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Your business needs immediate, easy and secure access to information. But you must balance that with access controls that secure protected information and help you meet government mandates. With identity powered access solutions, you can quickly and cost effectively integrate Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies across local, mobile and cloud environments. Our solutions use integrated identity information to create, modify, and retire identities and control their access. IAM is a security policy management and control platform. We provide Identity Management, Access Management, Single Sign-On (SSO), access governance, identity tracking and Active Directory (AD) administration. IAM Networks can make it easier for users or managers to request, review and approve secure access to resources. We are challenged to grant ‘just enough’ access and authority for people to do their jobs. Without IAM solutions access control, you end up granting more rights or access than you should.

Users link up their own devices, your company is increasing its geographic reach, and some of your operations have moved to the cloud. The Internet of Things (IoT) links more devices to your network. Adversaries have become more sophisticated, and it can take months or years before threats are found. Security services help you get the most from your cybersecurity program and technology investments. IAM Networks can implement the technologies allowing you to grant and enforce the necessary user privileges. Organizations that use services for security get access to consultants and experts to support their staff with the latest knowledge and capabilities. They also help improve time to threat detection and response. And, by reducing complexity, you’ll improve your ability to adapt to changing business priorities. Give users secure access to the resources they need. Balance the need to revoke access with enabling immediate access to IT resources.

Identity And Access Management For Regulatory Compliance

Demonstrate compliance with regulations or mandates that require controls to enforce least privilege access to sensitive information. Current certification processes are a burden on IT and the business. Efficiently demonstrate access controls that limit access to only those that need it. With identity powered security we can help you to achieve identity powered security by providing the tools you need to aggregate identity information from across your IT infrastructure, and integrate this information into your security monitoring tools, delivering the essential identity context teams need to recognize and address potential attacks faster than ever before thought possible. Customer privacy, valuable assets, and your organization’s reputation are at risk. We recognize these fundamental changes and helps you respond with Identity and Access Management. IAM is a security policy management and control platform. Essentially, it tells you who and what is connecting to your wired and wireless network.

Control Access To IT Resources

You need to reduce manual work, speed up approval processes, and make sure only the right people have access to IAM solutions whether on premise or in the cloud. Identity and Access Management solutions ideally with user self-service helps enforce compliance and governance with corporate access policies and enhances the security of your infrastructure. It also helps ensure compliance with IEEE 802.1X, which spells out authentication protocols for wired and especially wireless networks. And since it automates and simplifies policy enforcement, it simplifies operations. Given that effective security can involve multiple activities, it may sound complicated. In addition, many companies don’t have the resources to make the most effective use of identity and access management platforms. We offer design and implementation services for IAM. This can help ensure that your infrastructure supports your company’s unique, specific needs.
Identity And Access Management


Identity and Access Management (IAM) enables you to securely control access to services and resources for your users. Using IAM, you can create and manage users and groups, and use permissions to allow and deny their access to resources. With IAM it enables your users to control access to service APIs and to specific resources. IAM also enables you to add specific conditions such as time of day to control how a user can use resources, their originating IP address, whether they are using SSL, or whether they have authenticated with a multi-factor authentication device.

You can enable your mobile and browser-based applications to securely access resources by requesting temporary security credentials that grant access only to specific resources for a configurable period of time. With IAM it can be used to grant your employees and applications federated access to a management console and service APIs, using your existing identity systems such as Microsoft Active Directory. You can use any identity management solution that supports SAML 2.0, or feel free to use one of our federation samples (API federation).

Cisco pxGrid

With Cisco pxGrid (Platform Exchange Grid), your multiple security products can now share data and work together. This open, scalable, and IETF standards-driven platform helps you automate security to get answers and contain threats faster. Use one API for open, automated data sharing and control. Cisco pxGrid can help an entire ecosystem of dissimilar, IETF standards. Track technologies work together. Manage your security through a single interface. See your security posture more clearly and concisely. Get all relevant information and actionable intelligence on a single screen. Customize the way you share and view security data.

Stop any attack, anywhere in the network, immediately and automatically. With pxGrid, any connected technology can instruct the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) to contain a threat. Cisco pxGrid enables cross-platform network system collaboration across your IT infrastructure. Monitor security, detect threats, and set network policy. Manage assets, configuration, identity, and access. The pxGrid controller manages client authentications, authorizations, topics, and the subscription list. Once authorized, subscribers get the contextual information and alerts that you publish. Get the strongest possible security. Use Cisco Services to help you integrate technologies, migrate from other solutions, and optimize your existing solutions.


Users have to remember and use too many passwords. This leads to expensive reset calls, risks exposure from reuse, and causes user frustration. IAM Networks can enable a seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) experience across the enterprise and the Cloud. When users need access to resources, the approvals need to happen quickly so those users can remain productive. We can make it easier for users or managers to request, review and approve secure access to resources. No matter where they reside. Strengthen authentication without restricting productivity.

If passwords are easily compromised, you deal with a growing list of requirements for stronger authentication to satisfy security needs. We can increase the security of access while keeping it easy for all users so they aren’t burdened. Identity And Access Management enforces policy across the extended network infrastructure and provides role based access to data and systems. And because it combines Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA), profiling, and other features in one appliance, it also simplifies security management.

Manage IAM Users

You can create users in IAM, assign them individual security credentials (in other words, access keys, passwords, and multi-factor authentication devices), or request temporary security credentials to provide users access to services and resources. Manage permissions in order to control which operations a user can perform. Create roles in IAM and manage permissions to control which operations can be performed by the entity, or service, that assumes the role. You can also define which entity is allowed to assume the role.

In addition, you can use service-linked roles to delegate permissions to services that create and manage resources on your behalf. Enable identity federation to allow existing identities (users, groups, and roles) in your enterprise to access the a management console, call APIs, and access resources, without the need to create an IAM user for each identity.

Safeguard Data

Today's organizations need to govern and enforce user access across multiple channels, including mobile, social and cloud. At the same time, they must address business needs such as role management, compliance and audit reporting and integration of various user populations. Security identity and access solutions help safeguard valuable data and applications with context-based access control, security policy enforcement and business-driven identity governance.

Armed with user metrics and audit reports on user entitlements and access activities, you can deal more quickly and efficiently with the complexities of user access management, insider threats and compliance requirements. Identity and access management solutions help strengthen compliance and reduce risk by protecting and monitoring user access in today's multi-perimeter environments.