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Working together, automation and orchestration simplify network operations that involve complex configurations. They also lower configuration and provisioning errors, improving network availability. Because this combined solution helps IT teams improve both efficiency and effectiveness, it can save time and money. Juniper Networks Orchestration makes it possible to combine sequences of repeatable tasks and complex processes that involve decision trees and analytics. It accelerates troubleshooting and increases network availability by alerting you to potential problems and automatically responding to adverse system events. Juniper Networks solutions for automation and orchestration comprise a suite of tools and products for simplifying operational and configuration tasks on network devices. The suite includes the Juniper Networks Extension Toolkit (JET) for Junos OS, NorthStar Controller, Contrail Networking, Juniper Networks Orchestration, and the Junos Space Network Management Platform.

You can combine these tools with third-party automation frameworks such as Chef, Puppet, and Ansible. You can also add support for OpenConfig to enable vendor-neutral provisioning and configuration capabilities that work with any type or brand of network equipment. Serving as a fundamental building block in the DevOps model, the Juniper automation suite provides access to the most common network automation and orchestration applications for managing and provisioning IT resources. Juniper’s tools bring together the knowledge and expertise of experienced IT solutions developers, operators, and administrators across your organization.  Juniper Educational Services can train your team to develop and execute the plan yourself. The ability to scale and adapt is absolutely critical, particularly in IT. A slow evolution simply won’t cut it, especially in a field that is so hyper competitive. Automation allows for agility, which is essential to an organization’s ongoing success.

Reasons You Should Consider Automating Your Network

Two issues in particular are driving CIOs to implement network automation today. First, their resources are stretched. There are simply not enough people — hours in the day to get everything done. Second, the technologies being deployed within your network are increasingly complex. These two together can result in costly mistakes and network downtime at a time when the network is essential for competitive advantage. Reason No. 1 — free your staff for more strategic work — first and foremost, your staff is already overstretched. And the majority of their time and energy is spent on tactical tasks to keep the business running. By reducing the effort spent on repetitive and mundane manual tasks — which are incredibly tedious for the people performing them — you free up resources to work on higher — order tasks, such as driving improvements in application delivery. With Juniper Networks Orchestration not only does your business flourish under these conditions, but you also end up with happier and more productive workers.

Juniper Networks Orchestration

This means less downtime and better business resiliency. Juniper Networks Orchestration automation solutions provide location-based tracking, monitoring, and automated event response to help simplify troubleshooting and repetitive tasks. This means that your network can automatically respond to events without requiring your staff to intervene, thus effortlessly delivering higher levels of service. With automation, troubleshooting can be done more quickly because systems and network components are being examined consistently. Juniper Networks Orchestration automation helps with everything from change control, to security, to operational management. You have a more efficient operation that delivers improved services at, as we previously explained, lower costs. Reason No. 4 — enable the business to be more agile and competitive — the final, and perhaps most important, benefit of network automation is that it helps to make IT operations more responsive to change through analytics.

Reduction Of Costs

Juniper Networks Orchestration lowers your costs — precisely because automation masks the complexities of the underlying infrastructure — dramatically fewer person hours are required for network operations because the provisioning, managing, and orchestrating of network services have all been simplified — your OPEX is immediately lower. You need fewer staff to troubleshoot and repair the network, and less expensive person-hours are spent putting out fires. And if Juniper Networks Orchestration is a fundamental part of your network design, you can also reduce CAPEX as well. For example, if you simplify your network architecture by replacing hardware devices with virtual network devices, you can scale up and down automatically and add or remove virtual resources to meet changing load demands. This means you no longer have to over provision network hardware, thus saving on the capital costs of equipment. Improve business resiliency — by taking human fingers off switches, you find that your network operates with more consistency and fewer errors.
Juniper Networks Orchestration


Data correlation — the Cloud Analytics Engine gathers and correlates data gathered from multiple sources, including physical and virtual end points, providing visibility for troubleshooting, application deployment and capacity planning. End to end aggregated view — providing end to end visibility into both the network and applications, the Cloud Analytics Engine aggregates views to help IT staff quickly identify the root cause of problems. Flexible and open — the Juniper Networks Cloud Analytics Engine partner ecosystem is continuously evolving, providing support for third-party tools and other devices through plug-ins and APIs.

Application perspective — by offering visibility into how the network is performing from an application perspective, the Cloud Analytics Engine makes it easier to triage performance problems and determine whether they originated in the network or an application. Reduced costs — by helping detect, identify and isolate network faults, the Juniper Networks Cloud Analytics Engine reduces the amount of time and money spent troubleshooting and fixing network or application problems.


Future-proof for the cloud era with an open SDN solution that provides high performance, elasticity, and security. From network virtualization and automation to turnkey integrated cloud management platform, Juniper Networks Contrail delivers freedom of choice, intelligent automation and always-on reliability for cloud and NFV. Juniper Networks NorthStar Controller is a powerful and flexible traffic engineering solution that enables granular visibility and control of IP/MPLS flows in carrier networks.

Juniper Networks WANDL IP/MPLSView is a multivendor, multiprotocol, and multilayer Operations Support Systems (OSS) traffic management and engineering solution for IP and/or MPLS networks. Juniper Networks NFX250 Network Services Platform is a secure and automated software-driven CPE device provides custom service delivery on-premises and service chain multiple virtualized network functions.


Automated resource provisioning, configuration, and operation of compute, storage, and networking resources. Minimizes manual intervention while improving operational efficiency and reducing operational cost. Dynamic service chaining creates policy-driven, software-controlled, on-demand service chain customization based on customers’ business policies. Scale-out software architecture can expand elastically and handle failures gracefully.

Juniper Networks Contrail Provides anytime availability of the cloud for operation, activation, and management of application workloads. Rich and prescriptive analytics powered by a high-speed data collection engine. Juniper Networks Contrail Provides granular infrastructure telemetry information through very large-scale ingestion and querying of structured and unstructured data. Also provides real-time and historical data availability via simple REST APIs.


Easy operations — automated resource provisioning, configuration, and operation of compute, storage, and networking resources. Minimizes manual intervention while improving operational efficiency and reducing operational cost. Also provides real-time and historical data availability via simple REST APIs. Speeds time to market for new services by automating the creation of virtual networks that interconnect private, hybrid, and public clouds. Avoids expensive vendor lock with an open architecture that interoperates with a wide range hypervisors, orchestration systems, and physical networks. Creates virtual networks that integrate seamlessly with existing physical networks, and that are easy to manage and orchestrate.

Juniper Networks Contrail — from network virtualization and automation to turnkey integrated cloud management, Juniper Networks Contrail delivers freedom of choice, intelligent automation and always-on reliability for cloud and NFV. From network virtualization to integrated cloud management, Contrail delivers freedom of choice, intelligent automation, and always on reliability for cloud, software defined WAN, and NFV environments.

NorthStar Controller

Multilayer SDN control puts an end to overprovisioning. A powerful and flexible Juniper Networks NorthStar Controller provides granular visibility into, and control over, IP/MPLS flows in large service provider and enterprise networks. Using Juniper Networks NorthStar Controller, operators can optimize their network infrastructure through proactive monitoring and planning, and dynamically create explicit routing paths using a global view that's based on user-defined constraints.

This industry-first traffic optimization WAN SDN controller automates the creation of traffic engineering paths across the network, increasing network utilization and enabling a customized programmable networking experience. With the power of Junos OS, WANDL optimization algorithms, and transport abstraction, Juniper Networks NorthStar Controller enables efficient design, bringing new levels of control and visibility that help you avoid costly overprovisioning.


Juniper Networks WANDL IP/MPLSView is a multivendor, multiprotocol, and multilayer Operations Support Systems (OSS) traffic management and traffic engineering solution for IP and/or MPLS networks. Juniper Networks IP/MPLSView is distinguished by its attention to detailed routing protocol behavior, an extensive multivendor library, and scalability and performance for networks up to thousands of routers. The integrated software suite has traffic engineering models for exhaustive single and concurrent device failures, traffic matrix estimation, MPLS diverse path design, fast reroute design, network optimization, and more.

Additionally, Juniper Networks IP/MPLSView is distinguished by the integrated network management module, which provides for a comprehensive Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security (FCAPS) solution offering automated network discovery, traffic monitoring, hardware inventory, fault management, and more. Unprecedented scalability to handle regional, national, and intercontinental network topologies. Powerful fault management tools to quickly detect and diagnose issues in the network. Performance management to tune the network for increased efficiency, trending analysis, and problem prevention.