VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
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VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure allows the convergence of physical storage onto industry-standard x86 servers, enabling a building block approach with scale-out capabilities. All key data center functions run as software on the hypervisor in a tightly integrated software layer — delivering services that were previously provided via hardware through software. VMware provides a unique, software-defined approach to hyper convergence, leveraging the hypervisor to deliver compute, storage and management in a tightly integrated software stack. Industry-leading software for VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure is offered on the broadest set of consumption options, from Dell EMC VxRail, a turnkey VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure appliance, to more than 200 certified platforms in the form of vSAN ReadyNode. VMware vSphere is an industry-leading virtualization platform that provides server virtualization.

Use VMware vSAN as it is the only vSphere-embedded storage solution that delivers flash-optimized, high-performance, hyper-converged storage for virtual machines. With VMware vCenter Server it is the unified and extensible management solution for vSphere environments. Industry-leading VMware Hyper-Converged infrastructure powered by vSAN gives you the broadest choice of hardware deployment options. The vSAN ReadyNode program includes more than 150 certified x86 systems available from all the major server vendors. Dell EMC VxRail is a turnkey hyper-converged infrastructure appliance. Jointly engineered by VMware and Dell EMC, which offers the most streamlined deployment experience. As the only native-vSphere storage, vSAN enables you to seamlessly extend virtualization to storage. Creating a hyper-converged solution that simply works with your existing tools, skill sets, software solutions and hardware platforms.

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VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure — Reduce TCO

VMware vSAN now further reduces risk with the first native VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure security solution. Protecting data-at-rest while offering simple management and a hardware-agnostic solution. vSAN continues to offer the broadest set of deployment choices supported by the large, proven vSAN ReadyNode ecosystem of leading server vendors. Faced with tight IT budgets, customers are turning to HCI powered by vSAN to lower TCO up to 50%. vSAN can dramatically reduce costs due to hardware choice, server-side economics, and affordable flash. Your operations become easier with fewer tasks and intelligent automation. That can be managed through one tool and a unified team. The simplicity allows you to respond to business demands faster and more intelligently. New enhanced stretch clusters deliver site and local protection at half the cost of leading traditional solutions.

Scale to Tomorrow

As your businesses continue to evolve, the agility of VMware vSAN helps you prepare for tomorrow’s IT demands — whether that requires expanding into the public cloud or rapidly deploying the latest flash and server technologies to gain a competitive advantage. VMware vSAN also supports a wide range of applications, from current business critical applications to next-gen applications and containers. When combined with NSX, a VMware vSAN powered SDDC stack can extend on-premises storage and management services across different public clouds ensuring a consistent experience. VMware vSAN ReadyNode are the most flexible x86 building blocks on which to deploy VMware hyper-converged Infrastructure software. Industry-leading VMware has partnered with all the leading x86 server vendors to provide a broad choice of pre-certified hardware enabling you to deploy hyper-converged infrastructure with maximum flexibility of hardware, software, licenses and support.

Dell EMC VxRail

The Dell EMC VxRail appliance, exclusively available from Dell EMC and VMware, is the easiest and fastest way to implement a VMware powered HCI solution. With the power of a whole SAN in just 2 rack units, it provides a simple, cost-effective hyper-converged solution for a wide variety of applications and workloads. With VxRail, IT organizations can start small and easily scale capacity and performance by non-disruptively adding appliances to the cluster without the investment or up-front planning required with traditional infrastructure. As the only fully integrated, preconfigured, and pre-tested VMware hyper-converged infrastructure appliance family on the market, VxRail dramatically simplifies IT operations while lowering your overall capital and operational costs. Combined with Dell PowerEdge server options, VxRail offers highly configurable appliances that meet any use case.
VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
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