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With Cisco Analytics & Automation make the connections in your hyper-distributed network to gain insights like never before and take action in real-time. With data and analytics unlock the power of your data. Gain valuable insights anytime, anyplace to inform real-time decisions. Quickly access to data everywhere enables you to find and view your data across your organization and your ecosystem. Intelligently analyze data anywhere and get value from your data, leveraging Cisco Analytics & Automation capabilities from the data center to the cloud, to the edge, and the fog layer in between. Quickly and easily condense data and prepare data from any source for processing with any analytics tool. Find the best software for you. Access, integrate, and deliver up-to-the minute data with Cisco Data Virtualization. Query data across the network as if it were in a single place. Open architecture — the Cisco modular platform supports a wide variety of distributed and Internet-of-Things (IoT) use cases, from simple to complex.

Fulfill business demand for an integrated enterprise, cloud, and big data far faster than extract, transform, load (ETL) warehousing, at a much lower cost. Cisco Analytics & Automation demands are accelerating. And your data landscape is expanding too. Decision makers want insights in hours or days, not weeks or months. Quickly respond by making all your data easily consumable by the people who need it. Connect and integrate data from diverse sources, without the cost and overhead of physical data consolidation. Use algorithms and techniques that deliver timely information on demand, without impacting source system performance. Simplify complex data. Transform it from native structures and syntax into easy-to-understand business views and data services. Users can easily search, browse, and select business data from a user-friendly directory of views. Present data consistently and include micro services from third parties as your business grows. Processing is done where most appropriate.


Cisco Analytics & Automation — Edge Analytics Fabric

Process and analyze data at the edge. Your business operates physical assets that create data and complexity. Network and cloud connections are not available. Now you can connect, process, and analyze your distributed data where it lives. Solve IT and OT challenges and make decisions in real-time, creating value when you use all the data that’s important to your business. Cisco Analytics & Automation Edge and Fog Fabric (EFF) is an open architecture platform that enables immediate processing of distributed data from the fog to the edge of the network. The platform ties together the data that matters most to how your business operates. For remote, autonomous, large-scale operations EFF reduces network traffic and costs without compromising analytics quality. An open platform with a modular, micro service architecture that enables intelligent distribution of data. Traditional approaches required all data to be moved to a central repository for analysis.

Cisco Connected Experiences

Cisco Connected Experiences software enables a more personalized interactions by incorporating information like a person’s location or from sensors to enrich mobile, kiosk and first responder apps. Cisco experiences platforms support a new users experience, while gathering data that will shape those relationships. Use Cisco platforms to help you provide timely, location-aware information through mobile apps, kiosks, and digital signage. Quickly respond to business opportunities with prebuilt mobile experience kits. Reduce costs and improve customer service by centralizing experts to advise and users remotely. With Cisco Analytics & Automation Connected Experiences software capabilities offer a more personalized connection with customers, patients, citizens, and first responders. Enrich your applications to engage people in context. Cisco Analytics & Automation makes the connections in your hyper-distributed network to gain insights like never before and take action in real-time.

Analytics Fabric

Perform data collection and action in a flexible and repeatable manner. With Cisco Analytics & Automation Cisco Edge Analytics Fabric connects disparate data where it’s needed, based on content, to reduce complexity and cost. Implement control and automation with a pre-defined policy architecture. Accelerate the acquisition, preparation, and publication of diverse and distributed data. Data preparation delivers comprehensive data access, agility, and ease of use to business analysts across the enterprise, with the scalability and governance that IT requires. Empower your teams with the critical data they need, in the way they need it. Cisco Data Virtualization is agile data integration software that makes it easy to access all your data and query it across the network as if it were in a single place. Connect, process, and analyze your distributed data where it lives. Solve IT and OT challenges when you make decisions in real-time.
Cisco Analytics & Automation
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