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Gain he power of identity to deliver actionable and timely network security management intelligence to your IT staff. Access to information has never been so easy, open and diverse. Easy access opens the door to a wide range of security threats. Your job is to detect and respond to all potential threats quickly and decisively. Identity powered security solutions work by integrating identity information with security monitoring. Giving you the network security management intelligence you need, when you need it. To detect and respond to abnormal activity that signals a data breach or compliance gap. Identity and Access Management (IAM) network security management solutions provide visibility and control of user activities, security events, and critical systems across your organization to help you quickly address evolving threats. After data breaches occur, analysis often finds clear evidence of malicious activity in the audit logs.

Network security management monitoring solutions help you to assess and report on the integrity of critical systems and files in real-time. This gives you the detailed security intelligence you need to streamline auditing, and proactively defend against emerging threats. If current network security and compliance processes can’t identify vulnerabilities and misconfiguration fast enough, then critical network assets will be at risk. Compliance with industry and governmental mandates to improve the network security posture and avoid the costs and penalties of non compliance is government mandated and necessary to keep client, company and employee information confidential. Network security management services quickly identifies and resolves key system vulnerabilities. Harden your critical systems against insider threats or advanced, persistent and targeted attacks.

Compliance And Governance Network Security Management

Organizations need to achieve regulatory compliance when their IT infrastructure is expanding into the cloud as well as on premise. Compliance and governance security services allow organizations to detect and address policy violations across the network environment to close IT compliance gaps. Whether you manage your IT environment on IAM solutions premise, virtually, or in the cloud, you need a way to coordinate everything from one location. Through the central management of the processes and policies that determine how you monitor access and changes to sensitive data. We make it easy to define baseline system configurations, and then maintain these over time. This makes it possible to detect and resolve configuration problems in your systems. Additionally, we provide a way to centrally record and audit changes across your most critical platforms, including Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Active Directory.

Detection And Disruption Of Data Breaches

Forensic analysis of data breaches usually finds that clear evidence of malicious activity was sitting in audit logs. If the security team had known about the activity, they could have stopped, or at least mitigated, the security threat. But it is difficult to know which activities pose real or potential threats, and require investigation. To quickly identify threats before they cause damage. You need real Identity and Access Management solutions time information and analysis of security events as they occur. You need to rapidly spot things that are out of the ordinary and may require a closer look. Use of SIEM technology helps you establish baselines of normal activity patterns in your environment. This allows real-time security analytics to help you identify inconsistencies, without knowing exactly what you are looking for. To more deeply enrich the context of your security intelligence. You can complement the capabilities of SIEM with a change monitoring solution.
Network Security Management Services


Network security management allows an administrator to manage a network consisting of physical and virtual firewalls from one central location. Administrators need network security management solutions to get a high level of visibility into network behavior, automate device configuration, enforce global policies, view firewall traffic, generate reports, and provide a single management interface for physical and virtual systems. In today’s complex network architecture and constantly changing threat environment, it is challenging for IT staff to maintain an effective security posture.

Security administrative tasks include supporting an ever-expanding matrix of users, devices, locations, and applications; adhering to compliance; enabling new services, optimizing performance; ensuring access controls and security mechanisms; and troubleshooting on demand. Any misconfiguration can make the network vulnerable to sophisticated threats and regulatory noncompliance.


End users need to get their jobs done better, faster and more efficiently. With cloud computing, mobile devices and other technologies in the workplace, our services provide ways to manage security and compliance risks to our most sensitive data. Protect the integrity of key systems and files across the organization. Your most critical information and system assets will always be the target of malicious actors. They know how to exploit the vulnerabilities that come from the complex inter dependencies of today’s hybrid IT environments.

To help discover and resolve these potential threats, you must first proactively manage and report on user rights and entitlements based on role. IAM Networks services help you close the window of opportunity on users with bad intentions. Network security management monitoring solution offers real-time alerts that detail the who, what, when and where of unauthorized access and change. We provide automated identification and alerting of unusual activity. Control and monitor privileged users — Identity and Access Management provides the number of users with broad access rights. IAM Networks provides assessment of your network against security and compliance controls.

Network Security

Network Based Security (NBS) was built to provide a comprehensive solution that meets the network security needs of business with a single managed solution. NBS is a modular cloud-based security service that includes a managed firewall with VPN, scalable options for Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Data Leak Protection, web malware prevention and content filtering.

NBS is more efficient than traditional CPE-based security solutions because it delivers security in the cloud, rather than through a single office location where expensive network equipment needs to be housed. NBS also enables speedier, more efficient Internet access because it allows user traffic to flow naturally across multiple access points, rather than pushing it through a single point where the VPN lives. Customers no longer need to cope with the latency and bandwidth issues common with CPE-based security solutions.

Network Security Management

Network security management provides complete visibility into the network and generates data for assets (asset groupings and classifications), firewalls, applications, ports, protocols, VPNs, NAT, and security policies and vendor devices. This information drills into the details for individual devices and is analyzed. The data is translated into intelligence that decrypts security transactions into manageable, actionable information in the form of policy creation. Updated policies are distributed to enforcement points (firewalls), ensuring network protection.

Network security management can reduce risk across the network and protect data by leveraging the information on threats, network vulnerabilities and their criticality, evaluating potential options to block an attack, and providing intelligence for decision support. Policy administration is improved by unifying common policy tasks within a single interface, automating policy change workflow, including compliance audits and the management of multiple firewall vendors. This simplified and automated security policy management enables IT teams to save time, avoid manual errors, and reduce risk.