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Data Center Network Storage Solutions
Data Center Network Storage Solutions
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IAM Networks data center network storage solutions optimize information infrastructure in order to drive continuous development. Service level adherence and disciplined governance further ensure that your infrastructure technology meets business needs at a lower TCO. To make virtualization more cost efficient, it’s critical that you opt for a virtualization plan that conforms to your current business needs, while still being capable of accommodating future developments and growth. Data Center Network Storage virtualization is a critical component of IT virtualization. Benefits of server virtualization — such as improved utilization, flexibility, responsiveness, workload mobility and disaster recovery — can be limited if only part of the infrastructure is virtualized. Data Center Network Storage virtualization is also one of the foundations for effective cloud deployment and software defined infrastructures. Transferring your data from a physical data center to a virtual storage environment is a challenging transition for a company.

Virtualization of your data center drastically reduces cost by transferring your data center contents into a virtualized environment. Not only are your expenses reduced but storage and overall operation of your data center becomes easier and more efficient. Virtual data centers also take storage to the next level by backing up and replicating your important data. IAM Networks utilizes best of breed data center solutions and services, including carrier services, data networking, and physical infrastructure and cabling. We boast a team of engineers equipped with skills to design and integrate virtualization solutions. The benefits of storage and virtualization can be enjoyed by any organization, you need to ensure that your business meets the necessary technological requirements. Managed services play a very vital role in any of the streams in organizations of all sizes. Each service needs to be well-managed so as to operate efficiently, independently and optimally.


Dell EMC VMAX All-Flash SAN

Mission critical storage for hyper consolidation and delivering IT as a service. Meet the new requirements of the modern data center and benefit from the reliability and availability that Dell EMC VMAX is known for. Give mission critical file and block workloads what they demand with Dell EMC VMAX enterprise storage arrays. Designed as a data services platform, Dell EMC VMAX lets you provision resources to meet service level objectives in a single click. Scale up your performance and scale out your capacity, cost effectively. The Dell EMC VMAX is incredibly well suited to solve the CIO challenge of embracing a modernized flash centric data center and hybrid cloud while simultaneously trying to simplify, automate and consolidate IT operations. Dell EMC VMAX isn’t just bigger, better and faster — which it is. Dell EMC VMAX was designed as an enterprise data services platform that specifically addresses the new requirements of the modern data center while continuing to deliver the reliability and availability our customers have relied on for years.

Dell EMC Isilon All-Flash NAS

Accelerate your enterprise data lake and enable the most demanding workloads with all-flash storage systems. Deliver blazing performance for unstructured data while you benefit from the efficiency, flexibility, and resiliency of Isilon. Isilon all flash introduces a revolutionary, highly dense design with 4 Isilon storage nodes in a 4U chassis. Select from configurations that provide 96 TB to 924 TB of capacity per chassis. Easily expand your Isilon with up to 100 chassis in one cluster, with cluster performance totaling up to 25 million IOPS and 1.5 TB per second bandwidth. Brings all flash performance to unstructured data workloads. Delivers massive scalability up to 924 TB capacity in a single cluster. Supports up to 250,000 IOPS and 15 GB/second bandwidth per chassis. Offers robust data protection and security options. Maximizes efficiency with 80% storage utilization, data deduplication, and storage tiering. Automated storage tiering integrates storage at the core with available cloud services from a choice of providers.

Data Center Network Storage Solutions

Safeguard your business with secure and scalable data backup and cloud — on premise network storage solutions managed 24/7. It’s a simple and powerful way to store your most sensitive company data. Most organizations struggle to achieve efficient, consistent backups and ensure reliable data recovery. Data center network storage solutions features Include; de duplication and redundancy, on site and off site backup services, and scalable, online storage. IAM Networks data backup and recovery services let you resume operations quickly after disasters. Data center network storage solutions offer a complete range of data backup and storage solutions and managed storage and virtualization services to meet your business’ needs. Whether you prefer a software based solution (such as Veeam), or a hardware based option (such as tapes), we ensure consistent, reliable, and secure backups. Backup retention is a minimum of 14 days, with a maximum retention set by each client.

Network Virtualization

Virtualization is the software that manipulates the hardware. Cloud computing refers to the service that results from this manipulation. Most often, the cloud includes virtualization products to deliver the computing service. The cloud provides self-service capabilities, elasticity, automated management, scalability and a pay as you go service that isn’t a characteristic of virtualization. Is your business in need of a virtualization solution? The answer requires an analysis of your company’s needs and requirements. To determine if virtualization is right for your business, there are a few things to consider — primarily cost. A company should consider cloud computing the delivery of shared computing resources through the Internet, cost of Capital Expenditures (CAPEX), cost of Operational Expenditures (OPEX), Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and virtualization the foundation of cloud computing; helps deliver the value of the cloud. Remote workstation accessibility — virtualizing your company’s desktops drastically cuts down the costs of refreshing hardware.
Data Center Network Storage Solutions
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