Cisco APIC Enterprise Module

Cisco APIC Enterprise Module
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Automate network configuration and setup. Cisco APIC Enterprise Module (APIC-EM) is a central part of Cisco Digital Network Architecture and Cisco ACI. It delivers software-defined networking to the enterprise branch, campus, and WAN. Its simple user interface lets you automate policy-based application profiles. With this module, IT can respond rapidly to new business opportunities. Deploy network devices faster. Automate device deployment and provisioning across the enterprise. Enable developers to create new applications that use the network to fuel business growth. Increase productivity. Offer a great application experience. Real time network assurance helps ensure a consistent application experience. Service automation includes knowledge packs that are prepackaged within the system, providing users with validated topology designs. This helps reduce the load on the user, who otherwise would need to understand the nuances of service chaining.

Automate deployment and provisioning of physical and virtual network services on any platform. Cisco Enterprise Service Automation reduces IT operating expenses by simplifying and automating the processes involved in multi branch deployments. Cisco APIC Enterprise Module helps IT organizations automate and standardize IT processes across their networks to align with both company and Cisco best practices. Through its GUI, Cisco APIC Enterprise Module provides intuitive ways of designing cookie cutter profiles that enable IT to bring up multiple branches in no time. Cisco Enterprise Service Automation essentially reduces the operational expenses of an IT organization by rapidly automating the processes involved in branch provisioning and rolling out services. The Cisco Intelligent WAN (Cisco IWAN) is prescriptive of the Cisco Validated Design and provisioning of its core pillars for a large number of sites from a centralized location.


Cisco Digital Network Architecture

With Cisco APIC Enterprise Module build a digital-ready network that is simple, automated, intelligent, and secure. Navigate your digital journey with Cisco DNA. Deliver applications 17% faster and use network insights to drive better user experiences. Deter 99.2% of network breaches by using the network as both a sensor and an enforcer. Make network operations 28% more efficient using automation to manage policy and change at scale. Enable app and device awareness with 8 times faster roaming and views of more than 1200 applications. Build the foundation for your digital transformation with the latest technology innovations. Deploy network services in minutes on any platform — branch, collocation, or public cloud. Give freedom to your network. Connect users to applications with one seamless network using Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) Virtualization. Deploy virtual network services in minutes, instead of weeks. Reduce CAPEX by moving to virtual services and consolidate hardware.

Cisco APIC Enterprise Module

Industry-leading Cisco Enterprise Service Automation aids with orchestration, automation of processes, and service chaining of virtual and physical branches, drastically reducing the time required to provision multiple branches simultaneously from months to just minutes. Use Cisco Enterprise Service Automation, along with the Cisco APIC Enterprise Module and Cisco Prime Infrastructure, allows IT to design, provision, manage, and monitor the hardware, hosting platforms, and software services required to successfully get a new branch up and running. With Cisco Enterprise Service Automation workflows align with ITIL processes, providing ways for users to create network designs for initial provisioning and service upgrades. It goes through an approval process when there is a change, and the supply of common network attributes for configuring the devices is based on the region, location, or type of branch.

Cisco Intelligent WAN

Automate branch router configuration and management with software-defined WAN technology. Cisco Intelligent WAN Application for the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module allows you to accelerate the deployment of Cisco IWAN. And align to business priorities based on applications and user needs. The Cisco IWAN Application simplifies WAN deployments by providing a highly intuitive, policy based interface that helps IT abstract network complexity and design for business intent. The business policy is automatically translated into network policies that are propagated across the network. This solution enables IT to accelerate the transition to hybrid WAN, and quickly realize the benefits of software-defined WAN. Lower costs, simplified IT, increased security, and optimized application performance. Cisco Intelligent WAN Application for the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module allows you to accelerate the deployment of Cisco IWAN. And align to business priorities based on applications and user needs.
Cisco APIC Enterprise Module
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