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What stands in the way of your success today? What things could you do in your business right now that would really make a difference to? If you are like most businesses, your answer to these questions goes something like: “We have the ideas, the systems and the people. What we need is a better way to pull them all together to get things done.” Well, now you have a way to do just that — Avaya Breeze. Very simply, Avaya Breeze gives you the tools you need to engage the right resource in the right place at the right time. With Avaya Breeze you can quickly assemble a team to respond to a critical customer request or emergency and send information to a select group of customers in the way they prefer. It allows you to monitor the exact words spoken on service calls for compliance purposes or to identify possible solutions? Get it done. Add communications capabilities to business processes that involve multiple decision makers (e.g., contract approvals, application processing, performance reviews).

Engage people and customers with communications and collaboration that’s customized, personal and tailored to specific organizations, teams, devices, mediums and more. Conference call activation — use voice activation from you mobile device to select the right conference call to join from among multiple meetings. Enhance customer communications — simplify and personalize customer communications by adapting the caller ID from-address, the outreach medium (voice, email or SMS [text]) and reply back options. Executive callback — give executives a visual indication if a called party is on the phone. If the called party is away, a callback is initiated when they next use their phone. Keep everyone in the loop — set up need-to-know broadcast lists based on the recipients, the information being distributed (e.g., financial reports, news of big orders, incidents, scheduling) and personal preferences. Missed call/text alert — enable employees (sales reps, managers, etc.) to set automatic alerts and actions if a call is missed or a text is not responded to.

Personalize Customer Experience

Add live assistance to self-service — add “click-to-contact” options to outbound notifications to give customers access to contextual assistance and expertise. Click-to-contact on websites — reduce abandon rates/Increase retention of customers during browsing/shopping by providing easy click-to-call access. Customer — specific service directory — give registered customers an online directory of all the unique points of contact. Personalize outbound calls — control the number seen by the person being called — showing local numbers based on the location of a customer makes service more personal and increases the chances of making a connection. Prioritize high-value customers — use incoming calling line identification to route and customize the service provided to high-value customers/customers with deals in progress. Establish rules for escalating incident notification to people/teams based on work schedules, response/no response, skills and chain of command. Response App — provide a mobile app that enables team members/responders to share data, video, etc., as it is captured.

Avaya Breeze

Avaya Breeze provides the tools to enhance efficiency and top-line performance in any contact center. Block malicious callers — host a malicious/nuisance callers list to intercept or block nuisance calls in real-time, and enable agents to update nuisance call lists. Enhance customer engagement with speech monitoring — the speech monitoring capability offers numerous ways to enhance customer engagement. Handling repeat callers — track and identify repeat callers to provide better customer experience. Seamless transfer — make it easy for confidential calls that come in on one device (e.g., a public conference room speakerphone) to be automatically transferred to a private device. Team Formation — assemble teams from across locations based on project, task, event, time of day, schedule, skills/responsibilities of individuals and personal preferences for email, voice or SMS (text). Integrate click-to-call or video chat directly within your web pages or mobile apps.
Avaya Breeze


The average business today uses up to six different cloud solutions in order to meet an ever-growing list of needs. The rise of digital transformation (and the level of quality, agility and speed consumers expect as a result) has placed more demand on the enterprise than one cloud solution can deliver — until now. Avaya’s approach to cloud is simple: have the cloud your way. Avaya’s cloud solutions are built on a fully open architecture that supports true compatibility and limitless interoperability — with a clear focus on the reliability and security you need. Take a tactical approach to reducing costs and freeing up in-house resources. Move to the Cloud or to Cloud-based managed services. Use the time saved on in-house management of unified communications, contact center, video, and hosted applications to re-focus on your core business.

Exercise your options for the level of support you need. You can start with the most basic, standard managed services, such as Release Management, Managed Assist, or Managed Operate. Or choose a fully as-a-service cloud-based solution that can be customized to support your multi-vendor environment. Or try something in between. We support your path, pace, and choices for communications support and management. Increase efficiency, flexibility, and performance with service solutions that keep your business going and growing. You’ll be able to lower your TCO, optimize your communications performance, leverage your in-house resources more efficiently, and lay the groundwork for future technology-based capabilities. You can also capture the value of a globally consistent, IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL-aligned communications environment designed to fit your organization’s needs.

Contact Center

Manage your contact center operations using Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) aligned processes. Unlike conventional business process outsourcing arrangements, Avaya Contact Center Managed Services allow flexibility in the focus and responsibilities of each party involved. Align the right applications and management support assistance to augment your internal capabilities and to use your resources more effectively.

We provide the knowledge and experience you need to make the most of your critical contact center technologies. These include IVR, voice, computer telephony integration, call recording, and advanced call routing. Accelerate the business benefits of technology by easing adoption of new solutions with Contact Center Managed Services. Built on the principles of co-management and out-tasking, Avaya Contact Center Managed Services offer a happy medium between complete outsourcing and self-management strategies. Contract out only selected services, instead of whole business processes.


A solution sized to your specifications — this customized, packaged, private cloud solution is flexibly configured and fast to implement. You focus on the business aspects of your communications applications while we take care of the underlying technology. Your employees get the data they need, and you maintain optimum control and a better understanding of your environment. Monitoring delivers increased value now and in the future — enable proactive, predictive, and preventative support of your networks and applications with the innovative Avaya Management platform.

Gain full visibility into what’s happening in your environment, giving you stronger control to meet your current needs and historical information to plan for your future. Pay only for what you need — whether your plans include optimizing your current communications applications or transitioning to new technology, there’s a pricing model that fits your business. Pricing is on a utility model basis — for example, per user/per month — and often can include no upfront payments or capital expenditure purchases. Private cloud or dedicated hosted options have a pay-as-you-go model.

Unified Communications

Manage your communications infrastructure with a comprehensive set of globally aligned services. We offer support for all your unified communications needs — from simple out-tasking to full outsourcing. Take advantage of the flexibility to use and add enterprise communications support elements as you need them. Internationally recognized operations services are based and aligned with the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). They are packaged in service sets, so you can start with a baseline level and then add extra elements at your own pace and only as required.

Choose from extensive, flexible, agile options for managed services. With Avaya Unified Communications Managed Services, you define and control the scope of responsibility for your internal and external team members — unlike conventional business process outsourcing. Optimize your communication applications suite based on your business objectives: reducing costs, improving cash flow management, or increasing revenue. These managed solutions scale up or down as your business expands or contracts, and provide predictable pricing and service.


Lay the foundation for powerful, scalable, and Interoperable multi-party video collaboration. Go with proven expertise: Avaya was named a major player in IDC MarketScape for worldwide enterprise video conferencing equipment. Build on your existing video deployment with HD video conferencing. Avaya Scopia video conferencing Infrastructure provides scalable, cost-effective, and unparalleled interoperability with other standards-based video endpoints. Experience advanced room systems and distributed desktop and mobile endpoints.

Invite anyone, anywhere, on any network, to participate in a video call. Customize your always available virtual conference rooms. Support scheduled and ad-hoc conferencing from video conference room systems, desktops, and mobile apps. Gain the largest video capacity (80 HD ports) in a single 1U system with hybrid hardware and software architecture, including powerful video acceleration. Connect to any standards-based video conferencing system and leading unified communications client.