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Citrix Software-Defined Networking
Citrix Software-Defined Networking
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Transform your network to meet evolving demands with Citrix Software-Defined Networking. To realize the full value of server virtualization, your network needs the agility to move workloads among servers in a matter of seconds — without needing days or weeks of reconfiguration to support the VM in its new location. Traditional network devices are static and don’t allow the rapid evolution demanded by today’s virtualization and cloud strategies, and are too OPEX intensive to deliver true cloud economics. Citrix Software-Defined Networking (SDN) can overcome the limitations of traditional networks by allowing data center infrastructure deployment to be automated and delivered as-a-service. NetScaler leverages the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (Cisco APIC) to programmatically automate network provisioning and control based on application requirements and policies for both data center and enterprise environments.

Citrix Software-Defined Networking with NetScaler integrates with leading SDN systems and cloud orchestration platforms. The result is a dynamic network architecture that supports Citrix Software-Defined Networking and cloud strategies to increase agility, simplify operations and reduce costs. An app centric approach for defining networking policy and topology enables prescriptive, automated deployment and configuration of network services. IT can pre package the network services and associated topology, and then dynamically provision the best in class network services each application requires. This frees admins from complex, error prone per application provisioning of individual network services. NetScaler is the only application delivery controller that fully integrates into Cisco’s unified fabric. Citrix and Cisco deliver business and application agility with ACI. NetScaler and Cisco ACI enable data center and cloud administrators to holistically control Layer-2 through Layer-7 network services in a unified manner via seamless insertion and automation NetScaler services into next-generation data centers built on Cisco’s ACI architectures.


Citrix Software-Defined Networking Nitro SDK For Citrix NetScaler

Configure and monitor the NetScaler appliance with ease. The ability to control your networking device programmatically is essential for network owners. As deployments get complex and 10s/100s of devices are being used to perform similar tasks, it becomes extremely difficult to manually control the configuration changes. There are different automation and management architectures being discussed today, and you need to have your device interoperate with any such architecture. NetScaler supports an excellent layer of APIs called the NITRO APIs, which are RESTful and greatly superior to the last generation APIs. These APIs are fast, responsive and lightweight, providing hierarchical relationship of objects, allowing bulk processing and providing several other benefits over the traditional approach. With these quick SDKs, you can integrate with any automation framework and model. These SDKs are available for Java, .NET, Python and REST, which would enable the integration with any model which can simply work over HTTP or HTTPS.

Citrix Netscaler

Applications are critical to run your business, and you depend on your ADC to run your apps. Your ADC and apps used to live in the data center. But today, your applications are everywhere — like the cloud or in DevOps environments. And digital business transformation is changing how they are built, deployed, and managed. In the face of new application architectures and evolving data center technologies, our software-based ADC simplifies deployment across any form factor, any hypervisor, any cloud. And our single API and management platform provides interoperability with any orchestration platform. Organizations today need to run their applications in both local and cloud-based data centers to optimize resources. NetScaler offers real-time analytics and end-to-end visibility of your entire application infrastructure — regardless of where the applications live. DevOps and microservices architectures are changing the way apps are built and managed. NetScaler allows you to bridge the gap between your traditional and DevOps apps by providing unified capabilities and management through a single console.

Cisco ACE

To assist Cisco ACE customers make a seamless transition to a next-generation NetScaler ADC solution, Citrix offers a special Cisco ACE migration program with financial incentives and NetScaler implementation services delivered by Citrix Consulting Services. Together, Cisco and Citrix are making it easier than ever to move to the industry’s most advanced application delivery solution. Software-defined networking enhances the benefits of data center virtualization, increasing resource flexibility and utilization and reducing infrastructure costs. IT costs are dramatically reduced through policy enabled workflow automation, enabling on demand application delivery and mobility at scale. Citrix Software-Defined Networking NetScaler integrates with leading SDN platforms to converge the management of network and application services into a centralized, extensible orchestration platform that can automate the provisioning and configuration of the entire infrastructure. The result is a modern infrastructure that can deliver new applications and services in minutes. Leveraging Cisco RISE technology, NetScaler integrates with the Nexus series switch.
Citrix Software-Defined Networking
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