Citrix Netscaler Control SD-WAN

Citrix Netscaler Control SD-WAN
Citrix Netscaler Control SD-WAN
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Increase WAN throughput and reliability while improving the application experience with Citrix NetScaler Control SD-WAN. The traditional WAN was not designed to tackle today’s application traffic. Citrix Software-Defined WAN solution, Citrix NetScaler Control SD-WAN — offers a more scalable, reliable, and cloud-ready approach. Combining the intelligence of SD-WAN technology, WAN optimization, routing and application management into one comprehensive solution, Citrix NetScaler Control SD-WAN ensures the user experience at the branch and mobile level are just as rich and seamless as at headquarters. The distributed enterprise requires a solution that ensure users remain connected at all times. One that strengthens security and that provides end-to-end visibility without adding complexity. Citrix NetScaler Control SD WAN is that solution — built for your distributed enterprise. Businesses rely on branch offices or remote employees to serve customers, to be near partners and suppliers and to expand into new markets.

As application and desktop virtualization increase or applications move to the cloud, IT managers face the challenge of providing these applications without a performance penalty to branch and mobile users. Citrix NetScaler Control SD-WAN can help you effectively and economically increase WAN throughput while accelerating enterprise applications and ensuring the performance and availability of mission critical applications. Maintain high performance for mission critical applications even when a network link fails. Improve the virtual desktop experience to branch office and mobile users and accelerate traditional enterprise applications. Expand WAN capacity with low-cost broadband connections, while maintaining MPLS-level quality and reliability. Support cloud migration with integrated security to protect enterprise data. Simplify IT with integrated routing and WAN Optimization to reduce network footprint.


Citrix Netscaler Control SD-WAN

Citrix NetScaler Control SD-WAN identifies applications using the WAN and applies default or user defined rules to ensure that critical application receive priority and are routed across the highest-quality link. Lower quality links are used only as much as necessary, and then only for applications that can tolerate higher latency. Packet reordering and packet loss mitigation features reduce jitter and packet loss. Through features such as TCP flow control, data compression, de-duplication and protocol optimization, Citrix NetScaler Control SD WAN can improve the end-user experience as well as provide a reduction in WAN bandwidth expenses. And with video usage on the rise, Citrix NetScaler Control SD-WAN can optimize video delivery within XenDesktop environments as well as for popular websites and internal video content repositories. Citrix NetScaler Control SD WAN provides an alternative to the legacy branch router, enabling a branch network with lower costs.

Application Aware Virtual WAN

Citrix NetScaler Control SD-WAN creates a reliable WAN from diverse network links, continuously measuring and monitoring each link for loss, latency, jitter and congestion. Link outages and errors are mitigated by Citrix NetScaler Control SD-WAN ability to move traffic off of poor performing links without impact to the applications. Mission critical applications are always routed across the paths with the fastest transit time, real-time application traffic can be duplicated to guarantee no loss and traffic from high bandwidth applications can be balanced across multiple links. With Citrix NetScaler Control SD-WAN, this results in a high bandwidth, low-cost WAN that is reliable and ensures high application quality. Citrix NetScaler Control SD-WAN appliances measure latency, jitter and loss to create a “map” of the network underlay. This map is used to direct each application to the best path through the network and ensure that the user experience is high quality.

Management And Visibility

To ensure great user experiences, enterprise IT must be able to quickly and easily deploy new sites on the network, easily define network and application policies, and identify the sources of problems in application delivery. Citrix NetScaler Control SD-WAN center allows centralized policy definition across all network services and zero touch deployment, radically simplifying the time and effort to turn up a new location on the WAN. Automatic bandwidth detection and adaptive bandwidth control simplifies the detection of WAN and provides detailed reporting on the true bandwidth available on each link over time. Through its integration with Citrix NetScaler Insight Center, Citrix NetScaler Control SD-WAN monitors how well applications are being delivered to users in the branch. By leveraging AppFlow data reporting formats, Citrix NetScaler Control SD-WAN can also export data to third-party applications that provide network and application intelligence.
Citrix Netscaler Control SD WAN
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