HP Enterprise Cloud Identity And Access Management

HP Enterprise Cloud Identity And Access Management
HP Enterprise Cloud Identity And Access Management
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Streamline access for trusted users, using the cloud, while lowering internal and external risks and the cost of compliance. HP Enterprise Cloud Identity and Access Management dramatically reduces unauthorized risks through a series of business focused solutions that control and enforce regulatory compliant user privileges. By eliminating and automating burdensome manual processes, trust is established across the enterprise and partner ecosystem. The savings in time, money and resources means you can refocus efforts on vital business needs. Establish a baseline of trust with HP Enterprise Cloud Identity Governance and Administration through the enforcement of compliant business policy. Optimize the creation, change and deletion of accounts and access rights with automated User Provisioning. This eliminates segregation of duty violations, orphaned accounts, entitlement creep, misappropriated access and policy violations.

Add in multi factor authentication and you have a business built on trust. Based on the policies you establish, the user may be challenged to provide additional credentials — step up authentication — or be refused access altogether, in real-time. HP Enterprise Assured Identity Adaptive Authentication brings intelligence to fraud detection. HP Enterprise deploys the full solution in less than three months, increasing your security and decreasing your fraud related concerns and costs in little time. HP Enterprise Assured Identity Adaptive Authentication significantly supports public and private sector compliance and governance requirements as mandated by law. We can deploy and manage a full, cost-effective HP Enterprise Assured Identity Adaptive Authentication solution at your site, or in an HP Enterprise data center, for even quicker deployment and lower costs, all while protecting your internal systems. HP Enterprise Assured Identity Adaptive Authentication employs advanced, sophisticated technologies to stop cyber criminal fraud.

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HP Enterprise Cloud Identity And Access Management

HP Enterprise Cloud Identity and Access Management with Assured Identity Adaptive Authentication credential based authentication is not enough. Using automated intelligence, your systems proactively analyze everything about the access vector to detect and stop fraud before it happens. Information security and privacy are significantly more complex and fragile with the advent of connected devices, consumer demands, and the convergence IT and operational technology. Add to that the massive shift in technology advances, market demand, interconnections, and use. All of this makes it necessary for IT and security managers to understand their business within this IoT world, and design security into solutions from the start. Exponential growth in cyber attacks and cyber fraud threatens enterprise revenue, relationships, and reputations. Moreover, the accelerating growth rate is caused in part by user password fatigue, successful password database thefts, phishing campaign rewards, multiple device access, automated account targeting, and high value targets.

Secure Access Management And Self Protection

HP Enterprise Cloud Identity and Access Management are self protecting and self-healing systems. These attributes are important since systems will no longer have the advantages of a defined perimeter or enterprise class managed environment. Some devices may also be specialized gateways or intermediaries that provide additional services and protections that can’t be included in low power or small form factor “things.” Security solutions will need to leverage the added value of crowd sourcing and peer intelligence to help form a self protecting mechanism. These mechanisms will be the basis for resiliency at the device level. Governments, agencies, and enterprises need to reduce fraud to protect budgets, reduce reputational attacks, and enhance public trust with citizens and other enterprises. Risk based authentication that adapts to global, local, and discreet threats is a necessary component of every organization’s access control infrastructure. This solution is applicable for all federal, state, and local governments and commercial industries.

Network Security

Currently, there are highly capable threat actors, capitalizing on the prolific black market to buy and sell capabilities and information. This will only continue to grow as additional devices and data sources come online. The growing volume and exchange of data require new technology to protect the user device and data entity. And, the expanding threat landscape and sheer number of devices — some smart, some not — will require adaptive, self defending, autonomous capabilities. In this future system, there will still be fundamental quality and security requirements for solutions, systems, and devices. This isn’t so different from current solutions, but there will be greater emphasis on beginning with the end in mind, because mitigating at the end becomes impossible with the distributed, massive scale of IoT. So, “things” on the Internet need to be designed for security, upgradability, and resiliency. The HP Enterprise Cloud Identity and Access Management solution provides a fast, non intrusive security solution to address threats.

IoT Systems

With HP Enterprise Cloud Identity and Access Management IoT systems are safe and reliable with the following underlying attributes — security will need to be deeply integrated in hardware and application software layers. The diverse functionality and small form factors won’t be able to withstand generalized, bolted on security mechanisms. The technical designs will need to use context aware, adaptive security that senses and responds to a range of trust mechanisms. Because data will be created in increasing quantities and situated everywhere, it’s imperative that solutions give clear control of the data to the owner or source. Ownership will be complicated due to the distributed nature of the systems and complexities of the governing environments. Security and privacy will need to be addressed directly at each device and interaction — transaction and communication. This framework can be fully managed on premises by HP Enterprise, at an HP Enterprise data center, or as a cloud based service.
HP Enterprise Cloud Identity And Access Management
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