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A modern data center improves the delivery of traditional and cloud-native applications — reducing the cost structure of IT and allowing you to focus resources on innovation. A private cloud is one in which the services and infrastructure are maintained on a private network. These clouds offer the a level of security and control, and require the company to still purchase and maintain all the software and infrastructure, which reduces the cost savings. The private cloud is a cost-effective, rapid implementation alternative to building or buying a Do It Yourself (DIY) private cloud. The private cloud is fully segregated, dedicated 100% to each client and delivered as-a-service. A private cloud is the obvious choice when your business is part of an industry that must conform to strict security and data privacy issues. Choose a private cloud when your business is your data and your applications. Therefore, control and security are paramount.

Private cloud service provides the agility of a public cloud environment with the scalability to grow based on your needs without the capital expense and time required to build, purchase, or extend your own private cloud environment. When you choose a private cloud you alleviate the capital expense, skilled resources and time required to build, buy or extend your own private cloud. Services are available for rapid deployment in your data center. The cloud service supports a wide range of applications including employee productivity tools such as Microsoft. Collaboration such as video, web conferencing, messaging and integrated Unified Collaboration application from Cisco. Custom applications developed in-house. Environments for development, testing, staging and preproduction. ERP application suites such as SAP or Oracle. Microsoft Exchange, Skype for Business and SharePoint.


Private Cloud At The Center Of A Hybrid Infrastructure

Private Clouds at the center of your hybrid IT environment allows you to accelerate IT service delivery. Extend your data center into the cloud using existing network and infrastructure topologies and provide isolation needed, from internet access. Leverage our system integration skills and managed service expertise in cloud technology, networking, data center and security. Meet the security and performance requirements for more of your production applications. Transition to become a broker of IT services. Our specialists proactively monitor and maintain the health of your private cloud and are available 24/7. Connect your dedicated environment to the public cloud of your choice — Adobe Creative Cloud and Document Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, or Oracle Cloud. You don’t need to walk away from VMware to get the benefits of the cloud.

Secure And Highly Available Cloud Services

Built for security, performance, and reliability, the private cloud has a network centric design and multiple layers of security. Private clouds provide hypervisor, storage, compute, and network isolation. They also enables you to create and deploy multiple virtual data centers and network domains that are logically segregated. Each network domain supports their own IP addresses, VLANs, firewalls and load balancing characteristics. All systems within the cloud are fully resilient, using an N+1 resiliency model. This resiliency is applied to the data center physical power and cooling, all network equipment, all virtual server hosting systems, all storage systems, and all components of the cloud management environment. Deliver features faster by providing your users with on-demand, self-service access to infrastructure. Get the enhanced security of dedicated, physically isolated network, compute and storage layers.

Private Cloud Managed Services

The medium and large cloud configurations both accommodate additional servers allowing you to meet your needs today and provide ready capacity for growth. With all three cloud configurations, you can add additional storage disks to accommodate growth requirements. Cloud’s web console provides the ability to build virtual, logically segregated data centers. Create and manage network domains and cloud networks. Deploy virtual servers onto your VLANs using operating system images provided either by you or by us. Clone images. and assign and edit Network Access Translation (NAT). As many require their private cloud to be resident on their premises, we offer that flexibility with our service. For these clients, we offer our private cloud service hosted from one of our data centers located across five continents with multiple carrier options to enable seamless connections to on premise environments with the management tools required to minimize latency.
Private Cloud Platforms And Services
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