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Deliver Consistent Cloud Networking and Security for Applications Running Natively in Public Clouds. VMware NSX Cloud provides a common cloud networking and security model across clouds to improve operational scalability, control, and visibility — with lower OPEX. Consistent Networking and Security. Learn how VMware NSX Cloud is delivering enterprise-class capabilities and operational efficiencies to applications running natively in public clouds. Improved operational scalability and consistency. Having a uniform operational model, via a single pane of glass and common API, allows Cloud IT to simplify and scale operations across a growing number of virtual networks, availability zones, regions, and clouds. VMware NSX Cloud brings performance, standardization and security to applications running natively in public clouds. Increased network visibility and analytics. VMware NSX Cloud improves network visibility and analytics, ensuring the health and availability of applications in the cloud.

Use existing network management tools to get deep visibility into end-to-end traffic flows and packets — within and across virtual networks, availability zones, regions, and clouds. For years VMware has been delivering consistent networking and security for thousands of on-premises data centers and private clouds. VMware NSX Cloud is now delivering enterprise-class capabilities and operational efficiencies to applications running natively in public clouds. Consistent and scalable micro-segmentation security. VMware NSX Cloud gives you easy control over East-West traffic between application workloads running in the cloud. Define security policy once and apply to workloads anywhere — across cloud virtual networks, regions, availability zones, and multiple cloud providers. Security policies are dynamically applied based on workload attributes, and enforced at the instance-level. Security rules follow workloads when they are moved. You can define policies based on rich constructs, such as workload attributes and user-defined tags.

VMware NSX Cloud — Precise Control Over Cloud Networking

VMware NSX Cloud gives IT precise control over cloud networking topologies, traffic flows, IP addressing, and protocols used within and across multiple public clouds. For example, you can provision consistent application stacks or services — including networking and security — across multiple clouds. Stretch subnets to run applications across multiple availability zones. Or create templates to simplify provisioning and management of networking and security across public clouds. Provisioning and configuration management can be automated via REST API requests using your existing automation tools.

End-To-End Visibility Via Existing Operations Tools

VMware NSX Cloud service provides standard interfaces and protocols to access the network data you need from your cloud networks. Flow, packet, and event information is available via IPFIX, Traceflow, Port Mirroring, and Syslog. This data can be consumed by your existing Day-2 operations tools, and used to enable deep, end-to-end visibility for monitoring, troubleshooting and auditing. This rich operations data helps to dramatically shorten the time it takes to identify and resolve network connectivity, performance and security issues within and across public cloud infrastructure.


Control over East-West traffic between application workloads running natively in public clouds. Security groups and rules can be defined based on rich policy constructs, such as instance name, OS type, AMI ID, and user-defined tags. Apply distributed firewalling directly to workloads running in VPC underlay networks or NSX Cloud overlay networks. Security policy is automatically applied and enforced based on instance attributes and user-defined tags. Policies automatically follow instances when they are moved across clouds. Quarantine rogue and compromised workloads that are running in the public cloud without micro segmentation security. Quarantined instances are prevented from communicating on the cloud network. VMware NSX Cloud distributed firewalling architecture, enforced at the virtual network interface of each instance, eliminates additional network hops and traffic.
VMware NSX Cloud

Automated Data Center Network Operations

With the advent of virtualization, IT organizations have gone from managing hundreds of servers to managing tens of thousands across both on premises and off premises environments. Operations teams have struggled to find an effective means to address this increased complexity and scale. VMware vRealize Cloud Management Platform delivers intelligent operations that address the need to manage everything from applications to the complete infrastructure stack (compute, storage and network) across a hybrid landscape.

VMware delivers a unified management experience for performance management, capacity optimization, and real-time log analytics, using predictive analytics leveraging both structured and unstructured data to ensure proactive issue avoidance and faster problem resolution. Based on VMware vSphere, it delivers high availability and fully private networking. With data center modernization and disaster recovery, you can address business needs without changing processes. Workload portability, seamless networking, and common management make it easy to extend to the cloud from on-premises environments.


VMware vCloud Air, which now runs VMware Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), is a single-tenant private cloud that enables you to conveniently transition or extend your on-premises VMware workloads into the hosted VMware environment at Rackspace. The VMware Private Cloud is built on top of the same VMware virtualization and Software-Defined technologies you use in your datacenters: VMware vSphere, NSX, vSAN and the vRealize Suite.

Stick with your existing VMware technology, and migrate and expand without retooling environments or refactoring code. In a VMware Software-Defined Data Center, all major infrastructure components are virtualized. VMware NSX provides virtual networks, logical networking devices and security groups & policies to optimize network traffic and provide policy-based isolation for app components. VMware vRealize Suite provides comprehensive lifecycle management, automation and policy-based governance for hybrid cloud environments.


Dedicated cloud — VMware vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud is a single tenant, physically isolated IaaS platform with a dedicated cloud management track. It’s your own private cloud instance in the public cloud. VMware vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud is your very own private cloud. Build your own private cloud instance in the public cloud with VMware vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud, a single tenant, physically isolated Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform with a dedicated cloud management stack. Disaster recovery — VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery is a Recovery-as-a-Service offering.

It provides simple, affordable protection in the cloud for your VMware vSphere environment. Bounce back with VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery. VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery helps ensure operational consistency while saving money and resources. It keeps your data protected, recoverable and accessible. VMware vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud is a multi tenant, logically isolated core compute service that lives on shared infrastructure. Based on VMware vSphere, it delivers high availability and fully private networking.

vRealize Suite

Automate the Delivery of Applications and Streamline Operations across clouds. VMware vRealize Suite is the ideal Cloud Management Platform for your multi-cloud environment. VMware vRealize Suite is an enterprise-ready cloud management platform for the hybrid cloud. Use vRealize Suite to deliver and manage infrastructure and applications quickly while maintaining IT control. Speed up IT services delivery, helping IT to fully meet the expectations of line-of-business partners. Proactively identify and solve emerging issues with predictive analytics and smart alerts, ensuring optimum performance and availability. Increase the efficiency of IT staff and the utilization of data center resources; reduce both OPEX and CAPEX. Deliver the right level of control to IT teams balancing objectives pertaining to agility, risk and cost.

VMware offers three vRealize Suite editions that provide different functionality at various price points, making it easy to license VMware vRealize Suite to meet your specific requirements and use cases with the right cloud management tools. Proactively address health, performance and capacity management of IT services across heterogeneous and hybrid cloud environments. Improve efficiency, performance and availability. Automate the delivery and ongoing management of IT infrastructure to accelerate response to requests for IT resources and improve the ongoing management of provisioned resources. Understand the cost of infrastructure options and the consumption of resources by end users in order to maximize
capital spending.