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Imagine if you had the software and a ready to go Cisco Network Virtualization Automation SDN (NFV) infrastructure that helps you easily create new services. What if you could launch them in a fraction of the time it takes now? Imagine too if your customers had a simple way to order your services online and get them in minutes. Cut your customer acquisition costs. Free your network engineers and others to create valuable applications and services in bold new ways. Customer expectations for network services have evolved markedly. Customers want a frictionless experience characterized by easy ordering, self-service, on-demand capacity, and payment based on consumption. Satisfying these needs means becoming more agile in service delivery, changing business models, and interacting with your customers in new ways.Rapid innovation is critical to staying competitive. Innovation is needed to drive greater speed and efficiency in operations.

Cisco Network Virtualization Automation SDN Infrastructure. Cisco developed a fully open, preintegrated, validated system that provides modular building blocks for creating reliable, repeatable, and high performance Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) deployments. With Cisco Network Virtualization And Automation SDN Infrastructure it is supported through a single point of contact and addresses the complexity, deployment, and operational challenges of NFV across multiple technology providers. Cisco Network Functions Virtualization Automation SDN is based on the industry-leading partnership of Cisco, Intel, and Red Hat. Cisco and Intel NFV Quick Start. To help speed the adoption of NFV services through demonstrations and Proofs of Concept (PoC) tests, the partnership has deployed labs globally. These labs are equipped with the Cisco Network Virtualization Automation SDN Virtualization Infrastructure comprising a comprehensive set of Cisco equipment, Intel technologies, and Red Hat software.


Cisco Network Virtualization Automation SDN

The Cisco Network Virtualization Automation SDN Infrastructure is a fully validated and tested system. It comprises the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, the Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) server powered by Intel technology, and the market leading Cisco Nexus family of networking equipment. The Cisco Network Virtualization Automation SDN Infrastructure builds a solid foundation that provides cost efficiency, improves service deployment speed, and enables new revenues. The Cisco Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure features include the physical infrastructure comprising Cisco UCS computing and storage, Nexus 9000 top of rack switches, and Cisco ACI SDN controller Virtual Topology System (VTS). Red Hat OpenStack for the Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM) with embedded Red Hat OpenStack, Red Hat Linux, RHEL Hypervisor, and Red Hat CEPH software-defined storage Virtual Network Functions — extensive ortfoliop.

Nexus Network Cisco NFV Software for OpenStack Management Assurance. Automated Installer VIM RHEL OSP OpenStack SDN Controller API. Cisco Network Virtualization And Automation SDN Infrastructure — the carrier class NFVI you need. Your network has to scale on demand, respond to unpredictable traffic models, and help you introduce services faster. With Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure, (NFVI), you can maintain high availability of services, deploy new services faster. reduce total cost of ownership by 40 percent, benefit from a tested and flexible architecture, and take advantage of an open, ETSI standard design. Get services up and running quickly. Cisco Network Virtualization Automation SDN Infrastructure is a tested and validated design that is easily extensible and expandable. It includes the ability of Cisco Services to give you end to end delivery and fast time to market.

Cisco Network Virtualization Automation SDN Validation

As part of the new IP revolution, Cisco NFV is going to change the world of communications networking and services. It’s just a matter of when, not if. Part of the journey towards the “cloudification” of wide area communications networks involves the development of coordinated hardware and software systems that will enable the creation, delivery, management and tear-down of Virtual Network Functions. Collectively, those systems are called the Cisco Network Virtualization Automation SDN infrastructure. A reliable NFVi is critical to the introduction of VNFs into any Communications Service Provider environment. So, as you’d expect, there’s no shortage of technology companies that want their NFVi to be at the heart of CSP strategies, to be the foundation upon which new, revenue generating applications can be reliably launched and provisioned. As a result, it’s incredibly important that network operators, as they start to introduce commercial services using New IP technologies.

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We can help you do it, now. We have the software building blocks and the NFV infrastructure you need to automate your service delivery, launch new services rapidly, and slash your network operations costs. Cisco tools to build your network services automation. Cisco products and solutions are based on an open network architecture and support your multi vendor environment. You can build on them and innovate as you need. The principal technologies include SDN, network functions virtualization (NFV), and open source software.Together, these can help transform your network and your business. And it helps to simplify the provisioning, configuration, and life-cycle management of all components. Cisco Network Functions Virtualization Automation SDN Infrastructure Technical Overview Based on the standards created by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) Industry Specification Group for NFV, Cisco NFV Infrastructure provides defined capabilities as an integrated system fully supplied and supported by Cisco.

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Cisco provides 24/7 support of the infrastructure, with OpenSource software included. Together, Light Reading, as an independent and trusted media organization at the heart of the global communications technology community, and its respected test lab partner EANTC are in a prime position to help network operators with their New IP strategies. Earlier this year, Light Reading asked the EANTC team to visit the San José, Calif. labs of Cisco Systems to conduct a series of validation and verification exercises on a number of Cisco cloud, software-defined networking and virtualization platforms. This approach addresses the complexity, deployment and support challenges of OpenStack in a service provider NFV environment. To follow-up that successful project, Light Reading asked the EANTC team to return to San José in late September to evaluate Cisco’s NFVi. Network VPP Cisco UCS on Intel Technologies Compute Storage.
Cisco Network Virtualization Automation SDN
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