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F5 Networks Cloud computing enables IT as a Service and the flexibility to scale when needed. Companies are finding a mix of on-premises, public cloud, private cloud, or SaaS increasingly effective in delivering applications. While a combination of solutions does increase flexibility, it also increases the challenge of managing and securing applications across a growing number of environments — not to mention ensuring a reasonable customer experience and controlling costs. Even when deployment environments and solution stacks change, F5 Networks enables consistent services to ensure the availability and security of your applications. F5 Networks Cloud solutions are highly programmable and API accessible, and can be integrated with your existing automation and delivery systems, allowing you to support fast development and delivery without compromising security or reliability. Security risks are caused by password fatigue and, more importantly, delays in deleting expired accounts.

F5 Networks Cloud Access Federation eliminates these SaaS drawbacks by eliminating the disconnect between internally maintained IAM systems and services external to the enterprise, delivering consistent security everywhere. The F5 Networks Cloud offers organizations a way to manage services rather than boxes along with just-in-time provisioning rather than over provisioning, which can be costly. The ability to scale to a hybrid model requires two things; resources (physical or virtual) and a means to distribute load across them. In the world of application delivery, we call the resources “pools” and the means to distribute them an Application Delivery Controller (ADC), previously known as a load balancer. The application delivery tier, where the load balancing service resides topologically in the data center, is responsible not only for distributing load across resources but for being able to mitigate failure without disrupting the application service.

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F5 Networks Cloud Adoption And Services

When server virtualization emerged and organizations realized that they had the ability to divide resources for different applications, content delivery was no longer tethered 1:1 with a physical device. With F5 Networks Cloud virtualization technology as the driving force, cloud computing formed and offered yet another avenue to deliver applications. As cloud adoption grew, along with the software, platforms, and infrastructures enabling it, organizations were able to quickly, easily, and cost effectively distribute their resources around the globe. Many organizations are realizing the benefits of adopting cloud based services rather than deploying and maintaining in-house solutions. Software as a Service (SaaS) providers are able to deliver niche expertise in a cost-effective, multi tenancy environment using a ready to consume, subscription based model. The benefits of the SaaS option, however, often come at the cost of up to the minute access control and reliable security policy enforcement.

Availability Between Hybrid Data Centers

The path to successful application delivery has been a long and winding road for many companies. Back in the days of Y2K and the dot.com bust, applications were often delivered out of a physical data center. This usually consisted of a dedicated raised floor room at the corporate headquarters or leased collocation space from one of the web hosting vendors or both. Global organizations and e-commerce sites then started to distribute their applications and deploy them at multiple physical data centers to address geo location, redundancy, and disaster recovery (DR) challenges. Users expect apps to be fast, secure, and always available. Anything less is unacceptable. If you’re lucky, you’ll be one of few to hear about it. F5 Networks Cloud BIG IP DNS improves the performance and availability of your global applications by sending users to the closest or best performing physical, virtual, or cloud environment. It also hyperscales and secures your DNS infrastructure from DDoS attacks and delivers a real-time DNSSEC solution that protects against hijacking attacks.
F5 Networks Cloud Platform
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