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Juniper Networks Managed Services
Juniper Networks Managed Services
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Offload all or part of your day-to-day network management tasks to our technical experts. Juniper Networks Managed Services relieve your staff from monitoring, problem resolution, moves/adds/changes, and provides advanced network performance and planning reports. Juniper Networks Managed Services Remote Monitoring Service provides reactive and proactive alarm notifications to your operations team, and remote assistance to facilitate problem resolution. Juniper Networks Managed Services is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. RMS gives you the ability to co-manage your devices from a dedicated customer portal. This unique feature allows your staff to view, monitor, and make network changes and adjustments in real-time, eliminating the chore of having to submit change requests to the remote NOC. Additionally, the last 30 configuration changes made are automatically saved, minimizing the impact of human error and decreasing the mean time to recovery if rollback to a previous configuration is required.

Juniper technical experts work jointly with your IT staff to manage changes on the network, providing a comprehensive audit trail for all network modifications. Juniper Networks Managed Services and Remote Monitoring Services cover any SMTP-compliant, non-Juniper devices on your network. We have engineers certified by HP, Cisco, and other vendors to manage entire portions of your network domain. Network monitoring and management may be difficult and expensive, but it is also critical for the operation of your company’s core revenue-generating activities. Juniper Networks Managed Services offers you access to our existing network operations center (NOC) and trained specialists, allowing you to focus your IT resources on your core business operations. The Remote Managed Service allows you to outsource all or parts of your day-to-day network management burden. The service consists of an upfront, nonrecurring inventory and setup operation.


Juniper Networks Managed Services  — Performance Monitoring And Management

Juniper Networks Managed Services collects and stores polling data to determine the performance and utilization of managed devices and their subcomponents. In the event that a device falls below a best-practice or customer-specific threshold, a ticket is proactively created and an engineer is assigned to work the issue through to resolution. Examples include bandwidth utilization, packet loss, network latency, and CPU and memory utilization. The service ensures that your network is working at optimal levels, it is capable of handling transient loads without performance degradation, and you are getting the most out of your infrastructure investment. A typical issue is resolved without requiring the intervention of operational staff, leaving them free to focus on other tasks. The Juniper Networks Managed Services allows co-management of devices, capturing and archiving 30 supported configuration versions.


Tactical and strategic reporting included as part of the Juniper Networks Managed Services goes far beyond the standard reports provided by other managed service providers. Weekly and monthly tactical reports consist of ticketing information and performance data from Juniper’s OSS, identifying the busiest devices. Strategic reporting includes an assessment created from the analysis of ticket trends and performance data by a third-level engineer. These reports are often used as justification for IT planning and budgeting by identifying items of high or strategic impact such as End-of-Life (EOL) and End-of-Service (EOS) devices, the benefit of upgrades, and maintenance and growth/capacity issues. This reporting feature relieves your operational staff from having to generate and interpret ticketing and performance reports and integrate them into a single strategic network status summary, as well as forward-looking road maps and recommendations.

Configuration Monitoring And Management

The Remote Managed Service allows co-management of devices, capturing and archiving 30 supported configuration versions. Additional backups are performed automatically if changes are detected, with informational alerts automatically sent to Juniper engineers. This protects you from human and configuration errors, allowing you to rapidly roll back changes to a known good version and reducing or minimizing network interruptions due to unforeseen configuration errors. The Remote Managed Service monitors all devices over their life cycle, looking for newly released patches and OS updates to ensure that devices are running efficiently and securely. When patches or OS updates that should be implemented within your environment are identified, Juniper staff will reach out to your designated contacts and inform them that the update is available. Patches within a major release — 12.1 to 12.1R1.9, for example — will be applied as a component of the overall service offering, relieving your staff of the burden of managing software updates and patches.
Juniper Networks Managed Services

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