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Consolidate multiple workloads and handle unpredictable IT environments with Dell EMC VNX VNXE unified hybrid storage arrays. You’ll have the right blend of flash, capacity, and application-aware software. Scale up storage for midrange workloads, optimized for virtual applications and cloud environments. Read how you can Go Anywhere with Dell EMC VNX. Choose your blend of price, performance, and capacity. The Dell EMC VNX VNXE series offers the most comprehensive software functionality to ensure customers have all of the necessary capabilities to protect and manage their information. Based on customer feedback, Dell EMC created the Dell EMC VNX Software Essentials Pack. It incorporates Dell EMC VNX VNXE storage most requested software features into one cost-effective package. It includes the ability to dynamically move data for storage efficiencies while providing performance increase to applications.

The newest member of the Dell EMC VNXE Series is the most affordable unified hybrid array out there. And it’s also the most capable. The new VNXe3200 has the power of Dell EMC’s VNX2 unified storage systems compressed into an efficient, easy-to-use package. Designed for resource constrained IT departments in any size company. The Dell EMC VNXe3200 adds powerful features which were only available on higher end Dell EMC VNX models including FAST VP auto tiering. And FAST Cache SSD caching, Fibre Channel host connectivity, and MCx multicore optimization. The new multicore enhancements alongside a quad-core 2.2 GHz processor delivers up to 3X the performance compared to the previous generation VNXe3150. Supporting over 200 VMs, 2500 Exchange users, or 600 Virtual Desktops in a very small space. Dell EMC VNX VNXE brings you the choices you want.


Dell EMC VNX VNXE — VNX — VSS And vVNX Series

VNX Software Essential Pack includes FAST automatically optimize for the highest system performance and the lowest storage cost simultaneously. Dell EMC VNX VNXE Events and Retention keep data safe from changes and deletions. Local protection practice safe data protection and repurposing. Protect data against localized failures, outages, and disasters. Hypervisor based replication fifteen VM licenses for RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines delivers local and remote hypervisor based replication. Dell EMC vVNX virtual unified storage lets you easily create test and development environments without the need for dedicated storage platforms. Get the unified storage and data management features of Dell EMC vVNX in this free software download for use in VMware environments. IT organizations are increasingly looking to software-defined storage solutions to provide agility and flexibility to their operational and development environments.

The Dell EMC VNX VNXE Events and Retention helps customers ensure that data is protected from unwanted changes and deletions. It maintains data confidentiality for selected Data-at-Rest Encryption and enforces retention at the file level to meet compliance requirements. And integrates with third-party, antivirus checking, quota management, and auditing applications. For added data protection, security, and peace of mind. This software gives customers any point in time recovery with DVR like roll back capabilities for business continuity on block based storage. Allowing recovery of production applications with minimal data exposure. Application owners can tune recovery point objectives based on the criticality of data, and perform faster recovery through self-service capabilities. The Dell EMC Remote Protection offers protection against localized failures, outages, and disasters.

Standard Software Functionality

Base software includes the Dell EMC VNX VNXE Operating Environment for file and block, access protocols.  Protocols include, CIFS, NFS, pNFS, FC, FCoE, iSCSI, SMB3), thin provisioning, 8K fixed block deduplication for block. And File, single Instance deduplication for file, block and file compression and SAN copy for block migration. Unisphere Management is a unified storage management platform for the Dell EMC VNX VNXE series that provides intuitive user interfaces with a task oriented approach. Unisphere also monitors the health, alerts and performance of large numbers of Dell EMC VNXe and EMC VNX systems across a central console. Provides a superior DR solution to array level DR solutions. Allows customers to failover individual VDMs based on their business priority. VDM MetroSync Manager management software for VDM MetroSync functionality provides a GUI interface to display VDM MetroSync session information. And run operations to move, failover, or restore VDMs.
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