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This cloud automation software lets you deploy across a multi vendor hybrid cloud infrastructure, giving you both flexibility and investment protection for current and future technology choices. VMware vRealize Automation accelerates the deployment and management of applications and compute services, thereby improving business agility and operational efficiency. The following capabilities empower IT to quickly demonstrate the value of deploying an automated, on demand cloud infrastructure. VMware vRealize Automation is a purpose-built, enterprise proven solution for the delivery and ongoing management of private and hybrid cloud services, based on a broad range of deployment use cases from the world’s most demanding environments. Enable IT administrators to apply their own way of doing business in the cloud without changing organizational processes or policies. Enterprises gain the flexibility needed for business units to have different service levels, policies and automation processes for their needs, as appropriate.

Accelerate application deployment by streamlining the delivery process and eliminating duplication of work using reusable components and blueprints. Automates the end to end deployment of multi vendor infrastructure, breaking down internal organizational silos that slow down IT service delivery. VMware vRealize Automation provides a full spectrum of extensibility options that empower IT personnel to enable, adapt and extend their cloud to work within their existing IT infrastructure and processes, thereby eliminating expensive service engagements while reducing risk. Deliver a personalized self-service experience. Unified IT service catalog — deliver infrastructure, container, application and custom services (XaaS). Personalized, policy based governance ensures the right service level to meet specific business needs. VMware vRealize Automation accelerates IT service delivery. Deploy across multi vendor, hybrid cloud infrastructure. Provide investment protection for current and future technology choices.

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VMware vRealize Automation

Agility through automation with continuous delivery, support rapid iterations and DevOps principles by automating the pipeline for any kind of software. Artifact management provides versioning support, and a release dashboard provides end to end visibility into release history. Automate the end to end delivery and management of infrastructure, and accelerate application deployment and releases. Choice through flexibility. Provision and manage multivendor, multicloud infrastructure and applications by leveraging existing infrastructure, tools and processes. Personalization through governance policies. Ensure that users receive the right size resource or application at the appropriate service level for the jobs they need to perform. Efficiency through cost containment. Provide consistent, automated delivery and management of IT services and reduce time-consuming, manual processes. Reclaim inactive resources for reuse with automated reclamation, providing cost savings.

VMware vRealize Automation Editions

VMware vRealize Automation is included as part of vCloud Suite or vRealize Suite. With VMware vRealize Automation it is also available on a standalone basis, priced per managed system in packs of 25. VMware vRealize Automation Advanced — self service with unified service catalog and API functionality. Multi vendor, multi cloud support, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS). VMware vRealize Automation Enterprise offers self-service with unified service catalog and API functionality, Multi vendor, Multi cloud support, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS), Container Management, and Application Authoring. Gain expert advice on installing and optimizing vRealize Operations, vRealize Automation and vRealize Business for Cloud. Design traditional, container or hybrid (VM + Container) applications. Discover and manage container hosts and containers. Adapt and extend VMware vRealize Automation purpose-built functionality.
VMware vRealize Automation
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