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Over the past decade, the data center has been steadily evolving. It’s transforming from a mega facility, filled with disparate infrastructure that’s difficult to integrate, maintain, and manage, into a more agile business response center. Businesses looking to refocus their IT efforts on delivering greater value are exploring ways to leverage automation to optimize utilization and minimize waste. While vendors promise automation ‘in the box’, many organizations struggle with the complexities of achieving a fully functional, automated data center environment. How do you plan for automation in terms of skills, policy, and processes? It’s important that businesses understand what automation really means before setting off down this path. The definition of Data Center Network Automation has changed over the last decade. Ten years ago, automation was almost exclusively about provisioning. It wasn’t unusual for businesses to have upwards of 70% of their resources focused solely on provisioning new storage and configuring logical unit numbers.

Defining a policy relating to ‘what’ and ‘when’ to automate is a critical step. Is your goal to spin up resources to troubleshoot problems? Under what circumstances should you do so? Businesses looking to automate their data center environments often struggle to understand or anticipate the effects of multi tenancy. How much extra capacity do you need to provision to manage ‘spiky’ traffic, at different times of the day? This is where bringing in a seasoned cloud services provider can add value. During many years of providing cloud services to clients, they’ve developed consistent policies, and begin by implementing best practice. That’s not to say that a best practice approach is always right for every organization each has unique workloads and requirements, but it gives you a good starting point. Cisco Virtual Application Container Services — offers single workflow automation to logically isolate virtual application workloads at the virtual layer. Provides vSphere and Hyper V hypervisor support for interoperability across private cloud environments.

Data Center Network Automation

Data Center Network Automation is a vital step to achieving the business results you need to compete effectively. It automates IT processes across computing, network, and storage layers in physical and virtual environments. Data Center management and automation can give you the agility you need to act and achieve results faster. From infrastructure to applications, we can support the right data center network automation strategy for your organization. Learn how to transform your business with Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) software modules, virtual application containers, and intelligent automation and systems management solutions for cloud. Data Center Network Automation isn’t just an option anymore; it’s a necessity. Your data center is a critical part of your business strategy. The faster it produces results, the more competitive your business can be in a world that values speed. To reach the speed you need, your data center must be agile — it must be automated. Cisco UCS Performance Manager — unifies performance monitoring and management of Cisco UCS integrated infrastructure solutions.

Processes Automation Agility

End users want to order applications in a self-service manner and take delivery within minutes. Application developers need automated delivery of standardized infrastructure resources to develop, test, and deploy applications. IT needs to deliver application workloads on demand in an automated and repeatable manner, eliminating manual provisioning or deprovisioning of resources. IAM provides automation modules that allow for assimilation at a pace that is comfortable for your organization. Start with infrastructure automation, and when you’re ready, expand your capabilities to enterprise and hybrid cloud or application automation. All modules work together and are operated using a common interface, which simplifies service life-cycle management. You can trust us for Data Center Network Automation that gets your business where it needs to be, as fast as it needs to be there. Delivers real-time views of fabric and data center switch bandwidth usage and capacity thresholds. Discovers and creates a relationship model of each system, giving staff a single, accurate view of all components. Allows staff to navigate into individual Cisco UCS infrastructure components when troubleshooting and resolving issues.
Data Center Network Automation


Data Center Network Optimization Services can help you improve operations and grow your business. Find out how below, and read Forrester’s Total Economic Impact report to learn costs, risk factors, and other details. Keep your data center at peak performance for critical applications and cloud environments, and we support growth. Our people, processes, and tools give you a strategic view of your infrastructure and offer ongoing IT training. We improve reliability and reduce downtime, adapting to compliance practices across applications and hardware. IAM Networks experts assist you in determining how to improve the performance and efficiency of your compute platform.

We analyze compute requirements, trends, procedures, and capacity patterns to recommend optimal and resilient architectures. We help assess how to improve efficiency and drive agility of the unified fabric. Also, we provide a framework for ongoing operational excellence, including annual assessments, support, and training. Get assessments, support, and best practices for planned initiatives. IAM Networks focuses on newly released features to make the optimal use of data center assets and to reduce the number of disparate SANs.


There is a very real reason that hybrid cloud platforms are gaining so much popularity. One great way to increase data center efficiency is to integrate a cloud model. Many organizations are expanding their data center to the cloud for many different reasons. Competition in the data center space has created new offerings, better pricing, and a lot more available resources. This means that creating intelligent links between private and public cloud environments has become much easier. Data center control can now span many different cloud models where administrators don’t actually have to worry about physical infrastructure.

Rather, they concern themselves with the workloads running directly on top. This type of infrastructure optimization can see a part of an environment remain in-house — while other piece is directly extended into the cloud. The beauty here is that by using cloud automation, software-defined technologies, and improved distributed infrastructure management — the cloud can be a powerful tool to optimize your data center.


Collaborate with experts — Data Center And Network Optimization Services gives a continuous, strategic view of your data center, and can provide ongoing learning for your staff. Experience in building, operating, relocating, migrating, and managing data center facilities. Expertise in all data center domains including cloud, servers, storage, security, virtualization, operations, and facilities. Holistic end-to-end data center optimization services, rather than simply a point collocation service. Prepare your data center for growth — IAM Networks helps you build a data center for virtual and cloud environments, support business growth, and improve operations.

Virtualize and consolidate operations — data center optimization services help you bring together applications, servers, storage, and switching functions. You can protect your data center operations and assets at all levels, from the perimeter to the rack, with integrated security solutions. Due to the sensitive, 24/7 nature of data centers, access control for secure zones is of paramount importance. We offer flexible yet secure access control from smart cards to biometric access featuring vein, or facial recognition for high security areas.


The vast amount of data center distribution and the increased utilization of cloud computing has created a new challenge for the modern data center. As one of the most important pieces around data center optimization, clear management is absolutely critical. We now have concepts around data center virtualization and even the new Data Center Operating System (DCOS). These management platforms take DCIM, automation, cloud control, and many other data center services to a whole new level. Basically, these new management systems place all critical components under one management environment.

Now, we have much more data distribution and vast data centers sharing resources over the wire. One of the best ways to optimize your data center is by knowing exactly what is being run on physical systems. From there, you’re able to make proactive decisions around resource allocation and where there needs to be improvements. The future data center will only continue to support more users. All of this will continue to drive the need for optimization-ready data center management platforms.

Software-Defined Networking

Software-defined networking (SDN) and virtualization. The capabilities of the modern hypervisor are light-years ahead of what was possible just a few years ago. We are now able to directly integrate with key APIs to reduce resource hops and drastically improve workload performance. Even more so are the new technologies around software-defined networking, storage, security — and the data center! Our ability to abstract so many critical layers is a huge reason why we can build in many more data center efficiencies. New levels of network virtualization allow administrators to create vast network environments capable of spanning numerous data center across many countries. You are no longer bound by hardware requirements. Software-defined technologies are capable of delivering many kinds of data center efficiencies at numerous different levels.