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We are a premier cloud platform consulting services firm that has been leveraging cloud technologies from companies like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and VMware vCloud Air Private Managed Cloud to deliver public, private and hybrid IT cloud solutions. IAM Networks offers the full range of services from strategy and planning to design, implementation, transformation and ongoing cloud management. IAM Networks cloud platform consulting services offerings are designed to ensure that your mission critical cloud strategy is implemented successfully and that your business realizes maximum value with minimal downside risk. IAM Networks managed cloud offerings enhance the public cloud by providing enterprise ready capabilities to your public cloud environment. With the growing emphasis on digital transformation, many IT departments are trying to transform their legacy environments to better perform against business objectives. IT leaders can no longer depend on the past to guide the future.

Transform your infrastructure management from operations to engineering, and lower your TCO while increasing up time. Certified cloud architects design highly available, secure and scalable infrastructure for your mission critical workloads. Our proven methodology for cloud transformation has been perfected over the last 15 years and hundreds of projects. We manage cloud infrastructure leveraging the latest technologies and methodologies, including configuration management, automated scaling, self-healing, and continuous deployment. We are strategically partnered with the top public and private cloud vendors, and skilled with cloud agnostic provisioning and management tools to free you from cloud lock in. We take pride in the success of our clients. By hiring technical talent who are experts in their fields and following the agile project management methodology we architect secure environments built to last. A multi-cloud management platform powering your cloud helps you manage your business services securely across multiple clouds, from.


Accelerate Transformation While Mitigating Business Risk

Making informed decisions when the stakes are high is critically important. IAM Networks can help you speed the process of defining the right solution and the best way to safely capture business value. We have Transformation and Architecture cloud platform consulting services to guide your journey and to help you make the shift to new IT operating and consumption models, in support of your business objectives. IAM Networks delivers cloud Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) for your web applications, databases, and websites in the cloud of our choice. By combining 24/7 security expertise with intrusion detection, malware protection, patch monitoring, and OS file integrity monitoring you’ll get constant security feedback to protect your applications, anywhere. The industry average is 205 days to detect a security breach. With IAM Networks you can cut that time to under 2 days. That’s 100 times faster than most security solutions. IAM Networks provides the ideal solution for organizations that require the best in trust, security and performance.

Cloud Deployment Services

IAM Networks reviews key technology domains supporting your current business and future goals, focusing on the improvements needed to meet your objectives through cloud platform consulting services. Deployment services includes the delivery of staging and install, configuration and integration, testing, handover and training to assist you with deployment and transition to business objectives. Project and program management services provide a full project and programme service from definition, through to final implementation using proven frameworks, methodologies, and tools. Strategic discovery development brings together business and IT leaders to uncover gaps in alignment between business and IT strategies. The workshop defines technology initiatives that will deliver valued business outcomes and concludes with a defined roadmap, success measures and ownership assignments. With cloud platform consulting services, the flexibility available in defining and managing enterprise operations translates to “your cloud, your way.”

Cloud Platform Consulting Services

We work with you to shape your business needs into IT strategy and architectural plans. Cloud platform consulting services experts can then design, deploy, and project manage your implementation and transition to deliver technology that meets your business objectives. Application placement and cloud readiness assessment defines the best fit deployment model (physical, virtual, cloud or hybrid) and prioritize applications for migration to the cloud. The assessment considers business, technology, risk and compliance, and financial factors to define the most appropriate delivery model. Cloud readiness and business motivation factors are assessed to prioritize assessed applications for cloud migration. Data center development model defines your ideal to be state and the IT infrastructure roadmap to get you there. Gain governance and cloud management controls. Simplify oversight with centralized cloud governance using analytics, cost controls and policy management

Discover True Hybrid Cloud Consistency

Get strategic about moving selected workloads to the cloud, knowing you can easily manage them alongside the ones you keep on-premises. Make the best use of existing assets and skills throughout your company’s digital transformation. Improve agility and maximize your existing investments with the Hybrid Use Benefit. Use your on—premises Windows Server licenses with Software Assurance to run Windows virtual machines in a hybrid cloud, building a truly consistent hybrid cloud where you can use common skill sets across your on-premises and hybrid cloud workloads. Maximize existing skills by migrating to a hybrid cloud solution, and get a flexible, unified approach to building apps that can run in the cloud or on-premises. Gain visibility and control over all assets from your datacenter to the cloud, and help protect critical workloads with hybrid cloud-based backup and recovery.
Cloud Platform Consulting Services
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