Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage SDN

Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage
Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage SDN
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Free up primary storage, modernize existing applications, and accelerate cloud native application development. For many organizations, this balance of priorities seems an impossible dictate, but with Dell EMC CloudArray cloud integrated storage, it doesn’t have to be. By integrating the cloud into your storage strategy, you can more efficiently leverage your existing infrastructure by tiering archive and static data into the cloud. Designed to combine the resource efficiency of the cloud with traditional, on premises storage, Dell EMC CloudArray enables organizations to scale their Storage Area Networks (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) with on demand cloud capacity. Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) provides an easy to manage, globally accessible archive delivered at a lower cost than public cloud storage providers. Industry-leading Dell EMC Cloud has multi purpose storage — store and process billions of files within the single shared storage system.

The Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage  provides a complete software-defined object storage platform designed for today’s cloud scale storage requirements. Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage provides the low-cost benefits of the public cloud without the risk, compliance, and data sovereignty concerns. Simple architecture with native metadata search eliminates separate metadata database. Policy based management allows you to seamlessly move content off Tier 1 storage to Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage to better optimize performance. Geo-distribution and geo-caching provide high availability on the system and lower storage overhead as you scale. Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage also provides instant access to your archived content so you don’t have to wait days or weeks for data retrieval. Managing both cost and accessibility as storage environments grow and become more complex is the biggest challenge organizations face. Developers are finding it easier to go to public cloud alter natives putting data at risk.


Internet Of Things Data Repository Service

Seize the opportunity with better relationships, value and insights. A single shared global repository for all Internet of Things (IoT) data, Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage will help you store, analyze, and transform your business with valuable insights. Better data privacy, security, and compliance — leverage the benefits of cloud with added data privacy and security, built-in encryption, and compliance capabilities to meet your industry regulatory requirements. Efficiently utilize your IT investments to get cloud scale economics, protection, and availability. Start small in one data center and scale out across geographies without adding complexity or changing your application code. Take innovations to market faster with global storage, native protocol data access, and in place analytics. With state of the art geo caching and information dispersion algorithm, Dell EMC ECS allows you to analyze and protect big data by distributing data across multiple data centers.

DelL EMC Elastic Cloud Storage

The third generation object platform from Dell EMC, Elastic Cloud Storage is designed for traditional and next-generation applications with unmatched storage efficiency, resiliency and simplicity. Dell EMC ECS has been true software-defined storage that is available as a turnkey appliance, as Dell EMC ECS Software that could be deployed on supported industry standard hardware, or as a fully Dell EMC managed ECS-as-a-Service. Traditional SAN and NAS storage platforms, while critical for enterprise applications, were never designed for modern cloud applications and the demands of cloud scalability. The growth in unstructured content is driving the need for a simpler storage architecture that can efficiently manage billions and trillions of files and accelerate the development of cloud, mobile and big data applications while reducing both storage overhead and cost. With analytics and multi protocol support, Dell EMC ECS provides an ideal platform for data lake.

Cloud Services

Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage is a multi purpose, Object-as-a-Service platform. That allows you to tailor your offerings to your customers’ specific needs while simplifying your business operations. Dell EMC ECS is a massively scalable, highly efficient, global object storage solution. With its software-based design, Dell EMC ECS is able to leverage industry standard hardware. To provide flexible deployment methodologies through a software only solution, an appliance form factor, and Dell EMC hosted solutions. ECS is designed to provide all the low-cost, ease of use, and scalability benefits provided by public cloud storage without the enterprise security risks and concerns. Dell EMC ECS features overhead as low as 1.37x, single-rack density as high as 6.2 PB, and TCO reduced by 60%. With state of the art geo caching and information dispersion algorithm. Dell EMC ECS allows you to analyze and protect big data by distributing data across multiple data centers.
Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage
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