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Fortinet Enterprise Security Services cover the largest and most targeted threat vectors. Fortinet Security Fabric ties all of these components together providing enterprises or service providers with a seamless and integrated security posture. The service is delivered by the Fortinet Advanced Services team, experts in Fortinet and security technology that is deployed in a typical enterprise environment. This scalable service has different service levels ranging from focused technical support to a comprehensive set of services to help with IT business continuity objectives. Fortinet Enterprise Security FortiCare for Enterprise includes business service — a designated engineer who will become familiar with your environment and assist in regular ticket reviews. This level also includes bi annual and root cause analysis reporting, as well as Fortinet Advanced Service Points which may be used to select the most appropriate service for your operational requirements.

Feel secure in the knowledge you are making the full use of Fortinet’s products capabilities with the right support on hand when you need it. Fortinet FortiCare Services include both Fortinet FortiCare Support Services and Fortinet FortiCare Advanced Services. Fortinet First Service provides a technical account manager, who collaborates with you to build a long-term technical engagement, providing technical support, operational reviews and quarterly reporting. The service also includes best practice guidance, upgrade assistance, extended software support, and advanced notifications. Fortinet knows security infrastructure is critical to your business success. Interruptions to business applications can result in a loss of productivity and revenue and can quickly impact customer confidence. Fortinet Premium Service provides technical support excellence through fast track access to the Fortinet Advanced Services team. It also includes training and certification, a customized account plan, and proactive after hours support.


Fortinet Enterprise Security FortiCare Services

As networks and security infrastructure continue to expand and grow, enterprises or service providers are looking for a defensive architecture that can scale and incorporate the variety of products and information needed to combat today’s latest threat landscape. Fortinet Enterprise Security FortiCare Support Services provide global support on a per product basis. By subscribing to these services, organizations are ensured a timely response to any technical issue as well as complete visibility on ticket resolution progress and problem occurrence. Working closely with you to plan, test, and implement service transitions. Fortinet FortiCare Professional Services assist in the design and transition phase by providing experienced expertise to assist you in implementing the best possible security protection that Fortinet solutions can deliver. Fortinet FortiCare Security Analysis Services optimize the configuration of your appliance in your specific security environment to maximize your investment.

Fortinet Enterprise Security FortiCare 8/5 Service provides access to technical support via the web portal, online chat system, and telephone, including return and replace for hardware failures. This service allows fast and easy written access to technical support requests. Fortinet Enterprise Security FortiCare 24/7 service includes access to technical support on a 24/7 basis as well as an advanced replacement service for hardware failures. This service provides the assurance of around the clock coverage and fast turnaround for replacement of defective hardware. Fortinet Enterprise Security FortiCare 360° Service includes all of the services that Fortinet Enterprise Security FortiCare 24/7 service offers, plus providing customers with a recurring health check through a personalized monthly audit report of their Fortinet FortiGate and FortiWiFi appliances. As part of the service, Fortinet will proactively perform device environmental and performance audits for the contracted appliances.
Fortinet Enterprise Security
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