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HP Enterprise Helion Managed Cloud
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New technology is redefining how companies develop and deliver applications. In this changing climate, IT must evolve to support the business. HP Enterprise Helion Managed Cloud Services provide the infrastructure foundation for critical application workloads requiring higher levels of security, performance, availability, continuity, responsiveness, and quality. In today’s world, your enterprise is demanding increased IT agility, responsiveness, reliability, security, and efficiency. How do you manage these demands while lowering costs? Just keeping up with maintenance and upgrades consumes most of your resources and capital. You have little left to address much-needed innovation and apply technology in a way that will generate meaningful business outcomes. The cloud offers flexibility and agility to unleash the innovation your business needs for growth. This platform enables service governance across your defined mix of providers, and establishes service efficiencies by providing a single view of your IT spending, service performance, operational configurations and security posture.

Hybrid cloud is a catalyst for IT transformation. It improves efficiency, accelerates delivery of apps and services, and gives you the flexibility to combine your preferred clouds and existing on-premises infrastructure in the ratio best suited to your organization. HP Enterprise Helion Managed Cloud solutions provide simplicity, security, governance and speed to support your transformation to hybrid infrastructure. Beyond providing the right technology, HP Enterprise offers skills and expertise to help you face the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. cloud solutions deliver on demand capacity for building and testing applications, flexing to meet peak demands of enterprise applications, and enabling rapid deployment of new applications and services to the business. While the cloud offers the promise of lower operating cost, without careful planning and design, it can increase delivery costs or fail to meet business expectations.

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HP Enterprise Helion Managed Cloud Portfolio

HPE Helion And Veritas Continuity — HP Enterprise Helion Managed Cloud continuity services provide robust protection of complex IT environments: traditional IT and cloud, mid range and mainframe, data center and workplace, infrastructure and applications, and multiple sourcing models which improve recovery times and recovery points at costs that are 20% to 65% less than in-house, re purposed test/development solutions. HP Enterprise Helion Managed Cloud Applications — let HP Enterprise transform and manage your business applications, leveraging the power of our Cloud Platform Managed Services to improve your business performance with integrated application solutions across SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, and the HP Enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. HP Enterprise Helion Managed Cloud Broker — get an integrated view of your hybrid IT ecosystem, and focus on running your enterprise instead of tracking silos of IT sprawl.

HP Enterprise Helion Managed Cloud

Vertical Industry Cloud Solutions

Public Sector Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering that allows government agencies, educational institutions and commercial organizations with ITAR requirements to achieve cloud computing objectives securely and without the hassles of traditional IT sourcing. Designed to meet FedRAMP Moderate, FISMA High, and DISA Enterprise Cloud Service Broker (ECSB) Level-5 security profiles. The HP Enterprise managed private cloud solution meets the high security and compliance requirements to support your mission critical workloads. HP Enterprise offers cloud enabled mobile management, simplified user authentication, secure file sharing, and syncing and diversified application access built and managed for the public sector market. The HP Enterprise Helion Managed Cloud Services Enablement portfolio for service providers integrates HP Enterprise software, hardware, and services to simplify and accelerate the deployment and monetization of cloud service.
HP Enterprise Helion Managed Cloud
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