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Citrix Enterprise Network Security
Citrix Enterprise Network Security
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In today’s increasingly mobile world, the pressures of managing and securing devices, endpoints, and networks are straining the limits of existing infrastructures. Traditional perimeter-based approaches and piecemeal solutions can’t keep pace with emerging attacks. By focusing instead on securing your most important business assets — your apps and data — you can both simplify and strengthen security without compromising productivity. Lock down your enterprise IT security strategy. Citrix holistic approach to information security gives IT powerful centralized control over the management, access, and hosting of business-critical apps and data. Citrix Enterprise Network Security solutions provide 5 critical enterprise security capabilities to give you complete coverage over what matters most. Up-level your enterprise security beyond user names and passwords by controlling access, authentication, and authorization to your apps, data, and network for employees and third parties.

Take control at the application level with Citrix Enterprise Network Security. Centralize your apps in the data center or cloud, and provide secure access. This helps you protect sensitive business information and defend against zero-day and DDoS attacks. Secure enterprise data in the data center or cloud instead of on endpoint devices. Containerization, data encryption, and secure file sharing can reduce the risk of leaks and attacks. Including on mobile devices, while helping ensure regulatory compliance. Advanced monitoring tools give you full visibility into your IT infrastructure. Detect threats, misconfigurations, and performance issues so you can respond fast and avoid user interruption. Comply with regulations and reduce the scope of security and compliance audits. Give employees and third parties secure access to sensitive business information. Whether they’re at headquarters, a branch office, or offshore locations, and during mergers and acquisitions.


Citrix Enterprise Network Security — Identity And Access

Gain the controls needed to ensure the right levels of authentication and authorization. Citrix Enterprise Network Security solutions have built-in identity and access capabilities so you can control access to your apps, data, and network beyond just credentials. Managing user access calls for a balanced approach that’s convenient for users and more secure than a simple user name and password combination. Bolster your security with multifactor authentication. Because passwords are so vulnerable, requiring people to use at least two forms of authentication — like a password and token — to access apps and desktops is essential for effective security. This multifactor authentication process makes it significantly harder for an attacker to impersonate a user. Even if the primary password has been exposed. XenApp, XenDesktop and NetScaler Unified Gateway support multifactor authentication and activity logging for compliance support. With NetScaler Unified Gateway simplify the sign-in experience for your users while encouraging the use of strong passwords.

Network Security

Protect against every kind of attack while ensuring a seamless user experience. Citrix Enterprise Network Security solutions can protect your entire network as attacks of all kinds get more sophisticated. As more people need to access information from both inside and outside your corporate network, the need for the secure delivery of business-critical apps and data has never been greater. Secure access to your apps, desktops, and data. NetScaler Unified Gateway is an SSL VPN solution that secures the delivery of your virtual apps and desktops, protecting your sensitive information while maintaining compliance. It provides access to web, SaaS, and Citrix apps and desktops through a single URL from any device. Optimized to work with XenApp and XenDesktop virtualization solutions. NetScaler Unified Gateway allows you to centrally manage access control policies. Get full visibility into HDX traffic from a single console. Network segmentation in NetScaler ADC allows you to define security zones that minimize unwanted access to sensitive apps and data.

App Security

App security is one of the core capabilities of Citrix Enterprise Network Security solutions. With the increased use of mobile devices, employees are now accessing corporate applications and data from their own devices. Both within and outside your corporate network. On mobile devices apps are often exposed to attacks and data leakage. When data is shared on cloud storage or between apps. Web applications are also prey to attacks because they’re often above the controls provided by network firewalls and IDS/IPS. Protect apps with centralized virtualization security. App virtualization gives you a better way to manage risk by storing and delivering your apps from a central data center or the cloud. Not only does this simplify management for IT, but the architecture is inherently secure. There’s no actual transfer of data. Centralizing your IT resources in the data center with XenApp and XenDesktop gives you full control of your app security. Perform operating system patches, hot fixes, and configuration updates on one master image.
Citrix Enterprise Network Security
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