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Storage that makes your unstructured data come alive. Not just another object store. Veritas Cloud Storage has taken a fresh look at the needs of managing vast quantities of unstructured data and how applications such as IoT and big data can make the most out of the stored data. Enable innovative, modern apps. Manage and govern data. Scale cost-effectively and resiliently. A very wide range of access protocols, plug-ins, connectors and SDKs, and an API lets you ingest, access and query your data flexibly. Flexible support for associating custom metadata allows you to enrich your data and enables stronger analytics. The Veritas Information Classification engine inspects and classifies data containing personally identifiable information (PII) to help you comply with regulations such as GDPR. The embedded workflow engine lets you stitch together disparate applications to achieve business objectives using your data.

A rich set of policies and storage services ensure that your data is secure, protected yet available as needed with Veritas Cloud Storage. The advanced scale-out architecture enables resilient and cost-effective growth without onerous challenges. By all accounts the amount of data is continuing to grow relentlessly. It is commonly accepted that the vast majority of this growth is coming in the form of unstructured data. The proliferation of initiatives related to trends such as big data and internet of things (IoT) are serving to drive this growth in unstructured data. In recent years, adopting an object based (rather than file or block based) approach to data has been gaining currency and this is evident in many newer, “cloud-native” applications, typically using public cloud storage. Attracted by the promise of better insights and competitive advantage, organizations are increasingly undertaking data-intensive projects.


Veritas Cloud Storage  — Enabling Innovative Applications

Data is the lifeblood of a modern organization and it is software that allows you to protect and extract maximum value from that data. To facilitate innovative applications Veritas Cloud Storage provides a rich array of protocols for data ingest and access such as not only S3 and Swift but also protocols such as MQTT and COAP for addressing emerging IoT workloads. In addition to the flexibility provided by the diverse access protocols Veritas Cloud Storage also includes a workflow engine. Developers can use the workflow engine to create workflows to meet business needs by stitching together disparate applications. Being able to easily create workflows that act on the data can allow quick prototyping and identification of valuable opportunities. The solution provides the ability to associate custom metadata with objects enabling advanced analytics. A JDBC connector allows users to interface their existing BI apps with the storage.

Managing And Governing Data

Understanding the data you have is the first step to ensuring sound management and governance. The solution provides indexing at metadata level. Veritas Cloud Storage also uses the Veritas Information Classification Engine. For deeper inspection and classification of the data to help ensure that sensitive or risky information is properly managed and protected. This innovative technology provides broad visibility into personally identifiable information (PII). And helps companies comply with strict data protection requirements worldwide. Like the European Union’s forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) through enabling appropriate retention policies. The classification engine includes more than 100 pre-configured patterns for recognition of credit card and social security numbers, medical records and other PII. It also comes pre-loaded with more than 60 different policies for GDPR, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulations around the globe to accelerate compliance readiness.

Scaling Cost-Effectively And Resiliently

The growth of data is a given as is the need to efficiently and cost-effectively handle that growth. A robust, modern storage solution should take the data growth in stride. Veritas Cloud Storage allows for seamless and easy growth. So that your environment can grow as large as your needs require without imposing onerous upgrade challenges. The global namespace coupled with geo-awareness provides for cross data center redundancy. In addition to policy-driven protection, the solution incorporates bit rot detection & correction and in-flight & at-rest encryption to keep data safe. Techniques such as compression and erasure coding help ensure that the underlying storage is used efficiently for overall cost-effectiveness. Veritas Technologies empowers businesses of all sizes to discover the truth in information — their most important digital asset. Using the Veritas platform, customers can accelerate their digital transformation and solve pressing IT and business challenges.
Veritas Cloud Storage
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