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With Adobe Document Cloud — you can transform current document processes into all-digital experiences. So information flows automatically from one step to the next. And workforce productivity soars 30% or more. Adobe Document Cloud is everything you need to create all digital document workflows — quickly, securely, in the systems you already use. Adobe Document Cloud includes Acrobat DC, Adobe Sign, and powerful mobile apps. And it’s backed by Adobe — the leader in digital documents for more than 20 years. Put speed on your side with the #1 rated e-sign solution. Add Adobe Sign to the applications you already own. And get all the power you need to keep business moving. Add Adobe Document Cloud solutions to your existing applications or business processes using Adobe robust APIs. Give employees self-service access to frequently used form, contracts, and other legal documents. Then your legal team can spend less time approving agreements, and more time putting their expertise to work.

When every second counts, count on the world’s top e-signature solution. Create all digital experiences with Adobe Sign. And add some speed to your signing processes. Whatever you need to sign, make it swipe and tap simple with e-signatures by Adobe Sign. They’re legally binding, more secure than ink, and they run in the apps you already own. So it’s easy to create all digital e-sign experiences end to end — and move from signed to sealed in minutes. Use e—signatures to speed up your traditionally paper based tasks. Adobe Sign integrates with the systems and processes you use every day, so you can bring the convenience of e-signatures to all your departments and teams. Adobe Document Cloud works with leading business systems. With integrations, you can get Adobe Sign up and running in minutes. Adobe partners with the best companies — so you can add Adobe Document Cloud solutions to the systems, processes, and applications your organization already uses.

Adobe Document Cloud Speed Time To Revenue With These Capabilities

Close deals in days or hours, instead of weeks, with Adobe Sign — the all digital solution for automatic proposal, quote, and contract processes. Build e-signing into the CRM and CPQ systems you use every day, including Salesforce and Apttus. Automatically initiate activities like invoicing, order fulfillment, and customer on boarding. Select from dozens of languages to send localized emails and signing instructions. Reduce manual data entry errors — and your company’s vulnerability — with Adobe’s completely automated e-signature solution. Automatically add a digital seal to ensure contract integrity. Reduce legal risk with an automatically generated audit trail. Ensure data security with industry leading government regulatory compliance standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC 2 Type 2, and ISO 27001. Make compliance automatic, end to end — Adobe Sign is the world’s most trusted e-sign solution. With it, you know your e-signatures are legal, secure, completely compliant, and enforceable around the world.


Relay on real-time dashboards. See when a process kicked off, who was involved, and who signed, when. Pull up reports for a big picture look at the status of all your legal documents. Ensure data security and privacy. Comply with government regulations and industry leading standards including PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC 2, Type 2, and ISO 27001. Hitting your quotas and staying ahead of the competition is easier when you’re free of back-office bottlenecks. Adobe Sign lets you sign and manage signatures in the office or on the go, closing every deal faster. Adobe Sign is the only application that lets sales organizations create secure, 100% digital document processes from initial quote through close to renewal. That’s why it’s the #1 e-signature solution in the Salesforce AppExchange — and has been since 2006. Get crystal clear insight into your pipeline and improve forecasting accuracy through real-time visibility into document status across your organization. Know exactly when a contract has been opened, signed, and returned.

Adobe Sign

Enroll customers digitally — you want an enrollment process that’s painless for you and pleasant for your customers. Whether it’s a credit card application or a medical registration, Adobe solutions let you start on one device, then finish on another. And you can rest assured it’s secure and compliant every step of the way. Reduce the time your customers spend in long or complex enrollment and on boarding processes. Instead of pens and clipboards, present them with forms that are easy to fill and sign on any desktop or device. With digital solutions from Adobe, you’ll delight your customers, speed your workflows, and stay compliant with less effort. Put your legal expertise to good use — create digital workflows that automate common legal processes from initiation through execution. Then employees can take care of legal documents — such as NDAs, vendor contracts, and licensing agreements — with little or no help. And your legal team can focus on bigger issues.
Adobe Document Cloud And Services

Adobe Acrobat DC

Completely reimagined and totally mobile, it will change the way you work with design layouts, press-ready files, and important documents forever. Acrobat Pro DC is the newest version of the world’s leading PDF solution. Now, you can fill, sign and share PDFs on any device. Edit anything, even a paper printout. Instantly access recently viewed PDFs across desktop, mobile and web. And spend more time on real work, less time on paper work. With Acrobat DC, Adobe is taking the world’s best PDF solution to an entirely new level.

With an intuitive, touch-enabled interface, Acrobat DC delivers powerful new functionality to get work done anywhere. The new Tools Center offers quick access to the tools you use most, while elegant new tool experiences work consistently across desktop, web, and mobile. And, Acrobat Pro DC now includes functionality that lets you send and track documents electronically, instead of using fax or overnight delivery services. Access your work as you move between desktop and devices, and pick up that form or document where you left off.

Adobe Security

To better protect Adobe customers’ data from the physical layer up, Adobe implemented hundreds of security processes and controls to help Adobe comply with industry-accepted standards, regulations, and certification's. To help protect from the software layer down, Adobe build in security using the Adobe Secure Product Lifecycle. Adobe created clear, repeatable processes to help ensure that the Adobe development teams build security into Adobe products and services. From system monitoring to automation to access control, Adobe designed operations to help ensure optimum security. Adobe works with industry partners to share knowledge and help maintain best security practices.

By employing the right level of processes and procedures in tandem with Adobe's overall security strategy, Adobe provides a robust framework for continuous risk management and help the security of our operations. Adobe processes and controls are also designed to support many compliance frameworks and follow industry-standard operations practices. Adobe uses access control measures so that the fewest number of operators have access to restricted data. Role-based access is defined and deployed to restrict privileged access to information resources based on the concept of least privilege. Authorization requires approval by the management directly responsible for the condentiality, integrity, and availability of impacted resources.

Adobe Sign

How Do I track Documents Sent for Signature? There’s something deeply satisfying about a signature at the end of a process. Whether finishing a painting or wrapping up a sale, the simple act of signing a name puts a period at the end of the sentence. You’ve done it! Or have you? According to IDC research, 55% of office workers have no clue where their documents sit in the signing process. Who needs to sign next? Have they opened the document? Have they even received it? Lack of visibility leads to broken processes and frustrated stakeholders.

With Document Cloud and the Adobe Sign mobile app, users can easily check in on the status of documents that have been sent for signature. View file history, send reminders, or even initiate in-person signing. Follow these steps to get to the finish line with Adobe Sign.


It's what you need to fast-forward documents between people and tasks automatically. Deliver amazing experiences every time with Acrobat DC, Adobe Sign, and powerful mobile apps — all easily integrated into your existing systems. Speed is on your side with the world's top e-sign solution. Add Adobe Sign to your existing applications and get all the power you need to keep business moving. Without barriers or delays. Powerful mobile apps in Document Cloud make it easy for customers to do business with you from any screen. And employees get the freedom and visibility they need to drive business faster across desktops and devices.

There's something deeply satisfying about a signature at the end of a process. You've done it! Or have you? According to IDC research, 55% of office workers have no clue where their documents sit in the signing process. Follow these steps to get to the finish line with Adobe Sign. Acrobat and Reader work great on Windows, especially when you optimize their interaction. This can be done in two simple steps after installing Acrobat or Reader. The first step is to pin the application to the taskbar, and second, make Acrobat or Reader the default application for opening PDF files.


HR needs less time with paper and more time with people — as an HR team, you work hard to find the best talent, bring them on smoothly, and meet the needs of the workforce you already have. Adobe Sign helps make those processes faster and more efficient while maintaining security compliance. Win and retain the best. Cut costs and delays. And free everyone to focus on projects that drive business forward. Adobe Sign keeps HR processes 100% digital — from attracting and on boarding through management and transition. It’s do-it-yourself simple to set up — there’s no need for a lengthy or expensive transition. Document Cloud includes Acrobat DC,

Adobe Sign, and powerful mobile apps. And it’s backed by Adobe, the leader in digital documents for more than 20 years. And get all the power you need to keep business moving. Add Document Cloud solutions to your existing applications using our robust APIs. Get up and running quickly and easily with a legal solution that works right out of the box no IT support or coding required. Build workflows from scratch. Use included workflows templates or design your own to route documents correctly.