Extreme Networks Software-Defined Networking

Extreme Networks Software-Defined Networking
Extreme Networks Software-Defined Networking
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The Extreme Networks Software-Defined Networking solution accelerates application innovation and reduces risks for the entire network, including wireless, campus and data center. Extreme Networks does this through a modular, open and standards-based development environment that integrates with existing infrastructure and avoids architecture lock-in. The Extreme Networks Software-Defined Networking platform is evolutionary software-defined networking platform to promote community led innovation. Extreme Networks believes customers should be able to migrate their existing (brownfield) networks to SDN without expensive forklift upgrades. Seamless software-defined networking migration requires both an open, standards-based and comprehensive approach with strong community mind share and partner ecosystem support. The Extreme Networks Software-Defined Networking platform is based on a  hardened OpenDaylight (ODL) controller.

Extreme Networks comprehensive approach preserves the integrity of the open API provided by ODL while extending data center orchestration, automation and provisioning to the entire network under a single pane of glass. Extreme Networks simple, fast and smart software-defined networking platform tightly integrates with existing and multi-vendor hardware and software network environments, preserving customer investments and avoiding vendor lock-in. Backward compatibility is maintained with multi-vendor network infrastructure that conforms to the OpenFlow standard and other open APIs. Extreme Networks’ OpenDaylight based API, Software Development Kit (SDK) and developer community will enable customers to evolve the network to keep pace with emerging security, wireless, and converged SDN infrastructure. The result is a simpler development platform that avoids the feature and capability limitations of other open SDN models — many of which are really only truly applicable to new or ‘greenfield’ networking implementations.

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Extreme Networks Software-Defined Networking Orchestration

Trialing or deploying a new SDN application with an existing network is often a complex undertaking. Extreme Networks Software-Defined Networking solution allows Extreme Networks customers to easily trial and deploy new services regardless of who develops or provides them. Extreme Networks Software-Defined Networking partner and developer ecosystem includes not only proven, tested and deployed integrations, but also opens the door to any new applications that are developed using the Extreme Networks OpenDaylight standard. Few network operators have the luxury of a ‘greenfield’ network and even fewer appreciate being locked-in to one vendor. Extreme Networks integrative solutions work with your existing network in order to protect your investment. At the same time, Extreme Networks modular, standards-based architecture reduces uncertainty, variability, unpredictability and overall cost. The result is a solution that is non-disruptive, leverages your existing infrastructure and allows you to innovate faster, with reduced risks, lower costs and less uncertainty.

Provisioning Of Network Services And Applications

The second benefit provided is both speed and flexibility when deploying applications and solutions. An effective SDN solution must by definition be programmable and integrative with nearly every other solution and application on the market. Extreme Networks is leveraging both open and standards-based protocols, application programming interfaces (APIs) and NFV, such as OpenDaylight and OpenFlow. Extreme Networks is also combining them with proven, industry-leading Extreme Networks solutions including EXOS and OneFabric Connect SDN, as well as many predefined applications that are already available and deployed. The result is that Extreme Networks customers have choices. They can choose to develop their own applications or take advantage of the entire software-defined networking development community. This not only puts power in the hands of the customer to easily create and deploy new services, it also makes these deployments faster.

End-To-End Network Automation

Extreme Networks SDN is complex, but Extreme Networks Software-Defined Networking makes them simpler and easier to manage. Extreme Networks does this by leveraging one unified operating and management system (EXOS) across all platforms as well as the SDN controller. This makes deployment across multiple platforms much simpler. Extreme Networks is also fully integrating the Extreme Networks solution with OpenDaylight by developing plug-ins for Extreme Networks management tools (such as NetSight) and hardening the overall OpenDaylight offering for increased reliability. As well Extreme Networks is adding additional applications (NAC, Purview, wireless, session management, etc.) that extend the benefits of SDN beyond the basic functions offered by most providers. This allows Extreme Networks to bring Unified Network Management as well as network access control, network optimization and advanced application analytics to the same software-defined networking solution.
Extreme Networks Software-Defined Networking
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