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Use available network resources efficiently. Cisco Network Virtualization solutions can consolidate multiple physical networks into one virtual network. Cisco Network Virtualization solutions can logically segment a single physical network into multiple logical networks. Partitions can be added to rapidly scale the network for business needs. By using network virtualization solutions, network resources can be deployed and managed as logical services, rather than physical resources. As a result, companies can enhance enterprise agility, Improve network efficiency, Maintain high standards of security, scalability, manageability, and availability throughout the campus design, and reduce capital and operational costs. Deploy business applications, data analytics, desktop virtualization, and cloud solutions faster using proven data center solutions. Experience superior scalability, simplified management, and streamlined operations. Increase your flexibility and interoperability with a programmable infrastructure built on open standards.

Security is integrated everywhere, and , through a life cycle services approach, enterprises can design, implement, operate, and optimize network platforms that defend critical business processes against attack and disruption, protect privacy, and support policy and regulatory compliance controls. Cisco HyperFlex delivers complete hyperconvergence. It combines the software-defined networking and computing power of Cisco UCS with the HyperFlex HX Data Platform. And it is designed for simplicity. Cisco HyperFlex brings increased operational efficiency and adaptability to more workloads in your data center. Reduce costs and complexity when you deploy data center applications on Cisco UCS. Cisco Catalyst switches, including the Catalyst 6500, 4500, 3750, and 3560 series, can adopt the LAN Virtualization framework to improve efficiencies and save on costs even as technical requirements increase. Cisco network virtualization solutions address three important aspects of Cisco Network Virtualization.

Cisco Network Virtualization

Cisco Network Virtualization NAC provides secure, customized access for individuals and groups to protect the Enterprise LAN from external threats. Complementary features include port authentication using standards such as IEEE 802.1x for strong connections between authorized users and VPNs. As well as Network Admission Control (NAC), to minimize security risks by removing harmful traffic. With Cisco NAC Appliance, use your organization’s network infrastructure to enforce security policy compliance on all devices that attempt to gain access. Best of all, this network admission control product is easy to deploy. Your network administrators can use the Cisco NAC Appliance to authenticate, authorize, evaluate, and remediate wired, wireless, and remote users before they can access the network. The Cisco network admission control system, composed of the Cisco NAC Manager and Server, is a policy component of the TrustSec solution.

Path Isolation And Services Edge

Path isolation maps validated users or devices to the correct secure set of available resources (virtual private network, or VPN). Cisco Network Virtualization offers three path isolation solutions which include Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) tunnels create closed user groups on the Enterprise LAN to allow guest access to the Internet, while preventing access to internal resources. The second path isolation solution is Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) — lite, allows network managers to use a single routing device to support multiple virtual routers. As well as Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) VPNs also partition a campus network for closed user groups. Services edge provides access to services for a legitimate sets of users and devices, by using centralized policy enforcement to rapidly deploy policies and services across the whole network. Minimize capital and operational expenses. Share service modules across all partitions of the network.

Cisco NAC

Cisco NAC Appliance extends NAC to all network access methods, including access through LANs, remote access gateways, and wireless access points. It also supports posture assessment for guest users. You can combine Cisco Network Virtualization with NAC Guest Server and NAC Profiler for additional features. A switching network with the highest levels of integrated services and scalability forms the foundation of the Enterprise LAN Virtualization solutions. Catalyst 6500 series switches — flagship switching platform. Highest levels of services scalability. Optimized for core, distribution, and wiring closet deployments. Catalyst 6500 virtual switching system 1440 — non stop video. Double uplink capacity. Simplify the network. Catalyst 4500 series switches — extend a comprehensive set of intelligent network services to the network edge. Catalyst 3750-E series switches — enterprise-class line of stackable wiring closet switches combining 10/100/1000 and Power over Ethernet (PoE) configurations.
Cisco Network Virtualization


Deliver high quality services with our software-based services, expert support, and guidance. Protect yourself and your customers with confidence. We also offer a wide range of virtual network functions as software modules to help you build a rich catalog of elements that you can use to compose innovative services. Here are some highlights. Enhance operational excellence and offerings based on physical routers and move them easily to a virtual form factor. Get consistent carrier-class firewall security for private, public, and hybrid clouds.

Let business customers extend their WAN services to your cloud. Support comprehensive, highly secure access across all access methods. Build an extensible virtualized infrastructure and prepare for your future needs. Scale your network when and where you need with this carrier-class router. Automate the Radio Access Network (RAN) to boost performance. Accelerate the deployment of new mobile Internet services and tap into network intelligence.

Cisco NFV Infrastructure

Your network has to scale on demand, respond to unpredictable traffic models, and help you introduce services faster. Cisco NFV Infrastructure is a tested and validated design that is easily extensible and expandable. It includes the expertise of Cisco Services to give you end-to-end delivery and fast time to market. The single-pane-of-glass management software module makes it easy to manage and operate. And it helps to simplify the provisioning, configuration, and lifecycle management of all components.

Focus your time and energy on desired business outcomes and profits. Cisco provides 24-hour support of the infrastructure, with OpenSource software included. Simplify virtualization and innovation with Cisco and Intel NFV Quick Start. Improve agility and simplify operations with a pre-integrated NFV infrastructure solution. It's fast, reliable, and easy to deploy. Get NFV infrastructure that meets, and even exceeds, your expectations. Learn how reach high performances with zero packet drops and minimal latency and jitter in a virtualized environment.


Imagine if you had the software and a ready-to-go Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) infrastructure that helps you easily create new services. What if you could launch them in a fraction of the time it takes now? Imagine too if your customers had a simple way to order your services online and get them in minutes. Cut your customer acquisition costs. Free your network engineers and others to create valuable applications and services in bold new ways. Cisco products and solutions are based on an open network architecture and support your multi-vendor environment.

You can build on them and innovate as you need. The principal technologies include software-defined networking (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), and open-source software. Together, these can help transform your network and your business. Build services faster on our carrier-class NFV infrastructure with high performance and scale. Launch managed network services faster, and at a lower cost. Reach more markets and boost profits. Bring cloud mobile services to market more quickly, cut costs, and get ready for 5G.

High Service Availability

Cisco provides 24/7 support of the infrastructure, with OpenSource software included. Together, Light Reading, as an independent and trusted media organization at the heart of the global communications technology community, and its respected test lab partner EANTC are in a prime position to help network operators with their New IP strategies. Earlier this year, Light Reading asked the EANTC team to visit the San José, Calif. labs of Cisco Systems to conduct a series of validation and verification exercises on a number of Cisco cloud, software-defined networking (SDN) and virtualization platforms. (See Validating Cisco’s Service Provider Virtualization and Cloud Portfolio.)

This approach addresses the complexity, deployment and support challenges of OpenStack in a service provider NFV environment. To follow-up that successful project, Light Reading asked the EANTC team to return to San José to evaluate Cisco’s NFVi. Network VPP Cisco UCS on Intel Technologies Compute Storage. Cisco NFV Infrastructure is highly scalable, available, and secure. Cisco NFV offers a modular, expandable pod design.