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Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Management capabilities make DBA lives easier by providing a full-lifecycle solution encompassing change and configuration management, patching, provisioning, testing, masking/subsetting, performance management and automatic tuning. Increase DBA productivity by 80% and reduce database testing time by 90%. Oracle revolutionized the field of enterprise database management systems with the release of Oracle Database 10g by introducing the industry’s first self-management capabilities built right into the database kernel. Today, after several releases and continuous improvement of this intelligent management infrastructure, Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Management provides the most extensive self-management capabilities in the industry, ranging from zero-overhead instrumentation to integrated self-healing and business-driven management. Oracle’s Database management includes the following Key Features.

Performance management using Automatic Workload Repository (AWR), AWR Warehouse, Automatic Database Diagnostics Monitor (ADDM), AWR Baselines and Adaptive Thresholds, ASH Analytics. Application Tuning using SQL Tuning Advisor, SQL Access Advisor, Real Time SQL Monitoring, Database Operations Monitoring. Response Time Testing using SQL Performance Analyzer, SPA Quick Check. Throughput Testing using Database Replay. Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control is a single pane of glass tool that provides monitoring and managing solution for all types of services, such as database, middleware, infrastructure and hardware based, running on on-premise, Oracle Cloud, and Oracle Cloud Machine deployments. Oracle Tuning Pack for Oracle Database offers an extremely cost-effective and easy-to-use solution that automates the entire application tuning process.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Management

For database administrators and application developers, application tuning is a critically important area and a considerable amount of their time is spent performing this very important function. A poorly tuned business application can potentially affect not just a few users but an entire business operation and for this reason companies invest significant resources to ensure smooth running of applications vital for their businesses. However database administrators and developers often use handcrafted scripts to address application performance issues. Although these scripts may resolve the symptoms manifested by the issue but it seldom addresses the root cause of a performance problem. The script based approach has other inherent shortcomings. It is neither scalable nor does it stand the test of time as newer versions of the Oracle Database are released. As the number of databases in an organization increases the management of scripts becomes very tedious and error prone.

SQL And Database Operations Monitoring

The first step in SQL tuning is identifying a poor SQL that is consuming excessive system resources. Real-Time SQL Monitoring, introduced in Oracle Database 11g, provided a very efficient way to identify and fix performance problems with long running SQL and PL/SQL statements. Any SQL statement running in parallel or consuming at least 5 seconds of CPU or I/O time in a single execution is automatically monitored. Key performance metrics, including the elapsed time, CPU time, number of reads and writes, I/O wait time and various other wait times are automatically captured. But the ability to monitor a combination of SQL and PL/SQL running in a single session was not available. Real-Time Database Operations Monitoring, a new feature in Oracle Database 12c, combines the capability to monitor both SQL and PL/SQL and allows an administrator to monitor long running database tasks such as batch jobs, ETLs etc. as a composite business operation.
Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Management

Applications Management

Oracle Enterprise Manger Cloud Control provides advanced, out-of-the-box management solutions for Oracle Packaged Applications — including but not limited to Fusion Applications, E-Business Suite, Siebel, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Tax & Utilities, Communications, and Primavera. These solutions cover a wide variety of areas, including End-User Monitoring, Service Level Management, Performance Diagnostics and Analysis, Configuration/Compliance Management, Change Management, Functional/Load testing, Data Masking/Subsetting, and provisioning.

Customers who have implemented these products report dramatic improvement in the predictability and availability of, and insight into, their Application instances. Administrators also report a material improvement in their productivity, as a high percentage of formerly manual tasks have been automated. Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control provides a complete Application Performance Management (APM) solution for Custom Applications and Oracle Applications (including E-Business Suite, Siebel, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and Fusion Applications).


As an IT operations professional, your job is more critical than ever because cloud operations are now a fact of life. For example, you must address the concerns of corporate compliance auditors one minute, and the next minute, deal with end users who signed up for cloud services without consulting you first. So, what are you to do? Not to worry! Oracle provides a single solution for managing both situations.

Oracle Enterprise Manager provides a “single pane of glass” that allows you to manage on-premises and cloud-based IT using the same familiar interface you know and use on-premises every day. The journey to cloud is easier than you think. Oracle Enterprise Manager is the industry’s only complete management solution for the hybrid cloud, providing self-service provisioning, policy-based resource management and complete visibility from applications to disk, across conventional IT, private clouds and Oracle Cloud.

Cloud Management

Oracle Enterprise Manager is the industry’s first complete cloud solution including self-service provisioning balanced against centralized, policy-based resource management, integrated chargeback and capacity planning and complete visibility of the physical and virtual environments from applications to disk. Oracle Enterprise Manager for Oracle Cloud Platform allows customers to build, deploy, and operate application environments on-premises, in a private cloud and on Oracle Cloud. It maximizes visibility and control over Oracle-based services while delivering comprehensive monitoring and reporting solutions to ensure adherence to IT standards and corporate policies.

Oracle Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Database delivers new capabilities and support for managing database cloud services for extreme database consolidation. Database cloning via Snap Clone or RMAN Backups deliver optimum utilization of development and database resources. Oracle Cloud Management Pack for Middleware offers all the capability necessary for deploying and managing middleware-centric Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) clouds within the enterprise. Single click provisioning of multi-tier applications via assemblies. Policy driven Scale up, scale down, Live migration and power management .


Oracle Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Database delivers new capabilities and support for managing database cloud services for extreme database consolidation. Database cloning via Snap Clone or RMAN Backups deliver optimum utilization of development and database resources. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c provides the most comprehensive solution for rolling out an Oracle based Database-as-a-Service Cloud for users in an enterprise. It offers the broadest and the most complete set of capabilities to build, deploy and manage the end to end life cycle of the cloud, all from a single console.

Cloud fleet maintenance — Fleet Maintenance allows administrators to patch and upgrade database software with minimal downtime. The subscription based model enables updates at scale across the entire cloud infrastructure, significantly reducing the time required for maintenance activities. A dashboard enables administrators to track compliance across cloud environments in real-time. Cloud Management Pack For Oracle Database — Oracle Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Database delivers capabilities spanning the entire database cloud life cycle.