About Software

Traditional storage arrays have always embedded sophisticated software stacks. And storage managers have always used software to perform management tasks like moving files and provisioning volumes. Furthermore, extracting software from a traditional array and re-packaging it as a software product does not mean you have software-defined storage. The fundamental concept behind Dell EMC Software-Defined Storage is the intelligent application of distributed computing techniques to the design of storage systems. If you combine the power of distributed computing with the use of commodity hardware plus innovative storage optimizations for space efficiency, performance efficiency, manageability, and scale, then you have the essential ingredients necessary to cost-effectively manage explosive data growth: (1) elastic, scale-out, software storage systems designed to run on commodity hardware, (2) with in-place, multi-protocol data access, (3) with built-in geo replication mechanisms, and (4) all wrapped in a simplified and far more scalable management experience.
Dell EMC software-defined storage
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