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Today, IT is expected to deliver secure, reliable services while also enabling rapid business transformation. This new kind of IT requires a new kind of support. IAM Networks provides the data center network support you need to compete and win. Given today’s business pace, off-line IT infrastructure causes lost productivity, time, and money, and impairs your competitive advantage. But how do you balance cost versus risk in getting the right mix of in-house versus third-party maintenance, support and monitoring services for IT? Expert skills are scarce and expensive. But you have a complex installed base that spans multiple vendors, licenses, technologies, devices — even countries. You require proactive IT service support to ensure continued availability and reliability. But when your systems fail, does your maintenance contract ensure you have enough of the right resources on call? We design data center network support solutions to avoid external network disruptions.

Network problems require fast and efficient remediation, according to an appropriate service level agreement (SLA)? Employing internal resources to manage unscheduled downtime can be costly. It would require an increase in highly skilled staff across multiple technologies and geographies. Data center network support services, combined with our contract aggregation capabilities and network monitoring services, provide a portfolio of flexible service products and options to ensure that your ICT estate is properly covered. These services offer you predictable costs and a framework for efficient resource allocation, while protecting your business from risk and the unwelcome expense of downtime. We provide five levels of IT infrastructure support service designed around different budgets and models. We support servers, storage and networking products, plus third-party software for the leading x86 operating systems. IAM Networks engineers help provide data enter and network support to diagnose and resolve problems and provide software and firmware advice.

Data Center Network Support Services

Access to leading technical expertise — you have access to world—class engineers, spanning six technology areas of expertise. Where relevant, we also offer third-party expertise thanks to our partnerships with leading technology vendors such as Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, Fortinet, F5 Networks, Juniper Networks and Riverbed. Best in class service level agreements (SLAs) — our SLAs continually motivate us to resolve issues speedily. Our SLA clock starts from the moment you call our Network Operations Center. You can choose an SLA that meets your specific business requirements and on a per device basis. Signing a contract with a maintenance service provider doesn’t guarantee a good working relationship. Without an understanding of the ongoing value the service provider delivers, it’s not easy to determine whether you’ve invested wisely, and whether you’re seeing a proper return. The time and effort spent on managing vendors and service providers might mean there’s little left to meet the level of service the business expects.

Network Maintenance Life Cycle Services

Adding value to the IT environment means moving away from break fix support and becoming proactive. With Support Service, you can make this leap without the capital expense of employing additional experts. Our Service comprises a number of service elements that work together to deliver more than a reaction to IT problems — network maintenance service consists of, Incident management which offers you a single point of contact for all incidents around the world through our service centers, and deliver according to agreed service levels. Deploying network engineers on site if an incident can’t be resolved remotely, we send one of our engineers to your premises. With multi vendor management, we take on the procurement, renewal and management of your manufacture maintenance contracts. We’ll also administrate any claims against the vendor for returned material. We managed software license renewals, we remind you when right of use licenses are due for renewal so you don’t need to track multiple renewal dates.

Comprehensive And Flexible Service

Many different technologies are likely running in your data center and cloud instances. You seek cost-effective IT operations management, data center network support and improved speed and agility.  Your single point of contact and dedicated account team helps you improve stability in your current IT environment and provides the expertise on particular technologies to guide you further to meet your goals. Hybrid IT promises agility and savings but its implementation can be challenging. Data center network support offers a solution based on your unique business requirements and use cases. We streamline Hybrid IT through a personalized service solution that includes operational “building blocks” like proactive service, infrastructure automation and pay as you go capacity. Proactive data center network support is a simplified and cost-effective IT support option that combines high level personal service with smart technology to proactively diagnose potential problems and remediate before your business is impacted.
Data Center Network Support


Data Center Network Optimization Services can help you improve operations and grow your business. Find out how below, and read Forrester’s Total Economic Impact report to learn costs, risk factors, and other details. Keep your data center at peak performance for critical applications and cloud environments, and we support growth. Our people, processes, and tools give you a strategic view of your infrastructure and offer ongoing IT training. We improve reliability and reduce downtime, adapting to compliance practices across applications and hardware. IAM Networks experts assist you in determining how to improve the performance and efficiency of your compute platform.

We analyze compute requirements, trends, procedures, and capacity patterns to recommend optimal and resilient architectures. We help assess how to improve efficiency and drive agility of the unified fabric. Also, we provide a framework for ongoing operational excellence, including annual assessments, support, and training. Get assessments, support, and best practices for planned initiatives. IAM Networks focuses on newly released features to make the optimal use of data center assets and to reduce the number of disparate SANs.


There is a very real reason that hybrid cloud platforms are gaining so much popularity. One great way to increase data center efficiency is to integrate a cloud model. Many organizations are expanding their data center to the cloud for many different reasons. Competition in the data center space has created new offerings, better pricing, and a lot more available resources. This means that creating intelligent links between private and public cloud environments has become much easier. Data center control can now span many different cloud models where administrators don’t actually have to worry about physical infrastructure.

Rather, they concern themselves with the workloads running directly on top. This type of infrastructure optimization can see a part of an environment remain in-house — while other piece is directly extended into the cloud. The beauty here is that by using cloud automation, software-defined technologies, and improved distributed infrastructure management — the cloud can be a powerful tool to optimize your data center.


Collaborate with experts — Data Center And Network Optimization Services gives a continuous, strategic view of your data center, and can provide ongoing learning for your staff. Experience in building, operating, relocating, migrating, and managing data center facilities. Expertise in all data center domains including cloud, servers, storage, security, virtualization, operations, and facilities. Holistic end-to-end data center optimization services, rather than simply a point collocation service. Prepare your data center for growth — IAM Networks helps you build a data center for virtual and cloud environments, support business growth, and improve operations.

Virtualize and consolidate operations — data center optimization services help you bring together applications, servers, storage, and switching functions. You can protect your data center operations and assets at all levels, from the perimeter to the rack, with integrated security solutions. Due to the sensitive, 24/7 nature of data centers, access control for secure zones is of paramount importance. We offer flexible yet secure access control from smart cards to biometric access featuring vein, or facial recognition for high security areas.


The vast amount of data center distribution and the increased utilization of cloud computing has created a new challenge for the modern data center. As one of the most important pieces around data center optimization, clear management is absolutely critical. We now have concepts around data center virtualization and even the new Data Center Operating System (DCOS). These management platforms take DCIM, automation, cloud control, and many other data center services to a whole new level. Basically, these new management systems place all critical components under one management environment.

Now, we have much more data distribution and vast data centers sharing resources over the wire. One of the best ways to optimize your data center is by knowing exactly what is being run on physical systems. From there, you’re able to make proactive decisions around resource allocation and where there needs to be improvements. The future data center will only continue to support more users. All of this will continue to drive the need for optimization-ready data center management platforms.

Software-Defined Networking

Software-defined networking (SDN) and virtualization. The capabilities of the modern hypervisor are light-years ahead of what was possible just a few years ago. We are now able to directly integrate with key APIs to reduce resource hops and drastically improve workload performance. Even more so are the new technologies around software-defined networking, storage, security — and the data center! Our ability to abstract so many critical layers is a huge reason why we can build in many more data center efficiencies. New levels of network virtualization allow administrators to create vast network environments capable of spanning numerous data center across many countries. You are no longer bound by hardware requirements. Software-defined technologies are capable of delivering many kinds of data center efficiencies at numerous different levels.