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Oracle Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the ability of computers to perform tasks usually associated with human intelligence. Today’s AI-enabled computers can recognize images, understand language, and perform complex reasoning while making decisions based on sophisticated mathematical analyses. In business, Oracle Artificial intelligence enables better-informed decisions and then automates the tasks that follow. With time, the systems get smarter at spotting new opportunities and exposing unseen risks. Oracle Artificial intelligence augments human intelligence with powerful computing and decision-making informed by precise data analysis. In the past few years, three factors have led to a dramatic increase in the adoption of AI technologies across the enterprise. These three factors call for augmenting human capabilities with artificial intelligence in order for businesses to remain relevant in a quickly changing world.

Enterprises are uniquely rich in data full of context — both structured and unstructured and this is distinct from consumer data alone. Unseen and untapped patterns of human, operational, and system activities with strong, predictive ties to key business results are everywhere. Machine learning will uncover these patterns to deliver significant benefits for all functions and extend to an enterprise’s ecosystem. As companies begin their enterprise Oracle Artificial intelligence journey, they should keep these key considerations in mind. More data is better. Enterprises need to use ever-expanding data reservoirs, plus other public data. The recommendations coming from the new systems must be easily understood by all, and must not require specialized skill sets to decipher. Because any decision made by one department always impacts other departments, companies should connect the entire value chain while optimizing locally.


Oracle Artificial intelligence Advantage For The AI-Driven Enterprise

Oracle is in a unique position to deliver AI across all cloud services, including embedded AI within business applications, Oracle Artificial intelligence services within Oracle’s platform, and an AI development environment running on the high-performance compute and network infrastructure required for accelerated model training. The essence of Oracle Artificial intelligence is learning from an abundance of data and building models that work in the specific domain. And the critical ingredient for accurate models is deep domain knowledge to interpret findings and further fine-tune the models. Over many years, Oracle has gained deep expertise in three broad areas: technology, business processes, and analytics. Oracle’s cross-industry domain knowledge in many facets of IT operations and ten global, industry-specific, operational and analytical business processes are the foundation of our AI solutions.

Oracle Artificial intelligence Enterprise AI Research Leadership

Oracle has long expertise in AI through its comprehensive research and development program. For decades, data scientists in Oracle’s Machine Learning Research group have devised the most advanced enterprise algorithms, the set of instructions that tells the systems and network of computers what to do. Machine learning algorithms tell computer systems to sift through vast quantities of data over and over again until they can recognize patterns of information that indicate normal operations, as well as other patterns that indicate something out of the ordinary has happened. Oracle researchers continue to improve the set of instructions behind machine learning and add those capabilities to an expanding set of products, such as the new Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Applications.

Adaptive Intelligent Applications

These dynamic new AI-infused applications adapt and learn according to the data they process, are aimed at a wide range of business professionals, and provide them with the customer insights to make better decisions. The first adaptive intelligent application is aimed at helping customer experience professionals run personalized marketing campaigns in the context of offers and actions that the system recommends for individual consumers. Other offerings within the adaptive intelligent applications suite will help. Finance professionals nimbly negotiate best supplier terms, while optimizing cash flow needs and balancing costs — especially during critical financial events such as the end of a quarter or during a high volume of payables. Human Resources recruiters automatically identify the best candidates in the shortest time and help HR managers create job descriptions that will help candidates more efficiently find the best and most well-suited positions.

Oracle Management Cloud

Oracle Management Cloud is another example of an Oracle Artificial intelligence powered application available as a cloud service. It combines big-data processing techniques with machine learning to help companies detect anomalies in very large data sets that indicate problems on a manufacturing line, for example, or patterns that indicate system security has been breached. The data includes the identities of people logging onto the system, for example, or the temperature and pressure readings on a manufacturing line gathered by sensors and transmitted over the internet. The more data the computer processes, the more it learns. Oracle Management Cloud helps end users quickly address critical problems whose solutions are hidden in data sets too large for humans to evaluate. The software can notify a systems operator to take corrective action or even fix the problem automatically. Oracle’s management capabilities include security services. Oracle’s Cloud Access Security Broker uses machine learning to enhance its threat and data protection capabilities.
Oracle Artificial intelligence
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