Juniper Networks Northstar Controller

Juniper Networks Northstar Controller
Juniper Networks Northstar Controller
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A powerful and flexible Juniper Networks NorthStar Controller provides granular visibility into, and control over, IP/MPLS flows in large service provider and enterprise networks. Using Juniper Networks NorthStar Controller, operators can optimize their network infrastructure through proactive monitoring and planning, and dynamically create explicit routing paths using a global view that’s based on user-defined constraints. This industry-first traffic optimization WAN SDN controller automates the creation of traffic engineering paths across the network, increasing network utilization and enabling a customized programmable networking experience. With the power of Junos OS, WANDL optimization algorithms, and transport abstraction, Juniper Networks NorthStar Controller enables efficient design, bringing new levels of control and visibility that help you avoid costly overprovisioning. As the speed of change increases, organizations are moving to the cloud for its promise of limitless scale, flexibility, and agility.

Network managers need to move to a more efficient operational model to rein in spending. Capacity upgrades should be targeted, service-driven, and capable of adapting dynamically to constantly evolving customer needs in real-time. Juniper Networks NorthStar Controller makes this goal a reality by providing  comprehensive network planning, capacity, and topology analysis across Layer-1 through Layer-3. Runtime and standards-based traffic engineering for Path Computation Element Protocol (PCEP) — compliant routers. Graphical and programmable REST APIs for customized integration into existing network operator environments.  Juniper Networks Professional Services offer a JumpStart service to help with the initial implementation and configuration of the NorthStar Controller. Juniper Networks NorthStar Controller uses Java. To pull off this transition with a minimum of disruption, organizations want to architect their networks to meet the connectivity and service requirements of these increasingly dynamic applications.


Juniper Networks Northstar Controller — Network Automation And orchestration

Network orchestration makes it possible to combine sequences of repeatable tasks and complex processes that involve decision trees and analytics. It accelerates troubleshooting and increases network availability by alerting you to potential problems and automatically responding to adverse system events. Working together, automation and orchestration simplify network operations that involve complex configurations. They also lower configuration and provisioning errors, improving network availability. This combined solution helps IT teams improve both efficiency and effectiveness, it can save time and money.  Juniper Networks automation and orchestration solutions comprise a suite of tools and products for simplifying operational and configuration tasks on network devices. The suite includes the Juniper Extension Toolkit for Junos OS, NorthStar Controller, Contrail Networking, Contrail Service Orchestration, and the Junos Space Network Management Platform.

Mobile Computing

One of the many goals of emerging 5G mobile networks is to support the Internet of Things (IoT). Including its hundreds of thousands of simultaneous wireless sensor connections. With about a thousand times the capacity and a tenth the latency of current 4G mobile systems, 5G will drive a whole generation of as-yet unimagined applications that require instantaneous communications. Think telemedicine, augmented reality, and vehicle-to-vehicle communications, to name just a few examples. These applications hold immeasurable revenue opportunities for network service providers. While there are aspects of 5G and IoT standards and technologies that are still being fleshed out. What’s certain is that they will require a networking and computing environment that runs IP in a distributed cloud setup. Juniper calls this environment an all-IP, secure distributed telco cloud. Future-proofing your network for 5G and IoT is enough reason to start moving to this environment today.

Juniper Networks NorthStar JumpStart

The Juniper Networks NorthStar JumpStart service is ideally positioned to relieve the initial implementation and configuration burden on operations and engineering teams, while determining whether any additional steps are required to deploy the solution in a production environment.The service is performed by a highly skilled Juniper Networks Professional Services consultant as part of a combined remote and on site delivery. Depending on your organization’s needs and level of expertise, the JumpStart service should be sufficient; for more complex implementations, additional services can be purchased based on your specific needs and operational environment.The JumpStart service is based on a NorthStar standard reference architecture delivered by a Professional Services consultant following the Best Practices Playbook approach for consistency. The best practices are based on extensive deployment experience and expertise derived across customer deployments of all shapes and sizes.
Juniper Networks Northstar Controller
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